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Labor Market Information

Labor Market Information (LMI) is a key ingredient to understanding the workplace and the dynamics which influence your job search and career choices.

Labor Market Information can help you evaluate options and consider opportunities. That information, coupled with an awareness of your own interests, likes, and dislikes, will give you a sense of direction. 

LMI includes economic, social and demographic information, including:

  • Employment and Wages current employment, projections, and wages by industry and occupation, occupational profiles, and career information.
  • Labor Force labor force and employment
  • Economic Indicators Florida Price Level Index, Consumer Price Index, and Income statistics.
  • Population age, race, gender, income, veteran's status, and education information.

You will find assistance and resources at our One-Stop Career Centers, or use the link below to begin your research.

Visit Florida's Labor Market Statistics Center to get started now.

Looking for more information? MyNextMove.Org is an interactive tool for job seekers that allows them to learn more about career options.