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Candidate Assessment


"The Prove It! program provides immediate and detailed results ... We are able to draw from a larger applicant base and utilize assessments to determine the best-matched candidates, all without cost to the organization." - Anita Kinsler, HR training and recruiting manager, Marion County Board of County Commissioners

"It was very streamlined and saved me a lot of time. CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion screened all the applicants and brought it down to the top 12. I selected six to interview and we loved them all. That was the problem, they were all great." Desmond Knight, HR manager, Central Florida Electric Cooperative

Assessment is a great tool for selecting the best candidate for your position. These assessments are used by many large corporations, are thoroughly vetted and have proven invaluable in predicting the success of potential candidates as well as identifying their level of skill as it pertains to specific occupations or industries.

Prove It! is one of the most versatile testing methods available, with more than 1,300 validated,  job-specific and position-specific assessments. Florida Ready-to-Work is a credentialing program that tests job skills and work habits and awards candidates a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate depending on their scores.

  • Florida Ready to Work
  • Prove It!
  • Cognitive Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Integrity Tests
  • Vocational Interest Inventories
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Skills Tests
  • Mental Ability Tests
  • Work Samples

Contact a member of the Business Development Team to take advantage of these assessments at 800-746-9950 or 352-873-7955.