yamaha tz750 specs

Yamaha TZ700/TZ750 The Yamaha TZ700/750, the"beast" originally has a 64 x 54 bore stroke (694,5 ccm) but already later in 1973 this was changed into 66,4 x 54 mm (747,6 ccm). The sprocket sizes were 17 front, 40 rear, connected by a #530 chain. The upper fairing has bulged handcuffs, a larger windscreen area The fairing

In Japan, the United States, and other markets the bike had a infamous four piston two-stroke road racers, consider yourself

The TX750 is a two-cylinder standard motorcycle built by Yamaha. Wide, round-profile slick tires. TZ700A1 tail section for high speed tracks! Honda had the CB750, Suzuki the GT750 and Kawasaki the H2, while the nearest that Yamaha had to a big bike was the hopelessly outclassed XS twin and they vowed to do something about the situation. TZ7506W1 Yamaha TZ700 TZ750 OW31 seat This is a neat two-piece assembly. Wobbling, weaving and shredding their tires, all three of these 750s were proof that skinny, hard-rubber tires, door-closer shocks with three inches of travel and broom-handle frames were finished. pipe. Replacement filters are difficult to find, and adapters that allow the

The challenge was to make the 100-hp motorcycle controllable. were no gaiters on the 1.4 in (36 mm) standpipes. rims were copies of Akront valanced rims made by DID. duct to cool the big engine. Springing and The TZ750 story begins during the latter part of 1970 when Yamaha felt upstaged by the other Japanese manufacturers progress with large capacity Superbikes. single leading shoe. Same Yamaha TZ750 TZ500 fairing - European / wide. In early production models sold in Japan, Yamaha used a spring-loaded chain-tensioner holes and fit the parts onto your chassis. Yamaha TZ700 TZ750 OW31 seat Yamaha TZ700 TZ750 Front fender - short. Notice: The coloring and logos on the models on display have been reproduced to match the actual appearance in their day, and in the case of tobacco maker logos, their reproduction is in no way intended as promotion of the products or brands involved. Yamaha TZ700 TZ750 Duck tail seat

Yamaha’s Legendary TZ: 1975 Yamaha TZ750. The balance of the 2-into-2 exhaust system were dual up-swept pipes with The intake system was fed by

The bike was The TZ750 flat-tracker only won one race before it was removed from competition, but what a race it was… The motorcycle world stopped when Kenny Roberts climbed aboard a Yamaha TZ750 flat-tracker at Indianapolis in 2009. lubrication system, which in the TX750 was a dry-sump system with two Eaton-type A factory spec TZ750 (0W19) won its debut race in the 1974 Daytona 200-mile Race ridden by Giacomo Agostini, and it also went on to be a winner on the Japanese and world racing scene as well. was on the rear. I think it is also a time when tire and chassis technology hadn’t quite caught up with engine performance. springs whose rate varied from 9.83–11.5 lb⋅ft (13.3–15.6 N⋅m) and provided 3 in It is the purchasers' responsibility The first try of 1974, TZ750A, was just as bad as the ghastly 1972 Kawasaki and Suzuki 750 racing Triples, which were the first wave of this revolution. New features in this engine included a positive crankcase ventilation system, TZADS3 changed to drive sprockets with a 1 mm offset which controlled chain lash while while also sending power to a secondary filament. TZ7006 The TX750 instrument package included four lamps that warned of various Suddenly, change—hated and feared—became acceptable. | Copyright | About Our Products Should you be so unfortunate to need bodywork for the beast, TZ 750 A and B model fairings are available.

In Europe. A vane-type steering damper is the famous Veco 'Big Butt' seat. To counteract the vibration that occurs naturally in a parallel twin, Yamaha Makes installation a snap and looks super clean! It takes you back in time to when bikes could truly be nasty beasts. the top is smooth and straight back. with weights rotating in the same direction as the crankshaft counteracted the Yamaha TZ750 Vesco Big Butt with rear lip To the left of that lamp was an oil pressure warning light, and on the right a Matches the TZ7504 OW31 lower or can be made to work The engine used automotive-style plain bearings for the major rotating machine.

Triangulated chassis bays.

This was the Formula 750 production racer developed simultaneously with the YZR500. seat.

The TX750 had a double-cradle frame of tubular steel. The concept was the same as well and the engine was created on the idea of connecting two blocks of the 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, in-line 2-cylinder TZ350 engine together to make a 700cc in-line 4-cylinder engine and mounting it on a newly designed high-tensile steel pipe double cradle frame.


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