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The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You (full tilt mix) - YouTube Everything since has been designed for operation. Take advantage of them! MR subscribers, check out the new All-Time Digital Archives, Things you wish you knew before your first layout, From: 4610 Metre's North of the Fortyninth on the left coast of Canada. Join over 500 million others that have made their shopping more smart, fun, and rewarding. Things you wish you knew before your first layout 1822 views. I wish I knew that the "train table" I was about to build a "layout" on was terrible benchwork. Staging requires a lot of space, and it is difficult to determine where to place staging on the layout and how much space to allocate for staging. 34 replies. since all my stuff was mismatched for a consist (GP9 with an SD45) I bought 2 new locos. Order Ascending; Order Descending; 1 2 ... newbie to take in all this fancy "beyond the walls" concept and designing for operations when they've never even had a train set before. Visit my web site at www.readingeastpenn.com for construction updates, DCC Info, and more. I have no reason to suspect they are being anything but truthful, but sometimes I wonder if it's not like the farmer's axe, still the same axe he started with, but the head's been replaced twice and the handle 4 times. Looking back, I wish I’d done some of the pre-orientation programs like rock climbing with Quest or biking around Hartford for Bantam Beginnings. I'm all over the place. Do not be tempted to cram track wherever you can fit it. You need to consider and plan for staging. At the same time, I can see many of those newbies starting out with the basic 4x8 oval getting bored with the train just going round and round and then never going further in the hobby. I then tried an oval around a figure 8 it looked cool but I then realized I needed to consist my locos to run the grades. I've got two staging areas, one for freight and one for passenger trains but I could always use more. Modeling the Reading Railroad in the 1950's. manage your account online and more! Shopping Made Fun. The problem, as I see it, is that a newbie will have no experience with how any layout will operate, let alone his own first layout. Maybe they only had a mild case of train fever, because plenty of others including myself started that way and have stuck with it. These are things I wish I knew before coming to Trin: Put Yourself Out There Quest leaders during a May 2019 training to prep for pre-orientation kicking off this week at Trin. This is typically not a first-time thing. well the locos that I bought can't go through my switches cause I have the wrong switches on my layout and 1 will pull the other off the track.

Harrison, post photos of what's wrong with it, maybe we can help with a retro fix. I am now looking at redesigning my entire layout again but unless I expand my layout all I can come up with is an oval inside an oval so again I need more room for the layout. I started 4x8 then realized I wanted to run minimum 22" turns because of a locomotive that I bought. Im learned quite a few things. It's not the age honey, it's the mileage. On one hand, I agree - it's too much for a newbie to take in all this fancy "beyond the walls" concept and designing for operations when they've never even had a train set before. Login, or register today to interact in our online community, comment on articles, receive our newsletter, With time comes experience, and then the need for staging becomes obvious. But then you come across those articles now and then where the owner has a beautiful basement filling layout, and when asked, it's his first ever layout. So, I don't think a newbie should stress over the need for staging on his first layout. I'll second the need for plenty of staging. Less is more, leave room for scenery. I didn't have a layout that wasn't some dort of round and round until I came back to the hobby after college - then I built a shelf switching layout. This is What I Wish You Knew This is What I Wish YouKnew Reconciliation, insists Justice Sinclair, chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, is about bringing balance to relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada. first your layout is NEVER big enough! It's kind of too late to start again now... Homeschooler living In upstate NY a.k.a Northern NY. As I think about this, based upon my own experience, it may be asking too much to expect a newbie to plan for staging on his first layout. Well that turned into a 5x11 layout.


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