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Since then Urumi stopped smiling or faked them (as kikuchii noted) having lost her trust in teachers. Urumi agrees on the condition that Onizuka becomes her " magical genie of the lamp " and grant all her wishes. Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Maintenant qu'Urumi est plus mûre, elle passe le plus clair de son temps à la maison toute seule, comme sa mère n'a jamais le temps d'être avec elle.

Urumi may seem like a child that is happy, but she is a mischievous and spoiled girl who is considered as a special child prodigy due to her IQ which is higher than 200, who is also regarded as the star of the school and therefore has the full protection of the vice-principal. As a thank you to Onizuka, she placed his hands on her breasts, knowing that when Onizuka wakes up he will get embarrassed. When the food isn't to her liking, she makes him take her and her class to a better restaurant. Urumi is initially depicted as a sociopath. When she is angry she speaks French. She also reveals to Ms. Fujimori that she is lonely because her mother is always busy at work and because everyone thinks she is a freak except for Tomoko. She does not attend school regularly and as a result is introduced in volume 7 of the manga and episode 16 in the anime.

Eventually her teacher, Ms. Fujimori, noticed this and decided to invite Urumi to her house every day after school so that she would be able to teach subjects whose level would have satisfied Urumi's vast intellect. However, she was lonely because her classmates thought she was a freak for being so smart for her age. She speaks Japanese regularly. The only trouble being that she is so smart that she teaches her tutor more than he teaches her. Eventually, Ms. Fujimori grew jealous of Urumi's intellect and revealed her secret to the class because Urumi corrected her during a history lesson. In the end, Onizuka manages to reacquire the money and the trip to Okinawa does happen. He tries to cover it up by burying her in a forset. Urumi starts insulting Miyabi, stating that she may think that she is making her own way in the world by running away from home but she is just running away from her problems. Meanwhile, Miyabi overdoses on sleeping pills in an attempt to kill herself and gets saved by Fujiyoshi. Gundam Otaku are the only people that Urumi despises who have not caused any harm to her. Urumi is a beautiful pale-skinned teenage girl with long blonde hair, a delicate face, a thin build, average-sized breasts, curved hips and she has Heterochromia iridum (an eye condition in which the two irises are different colors) as her left eye is brown and her right eye is blue. Urumi has heterochromia, which is an eye condition that causes her eyes to be different colors. In a park, the group encounters Ms. Fujimori, Urumi and Tomoko's 1st Grade teacher.

She is greeted warmly by Onizuka and her classmates. Once she gets mad, she will leave nothing but a trail of tears for the victims. In reality, she is just acting in order to gain sympathy and avoid being punished. When it is a male teacher in particular, Urumi will pretend to be older than she actually is, flirt with him and then pretend that she is into bondage, having him attack her, in order to get him arrested for trying to rape a minor. Progressively, Urumi starts to genuinely like Onizuka. Tomoko happily greets her. Despite the fact that he is not wealthy or sophisticated like her, she likes him because she realizes that he would do anything for his students. Quand il tombera dans le coma et qu'elle apprendra qu'il est sur le point de mourir, elle tente de se suicider en se taillant les veines. Once Mayu starts making his mischief, Urumi warns Onizuka that Mayu will use his greatest weakness against him. The website is revealed to be a ruse. On apprend qu'elle considère en fait Miyabi comme une amie et n'a jamais cherché à mal.

Urumi is unable to understand them, as she doesn't watch anime because her mother always has her studying. As a result, Urumi planted a bomb in the elementary building and blew it up. Urumi then becomes so angry that she shouts at Miyabi that Miyabi is just acting out because she wants attention. Urumi appears from out of the fountain like a mermaid and is dressed in a long black dress. Urumi reveals that she needs to go to the laundromat and get her dress washed. Though they have to fight off Vice Principal Uchiyamada to get to her, Onizuka and Yoshikawa successfully save Urumi from her frozen fate. Regarding her classroom terrorism, Urumi has various methods. Also, whenever Urumi misbehaves and gets caught, she will start crying and saying that everyone picks on her and that everyone hates her. Miyabi then reveals that she has brought back Mayu Wakui, a student who can be considered the male equivalent to Urumi. Her initial appe…

However it should be noted that Urumi cites to Onizuka how much she will develop and the fact she will not be a minor forever. Elle est ensuite sauvée, alors qu'elle est évanouie dans la neige, aux SSAWS par Onizuka et Yoshikawa.

Elle est grande et blonde, portant son uniforme d'écolière. It is a continuation of Tooru Fujisawa’s earlier manga series Shonan Junai Gumi (lit.

To describe Urumi a bit, one could say she is the polar opposite of her close friend, Tomoko. Upon that event, Urumi started her Classroom Terrorism and hatred toward teachers.

He jumps down after her. Her hair is dyed blue. The 3 boys treat Urumi like a queen because she resembles one of their favorite Gundam characters. Urumi having fun by tricking Onizuka to be able to cancel the curse if he covers himself by spells (episode 23).


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