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Struggling with revision? University Challenge’s 2018 champions share their study tips . If there are three days before an exam, with 24 lectures to revise, set daily targets so you can feel like you’re making progress and you’ll have covered everything.” And if you run out of time, “know when to cut your losses”, he says. "We must leave exactly on time - From now on, everything must function to perfection." McKeown also uses them for both her languages degree and quizzing. A month or two beforehand, I run through my notes again, and again in the days leading up to it. Don’t get too complacent about the topics you think you know well, team captain Devine-Stoneman advises. “I’m big on last-minute cramming,” says Hazell. There comes a point when you stop absorbing information.”. “I tend to use different colours. “More so than learning the content of the course, it’s about working out what you need to know and then using your time as efficiently as possible. “If there’s a small area of the syllabus that’s going to take a huge amount of time to revise, I ditch it.” At this point, “it’s about making sure you know what you know in more detail”. You'll need it. Nice stationery is a motivation for me.”, The team agrees it’s important to have a rewards system in place when studying. They’ll help you suss your weaknesses and the course structure. Take our devilishly hard University Challenge quiz Are you a brainbox like Brandon, or even half as wise as Wang? If you look at it as part of the process, then it’s less daunting.”. Devine-Stoneman uses an app when he gets a free moment in the lab as a PhD student in materials science. People approach revision as something separate from the work you’ve been doing all year, which is a mistake. John-Clark Levin, Rosie McKeown, James Devine-Stoneman and Matt Hazell. This year’s University Challenge final saw St John’s College, Cambridge win the series trophy after impressing Jeremy Paxman with its knowledge of organic chemistry, Anselm of Canterbury and bird poets. It’s good to relax in the evening. “I’m quite aggressive in setting goals. “I try to cover a topic at multiple points in the run-up to the exam. The team first prepared for the show by scouring YouTube videos of old episodes to find common topics – and the same approach works with past exam papers, says McKeown. The team is big on flashcards. “Organise yourself so you don’t have to revise all through the night. From using flashcards to cramming with purpose, the 2018 champions share their study tips, Last modified on Thu 24 May 2018 10.16 EDT. Students sitting exams have much to learn from the work ethic of the St John’s squad. We asked Rosie McKeown, Matt Hazell, John-Clark Levin and James Devine-Stoneman for their revision tips. McKeown says she always has a puzzle book or novel on the go. But this isn’t merely a team of endearing nerds. Good luck. Here's how to prepare for exams more efficiently. It’s usually better to go in with a selection of things you can do very well than a half-hearted knowledge of a range of things.” That way, Hazell adds, you can always try to steer an awkward question back to something you know. University Challenge is a British quiz programme which first aired in 1962. If you don’t have much time, make sure the things you do know, you can ace. “I’ll focus on flashcards in the last steps before the exam,” she says. So to return the favour we thought we'd namecheck everyone's favourite nearly impossible quiz, and let you test yourself against some actual University Challenge questions. US edition.


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