turkistan city

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Turkestan city was the most important learning center for Kazakh steppes people. The minivans are parked across from the Toyota and Hyundai dealership.There should be men yelling out their destinations as they stand next to their vans.

Turkestan nowadays (since 1968 the city is in South Kazakhstan oblast) is a large industrial, educational and cultural center as well as a center of inner and foreign tourism. Middle Asian ruler Timur began constructing a mosque close to Yasavi Mausoleum in 1396-1398. Turkestan city is also known as the Second Mecca of the East. Be aware that the bus will probably not stop in the city (unless there are many locals going there), so keep an eye on your GPS app to know when to ask the driver to stop the bus and let you get off.
The two most prominent ones are Sauran and Otrar, north and south of Turkistan, respectively.

Average temperature in January is – 4 - 6ºC, in July – 26 - 28ºC. Turkistan (also spelled Türkistan) is a city in the Kazakh Desert, in the South Kazakhstan Region.

Near the hotel, there is the main highway of the city and a variety of road interchanges. 28 October, 2013 / Nomads - Eternal Wanderers. In its size Khodzha Akhmed Yasavi Mausoleum is equal to mosque Bibi-Khanum in Samarkand (Uzbekistan). Kazakhstan geographical regions: The full ancient name of the city was “Hazrat-e Turkestan” meaning “Saint of Turkestan”.

My name is Heewon. Medieval Yasy was a town-fortress. A lot of the travellers visit Turkistan for this, and then find out there are other things to see and do. You can also use the smell of samsa to help guide you. Today, the mausoleum is separated from the modern city by a high outer wall, along whose ramparts you can walk. The hotel rooms are of two types, standard and deluxe. There are 13 plants in Turkestan city, the largest of them are as follows: a cotton-processing plant, a machine-building plant, sewing and knitted wear plant, antibiotics plant, joint Kazakh-English plant producing dressings.

It was only in the 14th Century that Yassy became the centre of the region.
150T per hour. Good menu of starters, salads, and mains.

Courtyard area open in summertime. According to a regional tradition, three pilgrimages to Turkistan are equivalent to one hajj to Mecca (such local piety is known also in relation to other religious monuments in the Muslim world). There are 13 plants in Turkestan city, the largest of them are as follows: a cotton-processing plant, a machine-building plant, sewing and knitted wear plant, antibiotics plant, joint Kazakh-English plant producing dressings. In the 11th century AD, the great Sufi Sheikh Khoja Ahmad Yasavi turned the city into the region's principal center of learning, drawing scholars from across the steppe. Turkestan is located about 160 km northwest of Taraz city. Public transport in Turkestan is by minibus or taxi.

The hotel has a restaurant, bar, fitness, spa and conference room. You can also visit the underground mosque and the oriental baths in this mausoleum complex. During the Han dynastyit may even have been Beitan, the summer capital of ancient Kangju(康居), which is mentioned in the Hanshu.

Once one of the richest cities nowadays turned into a small place, but it didn’t lose its majesty, thanks to the beautiful medieval architecture and many relics.


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