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The e-Visa has become an incredibly useful tool to reduce queues at immigration, given the large numbers of tourists that visit Turkey every year from all over the world. Turkey visa Fee For China Citizens.

Turkish citizens will now be able to apply for Chinese visas online, Ankara’s ambassador to Beijing stated on Jan. 3. The regular processing time is 7 working days; express service takes 4 working days; rush service takes 2 working days.2. It says 4 days to process and don’t want to wait in Ankara 4 days . It is at this point when you need to upload your passport scan. You do not have to obtain a visa as long as you do not leave the transit area. Information Who is eligible for e-Visa? All information entered on this form will be kept strictly confidential and subject to our privacy policy once received by us. For apply for a visa online, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa Fee, which were called Service Fee and Government Fee.

Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application System. Address: MEYDAN SK.NO: 5 SPRING GIZ PLZ. The old ‘stamp’ or ‘sticker’ visas are still available, but they have been mostly superseded by the electronic visa, which is more convenient and allows travelers to apply for a Turkey visa from China online. Turkey visa on arrival is the most common way nowadays for getting a Turkey business visa and Turkey tourist visa through internet by applying online at our website. If you wish to study or work during your trip, you will need to visit a Turkish embassy to apply for a different visa. You can check what hundreds of happy customers say about us here.

“Chinese visa applications for citizens of Turkey have been changed to an … No need to deal with the embassy. If you made a mistake when entering your data online then please contact our customer service representatives as soon as possible via online chat to assist you. The Embassy of People ' s Republic of China is available for Visa applications at 09:30-12:00 am on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday weekly (holidays and festivals are excepted ).

Latest Press Releases. Bu alanda kapsamlı vize başvuru süreci ve talepleri yer almaktadır. “We are also aiming for visa-free travel between both countries,” he added. Once approved, the e-Visa will be sent directly to the applicant’s email. Click here, to know more.

Citizens of the countries listed below are eligible for the e-Visa provided that they meet required criteria. You can also find useful tips from fellow travellers.

In case you need to apply for more than one person, you can do so by clicking on ‘Add new applicant’ in the application form and completing the information required.

Less than 10 minutes. To find out these criteria, go to Main Page, click on Apply button and select your Country of Travel and Type of Travel Document. Note:1. My work permit will expire soon so I'm looking to obtain a Chinese Tourist Visa. We do it for you so you don't lose valuable time. Beside, you can also apply to get a visa at Turkey Embassy in China. Önen welcomed the change and said more “positive steps” are expected in the future. I agree.

iVisa and iVisa logo are registered trademarks of iVisa.com. Just make sure that it meets the photo requirements.

The Turkey e-Visa application form can be filled in using a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop, provided it is connected to the internet. III Opening hours of Chinese Visa section and processing time of Visa application.

You can make payment by Mastercard, Visa or UnionPay credit/debit card. 8, 06700 Gaziosmanpasa-AnkaraTel: +90-312-4377107Fax: +90-312-4466762Email: tr@mofcom.gov.cn. In order to get a Turkish e-Visa for China, all Chinese travelers must fill in the Turkey e-Visa application form with their personal details and passport information. China introduces online visa service for Turkish citizens ANKARA. If you have submitted all documents required, Visa process normally takes 4 business days. Turkey Visa for Chinese Passport Holders iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020.

Beside, you can also apply to get a visa at Turkey Embassy in China. I recently had a job offer from China and I had an invitation letter and I would like to apply for the Z-Visa from the Chinese Embassy in Turkey and I would like to ask if there is a specific requirement regarding My residence permit?

Mistakes in the application submitted can result in delays to the processing of the visa, so travelers will also need to check that they have filled in their details accurately. All rights reserved.

Turkey visa for citizens of China is required. 1997- 2020 Global Immigration Services Limited. e-Visa.co.uk is a professional visa bureau and supports travellers in acquiring a visa for Turkey. Asking about a specific Visa applying requirement. This article details the process of obtaining a Turkey eVisa for Chinese Citizens who are traveling for tourism purposes and plan to stay for less than 30 days. We require the following documents to submit your application: Passport – the general requirement is that your passport needs to be valid at least for six months from your intended date of arrival.

Holders of diplomatic, service (official) passport, or applicants applying for Chinese diplomatic, courtesy and service visa, or applicants applying for visa/entry permit for Hong Kong/Macau can still submit their applications directly to the consulate in Istanbul. Chinese passport holders must have an eVisa to enter Turkey. Full visa services to Turkey. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement: "As of 2 March 2020, Turkey has decided to exempt visa requirements for the members of … If you are applying for only one more friend or family member, just apply here introducing his or her data. How Can I Apply for a Turkey Visa Extension? The applicant must also specify their country of origin and an estimated date of entry into the country. The Turkey e-Visa application form can be filled in using a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop, provided it is connected to the internet. The amount of your fine will depend on the length of your overstay and what country you're from. British Citizens travelling to Turkey for tourist or business purposes are able to travel without a visa for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period. Our fee will be higher than you apply directly on Turkish Government Website or at Turkish Embassies in your country. Keep in Chinese citizens must obtain an eVisa before traveling to Turkey for tourism purposes. It continues to grow each year, and there are now over 100 million trips abroad departing from China every year.

This makes it easy to complete the Turkey visa application for Chinese citizens from the comfort of a home or office. The validity of the Turkey tourist visa varies depending on the applicant’s nationality or country of citizenship. Find us near you.

It continues to grow each year, and there are now over 100 million trips abroad departing from China every year. Thanks, American Applying for Chinese Tourist Visa.

Click here to start. Keep in Chinese citizens must obtain an eVisa before traveling to Turkey for tourism purposes. The Turkish e-Visa is an electronic travel authorization that grants its holder a stay of up to 3 months in the country depending on nationality and other circumstances. For a faster resolution click here and start chatting with one of our customer service representatives. You also need to choose the processing time from the options mentioned above. A digital photo of you – it is recommended that the photo is recently taken. Next, present a printed version of your eVisa along with your passport once you enter Turkey.

Do I need to enter Turkey on the exact date specified in my application? It is required for my invitation letter from China. He said the change came as a result of several months of negotiations with the Chinese authorities on easing visa restrictions for Turkish citizens.

China citizens can get e-visa for travelling to Turkey as tourist. NASA said on Oct. 23 that its robotic spacecraft Osiris-Rex had succeeded in collecting a large sample of particles from the Bennu asteroid this week - but so much that it was leaking. Questions & Answers on China Embassy in Turkey, Hi I am from South Africa currently residing in Turkey and would like to apply for a Visa to China. It has only three steps: The first step will ask you to fill in your general information. Hello, i’m trying to obtain my authenticated police report from the Chinese embassy in Ankara. The eVisa should be shown to airport and customs officials in Turkey and kept safe for the duration of the trip.

They are in the equivalent of the below US dollar amounts except where indicated.

Turkey Visa for Chinese Passport Holders. How do you protect the information that I share during my e-Visa application process.

One of the common concerns about electronic visas is the cost.

Get all the information and services provided exclusively for residents in one click. Using an eVisa means travelers no longer need to go to their local embassies or wait in line at the airport to obtain a visa. My friend applied and received a visa with a passport he'd only had for a few weeks and wasn't asked to provide his old one. At this time, there are no additional documents required for the tourist visa, but travelers will also need an email address where notifications and the e-Visa will be sent and a debit or credit card to pay for the visa fee. The Chinese outbound tourism industry is the largest in the world! Means of payment – iVisa accepts multiple methods of payment such as credit and debit cards or Paypal. Turkey has all kinds of resources and infrastructure to take part more strongly in new investment and production networks depending on the transformation in global value chains, its trade minister said on Oct. 23. “Chinese visa applications for citizens of Turkey have been changed to an appointment system via the internet as of Jan. 1. COVID travel advice is country is Open for travel. When applying for tourist visa for Turkish citizen in Ankara , can it be posted back to your address or just you collect in person . If any Turkish national intends to go to the mainland from Hong Kong, he or she is required to gain a Chinese visa before departing. All Rights Reserved.

Just make sure to have all the required documents before you apply (you can see above in this article). Citizens of the countries listed below are eligible for the e-Visa provided that they meet required criteria.

The last step consists of a questionnaire and a photo upload.

I also need to apply for my Z Visa. By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy. Applicant is not required to be present when applying for visa and a total of 1 document is required. Is there any Information on when the embassy will open? Visa Application Form of PRC Ambassador: Mr. Yu HongyangAddress: Golgeli Sokak No. Am I permitted to apply for the Tourist Visa in Istanbul? This Centre accepts U.S. dollars and Turkish liras in cash or by debit card; the fees of mailing-back application should be paid only through bank remittance with U.S. dollars.

please let me know when you read my question because my employer wants me to go their as soon as possible. Since October 27, 2015, residents living in the consular districts of the Chinese consulates in Istanbul and Izmir should go to the CVASC office in Istanbul to applying for a Chinese visa in Turkey if they are holding ordinary passports. 34, 06700 Gaziosmanpasa/Ankara, 06700, TurkeyTel: +90-312-4360628Fax: +90-312-4464248Email: chinaemb_tr@mfa.gov.cn, Address: Horasan Sokak No.

This is a commercial/Private Website, NOT an official website of the government.

Residents in the consular district of the embassy in Ankara can still apply from the consular section of the embassy. The Visa is an authorization document that allows visitors to enter Turkey. To apply for Turkey visa in. Aşamalar.

I am a Palestinian Citizen staying in Turkey on a residence permit.


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