tuileries palace french revolution
All of a sudden Versailles had ceased to be the center of power in France, and it would never recover that status. However, in 1789, during the French Revolution, it was here that the royal family was brought to from Versailles and held under surveillance until they were transferred to the Temple and later publically killed. I describe these events in my first novel, Mistress of the Revolution, and they are also related in many memoirs of the time, in particular those of Madame Royale, daughter of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. "One of the best reads of the year." Louis XVI and his family were forced to live here after the revolt at Versailles in October of 1789. That was interpreted as a provocation from Marie-Antoinette and immediately triggered a riot. Glass On August 10, 1792, It was from there that the King and Queen set forth on their disastrous flight to Varennes. On October 5, a crowd of women from Paris set forth for Versailles to ask the King and the National Assembly (the new name the Estates General had given themselves) fro bread. The women rushed inside the Palace to “make lace out of her guts.” In her chemise and petticoat, she barely managed to escape to the King’s Bedchamber. From then on they were closely watched to prevent any other flight and became effectively prisoners in their own palace. Pavement I will not relate here the details of that momentous day, but soon the crowd demanded that the royal family move to Paris. In 1789, the events of the French Revolution unfolded very rapidly. For two years, Tuileries Palace was the king’s official residence. The Palace was not defensible militarily, and the King made the mistake of waiting until the afternoon to order the Swiss Guards who defended the Palace to surrender. 5 October 1789 Paris women march on Versailles. All seemed quiet when in the early hours of the 6th of October one of the Queen’s Bodyguards fired a shot at a man in the gardens. children." Paris & Politics The little Dauphin, looking around at the dismal palace, exclaimed to Marie-Antoinette: “But it is so ugly here, Mama!”. place of the National Convention, the group of 371 deputies that French neo-classical painter associated with French Revolution, Napoleon . Louis XVI and his family were forced to live here after ... royal family returned to Tuileries Palace in Paris under house arrest. As Stated by Green in his book Despite one escape attempt, they remained there as virtual hostages until 10 August 1792, when the Paris masses stormed the palace … June 1791 Return of the royal family from the border town of Varennes . The National Assembly, right after the King’s arrival at the Tuileries, had moved to the Salle du Manège, the former indoors riding arena built during the childhood of Louis XV next to the palace. The Tuileries Palace during the French Revolution. The Spectacle of Nature, "The Tuileries, then as now, Tuileries became the meeting Site to le Palais National, thus showing how quickly this building became vs. Railroads The crowd shouted insults and were in an ugly mood. offered a formal layout of dusty avenues an squat lopped trees- There Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were surrounded by a small Court of faithful followers, a pale shadow of the spendors of Versailles. Things were not going smoothly in the spring and summer of 1789, and many began talking of a “Revolution.” Bread was lacking, the King has massed foreign mercenaries around the capital. Maps We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Representations In 1799 an ambitious young general by the name of Bonaparte seized power in a bloodless coup. the revolt at Versailles in October of 1789. The royal family was living under house arrest in the Tuileries Palace. Storming of the Bastille The Royal prison in Paris July 14, 1789. Finally it is the Tuileries that witnessed the fall of the monarchy after the storming of the Palace on the 10th of August 1792. One of the causes of the fateful delay in the departure was that Marie-Antoinette, unfamiliar with the surroundings of the palace even after an eighteen month stay there, lost her way in the neighboring streets before joining the rest of the royal family in the carriage driven by Fersen. Her closest friend, Madame de Polignac, had already fled France. the Committee of Public Safety and the Committee for General Security. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. (Green, 72). In the following days, however, the other tenants were summarily invited to leave, furniture was brought in from Versailles, new apartments were set up for the royal family, including a King’s Bedchamber, and a part of the park of the Tuileries was enclosed to create a garden for the Queen and her children, separate from the area open to the public. a parade ground for the wealthy, a backdrop for the display of fashionable The legislative body elected after the abolition of the monarchy, the National Convention, disdained the Salle du Manège and settled within the Palace to mark the transfer of power from  the King to the representatives. The Tuileries was also well known for its gardens Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps.


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