tower of darkness pokemon guide
This shouldn’t take... Tower of Waters. The Tower of Darkness is a location in the Isle of Armor of the Galar region. Pokemon Sword & Shield Kubfu Evolution Guide: Tower of Waters or Darkness? The tower you choose will determine what form and type your Kubfu will take upon evolving. It is one of the Tower of Two Fists,along with Tower of Waters, and is where the player can train their Kubfu and evolve it into Single Strike Style Urshifu. If you want your Urshifu to use the … Tower of Darkness The Tower of Darkness is the easier one to go through, as Kubfu’s fighting-type will give it an inherent type advantage to any dark-type Pokémon… Hard to miss the building, it's a giant dark tower standing at the top of all the stairs. You will only be able to enter one of the two towers on the Isle of Armor, either the Tower of Darkness or the Tower Of Waters. You’ll be sent off to choose a tower when Kubfu gets close enough to you. Preparing for a Tower. Kubfu Evolves After Beating The Tower Depending on which tower you choose, Kubfu will evolve to Urshifu in different style. Once you're ready, head for the Tower of Darkness located on Challenge Road.


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