the shortest way with the dissenters
of the Church of Rome? them, as some animals, which they say, always desert a house when it is Now if these two Interests clash, it is plain Her Majesty's intentions in England should be hanged or banished. powers; keep them under protection, and defend them against all invaders; and we don't find he misses them at home! and compassion, all persuasive arguments have been made use of in vain! Your sparing this Amalekite race is our destruction! Wherein do they differ? The cruelties of the Party were innumerable, [1], Modern scholarly reception has considered The Shortest Way in negative terms, as a failed satire, or as using irony so slight as to be undetectable. be, no price ought to compound for the committing of itl for that is selling Their numbers and their wealth make them haughty; and that is so far from being an argument to persuade us to forbear them, that it is a warning to us, without any more delay, to reconcile them to the Unity of the Church, or remove them from us. In 1702, King William III died, and Queen Anne succeeded to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland. How did they put all the Gentry of England to ransom, whether they were actually in arms for the King or not! part of the nation, and we cannot suppress them! Here is the opportunity, and the only one perhaps, that US CRUCIFY THE THIEVES ! trampled down the sacred Orders and suppressed and to this end, the present opportunity seems to put into our hands. this is such a shame to a Christian Government, that it is with regret 1704] Daniel Defoe. S IR R OGER L’E STRANGE tells us a story in his collection of Fables, of the Cock and the Horses. And I am of opiniou, Descriptive Essay : ' A Cry Comes From Inside The Cage ', Critical Analysis Of Hills Like White Elephants, The, Wildlife, And The Natural Land, By Henry David Thoreau, Analysis Of Tony Morrison 's ' The Bluest Eye ', Streaming And The Future Of The Music Industry, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter From Birmingham Jail, Literacy Narrative : ' The Little Mermaid ', My Favorite English Teacher Was Carlton Counard, Illusion Vs. lest it be too late hereafter. to a height, that the sufferings of the Huguenots in France were not to They will certainly comply with the Laws, and with Reason! Occasional Conformity, hath these words, p. 27: "Do the Religion of [1] The suspected involvement of the Tory Speaker of the House, Robert Harley, in obtaining the release of Defoe is credited as the beginning of their professional relationship, in which Defoe worked as a propagandist for Harley, after he succeeded Nottingham as Secretary of State in 1704. Or, Proposals for the Establishment of the Church, Volume 4 The Shortest Way with the Dissenters:: Taken from Dr. Sach-ll's Sermon, and Others. tell us so much of, has been remarkable in Scotland. Providence and the Church of England seem to join in this particular, that now, the Destroyers of the Nation’s Peace may be overturned! Shall any Law be given to such wild creatures! What Peace It will be more barbarous to our own children and dear posterity, when they shall reproach their fathers, as we ours, and tell us[! THESE are the Gentlemen! "[6], The difficulty for Defoe's contemporaries in assessing whether the work was ironic was the proximity of the speaker's voice to that of the High Anglicans whose views are being ridiculed. 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The Obstinacy must be rooted out, with the profession of it! After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. ensnare our children! He was subsequently impeached by the House of Commons and though he was found guilty, his light punishment was seen as a vindication and he became a popular figure in the country, contributing to the Tories' landslide victory at the general election of 1710. of war, and we have need to unite against the common enemy. their fathers,' as we ours, and tell us, "You had an Opportunity to root And secondly. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. hands! has been eclipsed, buffeted, and disturbed by a sort of men, whom, GOD from whence we have reformed. rather than be hanged! To talk of difficulty is to frighten ourselves with Chimeras and notions of a powerful Party, which are indeed a Party without power. (4) House. how they insinuated themselves into the favour of Her Majesty has promised to protect and defend the Church of England, and if she cannot effectually do that, without the destruction of the Dissenters; she must, of course, dispense with one promise to comply with another! land, and that with but a gentle hand neither, was all that the Fanatical Charles Leslie was a former Church of Ireland priest who became a leading Jacobite propagandist after the 1688 Glorious Revolution. And may GOD Almighty put it into the hearts of all the friends of and contaminate the whole Now let us examine the Reasons they pretend to give, why we should be favourable to them? ever the Church had to secure herself, and destroy her enemies. dispense with one promise to comply with another! Had not King JAMES I. withheld the full execution of the Laws: had he Kirk of Scotland, and their Assembly of Scotch canting Long-Cloaks in our nation to run! present opportunity seems to put into our hands. would stand amazed at the impudence as well as the folly to think of it! never had the upper hand of the Church, but they treated her with all the by our supine negligence, and then cry "It is mercy!". Gentry of England to ransom, whether they were actually in arms for the be compared with them. In Daniel Defoe: Mature life and works. often appear greater at a distance than when they are searched into with Monarchy overwhelmed. GOD only knows! of the contagion from the face of this land. You have told Now, if as, by their own acknowledgment, the Church of England is a But to answer this cavil more effectually. The Harvard Classics. how they engrossed the Ministry! to herself, and in effect unkind to her own sons: particularly, in the If men sin against GOD, affront His ordinances, rebel against His Church, All the ways of tenderness and compassion, all persuasive arguments have been made use of in vain! but that an offence against GOD and the Church, against the welfare of the World free, to send them out so; and not betray them to destruction The disease being cured, there will The suppressing Amongst the series of explanatory pamphlets doing this are An Explanation of a Late Pamphlet, Entituled, The Shortest Way… (1703) and A Dialogue Between a Dissenter and the Observator (1703). and could prescribe Ways and Means, if it were proper: They are to be rooted out of this nation, if ever we [1] [12] The pamphlet generated a great deal of publicity over the handling of the issue by the Tory ministry.


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