the expanse season 2 recap
They stay strapped in their chairs, manning their stations, hanging on for dear life and praying to god that the very real bullets slicing through the room don’t come their way. Safe and Doors & Corners get season 2 off to a brilliant start, bringing the threat of war to the forefront and making the stakes crystal clear. In The Expanse, space isn’t glamorous. Jules-Pierre Mao lands on Io — at the same decommissioned helium refinery Holden sniffed out last week — and meets with Dr. Strickland. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Explore the animated side of SYFY. Avasarala is still being quite thorny, even when Draper expresses condolences for what they both presume was Cotyar's death back on Mao's ship. On March 16, 2017, The Expanse was renewed by Syfy for a 13-episode third season to air in 2018. All Episodes. Anna is clearly harboring some old resentments, but she mostly doesn't want to help Gillis sell his war. Keep in mind, they were just co-workers who ended up on a broken shuttle together, but now they’re a team. In fact, space kind of sucks because it’s doing its best to kill you. 2 . We’ve been told that we’re one bad decision away from all-out war between Earth and Mars, and now we finally see why. Back at the UN, Anna places a call home to her wife and daughter to detail why she'll be staying for a while. Space kind of sucks. There was a problem. On Io, Strickland shares his belief with Mao that the children they're experimenting on are the key to controlling the protomolecule. Because space kind of sucks, but maybe they can do this one thing, you know? Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, The second season of The Expanse premiered on February 1, 2017. Search. It seems somewhat likely this protomolecule was sent as an aggressive act, so scientists decide to let it do its thing and see what happens. But they’re going anyway, because it’s the right thing to do. There are no shields. And when the Roci can’t maneuver fast enough to block the stealth ship - because Amos is hanging onto the outside trying to fix something - one of the pods gets blown to shrapnel. Watch Season 1. Suddenly, they're being pursued, and Draper kicks it into high-G speed. In Safe and Doors & Corners, we see the same kind of behavior we see out our window right now, but there’s also an undeniable undercurrent of hope and righteousness. Mao is not happy. Season. The Expanse Episodes. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Suddenly, all eyes are on Prax. Even Miller has, quite literally, earned a place at their odd little table, despite the fact that he’s cynical as hell and Amos tried to kill him. For when you absolutely, positively, have to breach a station overnight, I guess. Ok, sure, he does end up killing or nearly killing people a lot, but it’s always for a good reason and he’s always ready to deal with the repercussions. Anna is brought in to see Secretary-General Gillis; it turns out, they're old friends. All Episodes. Martians are passionate about being Martians and if given the slightest excuse, they’ll gladly take out any Earther in range. 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Their survival will be as much a matter of dumb luck as it will skill and planning. It doesn’t matter that they originally all came from the same place, now there are ‘real’ Martians who’ll judge you by your bone density and how much your family sacrificed to help to make the terraforming of the red planet a reality. Quick shout out to Amos, by the way, as the most honest and uncomplicated character in the entire show. New Season Returns 2021. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? On Io, Mao fumes over Errinwright's demands and doesn't seem to be all that keen on handing the protomolecule over to people who only want it for war. Once they get the data from it gobbling up the staff of Phoebe, they let it loose on a Belter station called Eros, which is where our heroes from the Rocinante get involved. He reveals that the experiments are making his arms glow blue. He doesn't even budge when Naomi radios in to say she's discovered the ship belongs to Julie Mao. “Help her,” she pleads. Prax and Amos try to repair the busted gardens, and Amos tells Prax that he can't ever give up on Mei. Space isn’t sexy. I wasn’t sure that season 2 could stand shoulder to shoulder with season 1’s mystery and political intrigue, but it’s clear now season 1 was just doing the legwork to get us here. They’ll take advantage of the weak, they’ll bear grudges, they’ll use each other for political ends. Now, through Bobbi, we see just how much some Martians really, truly hate Earthers. But this is The Expanse. Meanwhile, Draper and her ship are safe, but as she boards the Rocinante and faces the crew, she's holding Avasarala's seemingly lifeless body. This is what makes The Expanse such magnificent science fiction; it’s not trying to seduce you with the promise of a better future, it’s laying bare the fact humans are going to do what humans do. And yet there are still people willing to fight and die for their sucky life in space. He’s the polar opposite of Chrisjen, who tells the truth largely by accident and is, despite good intentions, a fairly terrible person. Man, I love Chrisjen. On the Roci, Prax is earning his keep by installing energy gardens across the ship. Chrisjen says if she dies, Draper needs to make sure the truth gets out. Search. He says they all share the same immuno-deficiency that might allow them to inhibit the molecule. But even that isn’t out of nobility - Miller isn’t looking for the forces running the experiment to bring them to justice, he just wants revenge for Julie’s death. Meanwhile, Mei makes a friend among her fellow experimentees, Katoa. In The Expanse, space isn’t glamorous. We hear them talk about “breach pods” and it sounds in keeping with Johnson’s military background, and then you see the pods are FedEx containers. The Roci is able to draw away more of the UNN's missiles, and then finally, using those explosions as a shield, they're able to fly in close enough to knock out the UNN ship's engines. One scene in Doors & Corners, the second half of the double-episode premiere of season 2, sums this philosophy up perfectly: the Rocinante getting shot full of holes. Watch Season 5. I'm your basic average girl, and I'm here to save the world. Hey, welcome to space - did we mention it kind of sucks out here? Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. On Earth, the anti-war protests outside the UN are massive and agitated. His forthrightness is really quite refreshing, given all the duplicity going on around him. Mars wasn’t overly present last season; it was referenced as a military threat, but that was about it. Holden says they can't keep putting off the search for Prax's daughter. Undaunted, she provides care to the protester and uses whatever clout she has to demand that he be taken to a doctor. Draper tries to get herself and Avasarala to safety without the high-G environment killing Avasarala. And if it doesn’t, someone next to you in space probably will because human nature doesn’t change just because the scenery has. Gillis dismisses a perturbed Errinwright and then asks Anna if she'll help him write a speech that will help soothe the agitated people of Earth. They decide to send out an anonymous message for help. Would he put his quest on hold to make a rescue? He presses, though, and she says if he will agree to fund her free clinic for undocumenteds, she'll help him. The Expanse Episodes. Alex is pretty gung-ho to go help a Martian in need, but Holden says they're out of the rescuing business. Mei wakes up screaming from a nightmare in whatever research facility Dr. Strickland is keeping her in. 3 . Watch Seasons 1 - 6. Man, I love Amos. Safe and Doors & Corners are smart and spectacular science fiction; hurry up and get in on The Expanse if you’re not already. They could kill her. The riot police begin beating a young protester, and when the woman, Anna, intervenes, she gets clocked on the head for her trouble. Gunnery sergeant Bobbie Draper is positively spoiling for a war with Earth because she feels robbed of her chance to see a blue sky over Mars.


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