ivory tower documentary transcript
And so, like, coming into my dorm, like I'm legit, jumped on my bed. In fact just give them beer and circuses. There has to be a change coming. And this is really -- not asking permission and unapologetic. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But that has consequences for everybody else. It is an effort to cheat death. SPRANG: Hope. Choose out-of-state, less- studious students, who want to party. TERESA SULLIVAN, PRESIDENT, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA: We've lost $100 million in funding and the board has replaced one out of every four of those dollars with tuition. Let the people develop their own skills, solve their own problems. And when these institutions assess one's teaching, they typically do it with course evaluations. If people have no confidence, it means that no, you are not going to be able to regain that trust because there is none left. I haven't actually, you know better myself at all. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, (inaudible) these couple classes because I miss them and I wouldn't do my homework. CROWD: I support the occupation! BOONE: As a kid, you had all this like, wow, fantasy and dreams about what you wanted to do when you got older. My hand is in the door. And in fact we've seen more people be hired that never step foot in a classroom. The Puritans had come over to New England in the early 1630s. Every time that I come in here and I say, "What do you guys think about this? Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! Education should foster social mobility. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We know how to party. They're accountable to the public. It's space of the action is also this great opportunity to have no one imposing structures on us. We have pretty much 24/7 coverage, students ask questions at most any hour and get answers within minutes. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I support the occupation! They're like, look what is this? All that kind of stuff. MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER: Now I know this has been a difficult time for the Cooper Union community. KAKEMETZ: You're going to be saddled with that debt and that ballooning balance until the day that you die. And it really does cost $60,000 a year. Education in some ways is even more insidious than housing. We're licensing our education to a full process outside vendor -- that is a start up. SPRANG: Hope is everything. A focus on teaching can get in the way of one's research and scholarship. I'm just going to get another degree. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Education. And the states have essentially walked away. BRENDAN ARNOLD SENIOR ASU: They say that ASU is like one of the top party schools according to Playboy or whatever. They thought I was crazy. 0 What is like one of the toughest neighborhoods in Cleveland. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everyone on campus knows what CS50 is. It's really a debate about who can and who is willing to pay for it. And it is expensive. How do we create as close to that ideal as we can while reducing cost. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have sitting here like -- alright, this is just too much. These millennial children then got to college and realized, "The money's not there to pay for me. Write your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features. What are you going to do with your life? What happens if I get in and I can't pay for it?" Mike check. Not everybody is going to want it. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Prophesied. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We all know how to party. And she told me that she knew that I was going to drop out of college. And -- everywhere I go, I meet students who give me hope for the future of our country. Lots of intimate contact. I haven't been going. We should be outraged by the abuses and the distortions. And you see, very commonly, things like original balances in the tens and twenty thousands of dollars ballooning up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Take a half hour break, another hour and a half of Lacan. DAVID BOONE, HARVARD STUDENT STUDYING COMPUTER SCIENCE: This is where I spent a decent amount of my life. I think that's an assault on democracy. The United States has managed to provide a post secondary education to a larger percentage of its population than any society in history. I don't want to see tuition go up. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We've just hit an awful milestone. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bu t why are we talking about the state at all? DELBANCO: In the middle of the Civil War, in 1 862, Congress of the United States, amazingly enough, found focus and attention to pass the Morrill Act, which funded the land grant colleges that later became the great state universities. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I am a testimony. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nowadays, so much is against this 19th century model of a free education. And he ran for president later on a promise to disband the Department of Education. RONALD REAGAN, 4TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Certain advisors started to say that anything of a private advantage should be paid for. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I had a shitty public school experience, right? A couple of months after I graduated, collectors started calling, and I told them that I could not pay. It's a place where a young woman can say, "This place was built for me." MITCHELL STEVENS, STANDFORD UNIVERSITY: The system of elite residential higher education that Americans assembled over the course of the last centuries is extraordinarily effective. My sense of self is stronger, and it's really helped cultivate who I am. LOUIS MENAND, AUTHOR OF METAPHYSICAL CLUB: Over two million veterans took advantage of the GI Bill. In fact just give them beer and circuses. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The character function will follow up any character that has an ASCII value. My path has been a little bit rough. The face to face and the opportunities of the online and how can we come up with hybrid models? BROWN: I was reading "The New York Times" on Sunday. Faculty today are increasingly rewarded in terms of promotion, tenure, compensation by their research productivity and scholarship. GRAY: The value of my education is priceless, but the value of my education is also not $140,000 in debt. Return to Transcripts main page. Because, I mean, there is just so much. And only a very, very small handful of colleges will survive intact on the other side of this tidal wave. So if you're really into fitness -- RUCINSKI: It takes a real shift to consider something different when our kids are on this path towards a college degree. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There was a tiered system with the community colleges, state colleges, and the great research universities, a system that virtually guaranteed college education to every high school graduate, in the state of California. Whatever school you go to. LISA RUCINSKI, PARENT: We are definitely ensconced in this view that there is only one way to go to college. KAKEMETZ: They have pools with tanning ledges, they have tanning beds. And there really was no end to its expansion. If you're a teacher, you arrive every fall semester for the New Year. You try to give them a way to study more efficiently. However they got there, that's where they are now. Untitled page. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You've got to cater. David was, like, "Mom, how are we going to pay for college? So they need to offer more courses for less money, and putting a class on the internet, seems like the easiest way.


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