suetonius claudius

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Suetonius. -  Chapters 22-25 deal with administration, legislation and religion during his reign.Though Suetonius's account is mainly 3 See the note in c. i. of this life of CLAUDIUS.

He deprived the Lycians of their independence (in 43AD) because of their internal feuding, and restored that of the Rhodians who had embraced reform. By Messalina, he had a daughter Octavia, whom he gave in marriage to his stepson Nero (in AD53) after she had previously been betrothed to Silanus; and a son Germanicus, later named Britannicus who was born on the twenty second day of his reign, in his second consulship. Their feasts were proverbial for luxury; see His intimacy with the lower orders brought him a reputation for drunkenness and gambling, to add to the perception of his incapacity. Claudius took the surname Germanicus after his brother had been engrafted in the Julian House as Tiberius's adopted son. As for another who was notoriously corrupt, and guilty of adultery, he merely told him to show some restraint in his indulgences, or at any rate to be more circumspect, adding: ‘Why should I have to be concerned with what mistress you keep?’. and cf. Tib. The Fucine Lake project (AD42-53) was undertaken in hopes of profit as well as for glory, the drainage being undertaken at private cost, the financiers receiving reclaimed land in return.
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We have also been recommended for educational use by the following publications: Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. This is the reason, I suspect, that some authors set him down as a source of suspicion to Augustus, and say the Emperor recalled him from his province and had him poisoned, when he refused to obey. We will always be in a state, surely, if we have to consider the matter every time, rather than deciding in advance as to his fitness for public office. But he was chiefly noted for his timidity and insecurity. xxxiv.1. ii. The part of the Esquiline hill on both sides of the Servian wall; occupied in part by the Gardens of Maecenas; see He re-assumed the office of Censor (in 48AD) which had been discontinued seventy years earlier (in 22BC) after the term of Munatius Plancus and Aemilius Paulus, but even in that office he showed unpredictability, proving inconsistent in both theory and practice. That is, he enjoyed the privileges of the ius trium liberorum, one of which was freedom from jury duty. Initially, she had planned to have Nero marry Claudius’s daughter, Claudia Octavia, but changed her mind when Nero was adopted by Claudius, becoming his successor. For example he allowed a re-trial in situations where plaintiffs had lost their cases in lower courts by asking for greater damages than the law allowed, but overruled the lighter penalty prescribed by law when condemning to the wild beasts those convicted of heinous crimes. That such behaviour, however strange, xi. The northern spur of the Capitoline Hill. options are on the right side and top of the page.

appearance in the Roman or Grecian dress, to show his impartiality, he commanded him to J. Eugene Reed. Hor. Moreover, from that moment on, Caligula humiliated him, by ensuring that, among those of consular rank, he was called on last when the Senators gave their views. R. R. 2.4.9. Twelve Sicilian triremes then fought twelve from Rhodes, the signal being given by a mechanical Triton, made of silver, which emerged from the middle of the lake and blew its horn. Galba, xiv.3, from which it appears that Claudius made the summer and autumn seasons continuous, and did away with the winter term. litigant, had an altercation with him, in which he called out, " You are an old gait was ungainly, both when he assumed state, and when he was taking diversion.


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