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Nicknames Although, Will is again met with disappointment at the end of the episode and completely accepts that he has no chance of ever forming a relationship with Charlotte, when she tells him that, even though she finds him endearing, she would still rather go out with someone else. Simon responds by cheering and abruptly hanging up on her. The rejection leaves Simon in tears though he maintains his hopes for their relationship after spotting Carli in Malia due to Neil's extremely awful holiday planning. The four lead actors were present alongside supporting cast members; the title is a reference to a joke within the episode Will Gets a Girlfriend. After the dinner date, Daisy (now attracted to Will) takes Will home and begins to make out with him.

This feeling is somewhat mutual, as Gilbert frequently allows Will to represent the school in various events such as the Christmas Prom and the Duke of Edinburgh. The two have been very good and close friends all their life and while Simon keeps desperately trying to ask her out, these attempts always have devastating and humiliating results for Simon and often others. Series 1–2 boxset was released on DVD on 18 May 2009. She believes Will is too young for her due to him not having any pubic hair and asks him to leave, this causes their relationship to end. He wears the school sweater and can keep a low profile most of the time, avoiding school bullies, quite unlike Will. As a result, all of Will's pubic hair fell out when he returned home. In their one scene together, Will's dad shows that he is disappointed that his only son would turn out so socially inept. In "The Camping Trip", he revealed he only has five contacts on his mobile phone. When the boys and girls go skinny-dipping, Alison strips naked in front of Will, then tells him to do the same. After Jay further admits to Will and Neil about only taking a gap year in Australia to find Jane, Simon reveals that due to him and Lucy becoming engaged, she asked Jane to become one of her bridesmaids and would therefore know where Jane is. Neil helps him out at the fashion show, helping him to dress, though he draws a line at putting speedos on him.

Polly McKenzie: Will's mum is totally oblivious to Will's personal life, though she still manages to smother him with parental concern. Will is also the one who holds Jay and Neil back from moving in when Simon is talking to Tara, and Simon is the first to tell him that he needs to lay off the energy drinks at exam time. She reveals that while studying at University she is doing a part time job at the retirement home in the area. He also sets Will up with Tara's friend, Big Kerry, an extremely tall, monotonous, boring person whom Will can't stand by informing him of Kerry's claim to fame; she is infamous for, as Will angrily puts it, "giving out blowjobs like they're going out of fashion", omitting the fact that Kerry's father had recently died. Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Simon asks Jay if he could use his computer to break up with Lucy via skype, while skyping her, Jay's uncle interferes, resulting in Simon proposing to her; to which she accepts. Along with Will, he is generally seen as part of the more level-headed and mature half of the group, though he is shown to be easily swayed. Alistair also threatens to beat Will up, despite Will trying to apologise to him. He also gets pissed off at him to the point of screaming when Jay lets his car roll into the lake in the last episode, but after calming down, he does agree that it was a little shit anyway. While asking Simon for advice to cover up losing his pubes, Simon suggests storing a wig to stand in for pubic hair-which Will first thinks is a ridiculous idea, but while panicking when picking Daisy up from the retirement home, he quickly stuffs one of the elderly's wigs into his underwear. He's the shortest one in the group so I'm wondering what his height really is. Andrew Cooper: Simon flat-out hates his younger brother, who seems a lot more confident than him and is presumably more popular at school. A new chapter in the lives of the Inbetweeners feels like the very least we can do to thank the fans for their phenomenal response to the first movie." Daisy is not seen or mentioned again. In The Inbetweeners Movie, the group go on holiday to Malia in Greece after leaving school, where Will meets Alison, a woman with a similar personality to him. In that regard, Will's relationship with his dad is a lot like his relationship with Mr. Gilbert.

She likes him enough to kiss him on the lips, even though Will attempts to kiss her right back, but it fails. The brief relationship causes friction between Simon and Will, up to the point where Will manipulates Simon into choosing to meet up with Carli instead of Lauren after Simon hastily makes plans to meet them both at the same place and the same time. Mr Gilbert serves as the main antagonist to the four protagonists of the Inbetweeners, though antagonises Will the most.


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