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The giants. The stresses keep building, and likely as these exchange wars heat up the EMU will break apart.The author also failed to mention that much of the miracle of the "Irish Tiger" was due to US manufacturers setting up shop there due to the low taxes and easy access to the EU markets. This was the period of populist revoltsin the Midwest. Only so many jet skis you can own in one lifetime. for more on this fascinating and unique characteristic of gold. If you are suggesting the path to constitutional rights lies through the Democrat party or through the RINO's, then you simply aren't worth listening to.Sarah Palin is little more than the red cape that the ruling elite keep waving in front of the useful idiots to prevent themselves from being gored. Or, wouldn't they rather have access to the core means of civilization (food, shelter & clothing), while still being part of a kinship group with all the attendant social benefits? This gold was under different accounts and was brought under one account,' Muhammad al-Jasser told Reuters, declining to give more details.anything to do with what Another said?Would like to see your comments on this FOFOA.Saudi 'Did Not Buy New Gold Reserves in 2010'From Reutersvia Trade Arabia, Manama, BahrainSunday, September 26, 2010, Saudi Arabia -- Saudi Arabia did not buy new gold reserves in 2010 despite data from the World Gold Council that showed the kingdom had doubled its reserves during the first quarter, the central bank governor said on Sunday. Many people have been burnt in stocks (Nasdaq), many in real estate, soon many in bonds. They'll be back riding camels and fighting in regional wars sooner than most people believe is possible. If I could only own one, gold or land (in any meaningful size), it would be gold.
I do have silver for sale! Short-term, I see it as a literal coin-toss. "Not sure how to interpret that last sentence. Under no circumstances should it be mistaken for professional investment advice, nor is it at all intended to be taken as such. Hi Micheal,If you really are a terrible trader, I will gladly pay you for your information so I can do the opposite!Seriously though...The question is, as always, timing.With gold, that's easy: NOW. There is also implicit backing for the paper gold market from Central Banks. You may be standing beside an eddy and your view may be that water can flow upstream. You also can open a brokerage account for the LLC and give the buy and sell orders.

"You know, Franco stayed in power until he died. Some comic relief from WSG blogs..., Even the Chinese are aware of the coming dollar crisis (world-wide loss of confidence).Dollar Is `One Step Nearer' to Crisis on Burgeoning Debt Burden, Yu SaysThe U.S. dollar is “one step nearer” to a crisis as debt levels in the world’s largest economy increase, said Yu Yongding, a former adviser to China’s central bank. Others, in the past, have thought of it as the "easy money" alternative to gold. The gold and silver markets are biding time until the current consolidation runs its course but I am convinced that it will be resolved to the upside with US$2,350 gold and US$36 silver and US$50 GDX and US$85 GDXJ as 2020 year-end targets.

But the Freegold revaluation is a separate event. At that point, each nation will try one last time at inflating - and that inflation will be the new gold price. But we will have scaled out by then.Now... How do we know to scale out sooner, if those swap ratio targets aren't met?I would say watch the POG. A few hundred tons - OK. Thousands of tons - no chance. "Assuming all savings go into gold.

In adjunct to this, the ECB and BIS will play a major role in cashing out failed paper gold positions for certain clients.
FOFOA, can you provide a link to the post where you discuss the BIS destroying Russia "without firing a single shot"? The most important is that the gold supposedly held by GLD is not audited.To explain this point, GLDs financial statement is audited, but the gold is not.


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