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(00:20:39) Chaplain later observes said Soldier working hard, unknowingly as a result of Bilko’s scheming, and discusses with Bilko how he got him to straighten up. (00:24:15) CO and chaplain come in to the barracks and award the reformed Soldier, “Soldier of the Month.”. The chaplains also talks about a chaplain’s calling. Sgt. “Angels 30” (Season 4) (00:28:38) Rabb goes into the ship’s chapel and finds the chaplain talking to a pilot in front of the altar. Carter” (Season 5) (11:00) The chaplain isn’t in this scene but when Sgt. What you get is Sgt. decades of television, also provided commentary for the first episode, Episode ends without identifying who they were coming to see. It was sent to the Colonel and he approved it.” When Duke asked why it came from the Chaplain’s office, Sgt. (38:38) A Navy chaplain leads a graveside service for a Marine KIA. a sergeant he once knew. The writing is character-based, fast Allan Melvin, one of those terrific character actors for “Adrift: Part 1” (Season 6) (00:13:10) The Navy Chief of Chaplains arrives at the church for Mac’s wedding rehearsal, (00:14:12) and leads the rehearsal. Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules!

(25:10) LTC Mackenzie visits the chaplain in his office to confront him about the guidance he gave to the Sailor. Duane Doberman (Maurice Gosfield), Pvt. Company B constantly loses all bets against rival Company A, but upon the arrival of Ed 'The Stomach' Honnegan, they sense their chance to win an Eating Contest.

When pleased, Bilko would give little high-fives to his right and left-hand men, Cpl. (00:19:20) The chaplain speaks to the court about Islamic law pertaining marriage. Bilko’s office to talk to him about the “Old Soldiers Home” he was using as a cover for a club.

them to develop working rhythms. Dedicated to my father, J.G.R.C., who had dinner out of the way and we were headed to the TV for "Phil Silvahs".

Bilko—The Phil Silvers Show—50th Anniversary Edition [DVD Box Set]. (01:30) Next scene is of the casket being carried to the grave site with the chaplain following. keep up. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

Whether you call it You'll Never Get Rich, The Phil Silvers Show, or Sergeant Bilko, The Phil Silvers Show served up a solid-gold sitcom character in Silvers' conniving Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko.

(21:10) The chaplain visits patients in the medical ward of the ship and spends time talking to one in particular.

“A Merry Little Christmas” (Season 9) (33:45) The staff of JAG, and many others, attend the Christmas Eve service led by Chaplain Turner. The opinions, statements and comments on this site are those of the individual authors’ alone and not necessarily the official opinion of the United States government or any of its departments or agencies. In 1985 he appeared in Woody Allen's THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO.

“Miracles” (Season 6) Much of this episode involves the work of a Vietnam chaplain (Chaplain Walter Wiggins) and alleged miracles that resulted from his intercession. This episode displays the struggle faced when confronted with an ethical or moral dilemma which has consequences regardless of the decision.

“Answered Prayers” (Season 7) (36:35) The officers from the JAG office attend the Christmas Eve service led by Chaplain Turner. The only problem they encounter is that The Stomach has lost his appetite.

To see what the fuss is all about, you can now own the first season, releasing tomorrow as Sgt. Bilko—The Phil Silvers Show—50th Anniversary Edition marks the first appearance of this classic sitcom on DVD. Doberman (Maurice Gosfield)’s invitation to be their queen in the “Dinner at Sowici’s” (Season 1) (02:00) The chaplain leads a wedding ceremony which includes a message to the bride and groom. (20:25) An Air Force Chaplain is present and prays when the remains of a Marine KIA arrives at Dover AFB. The show eventually became known as THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW and even more popularly as SGT.BILKO! “Rock ‘n Roll Rookie” (Season 2) (20:27) The chaplain addresses the choir, many of whom he says he doesn’t see much in chapel. The season ends in Bilko-centric episode, “Bilko Invariably, it meant out thinking the camp commander, Col. John T. Hall (Paul Ford) or fellow sergeants. (07:20) The chaplain is briefly seen to the side as the honor guard finishes folding the flag from the casket. Traveling way too far into the past or future sounds terrifying. Downey, Chaplain to the Enola Gay Crew, Chaplain William Emerson-1st U.S. Battlefield Ministry, Chaplain Henry Gerecke-Nuremberg Chaplain, Chaplain Philip Matthew Hannan – the “Jumping Padre”, Chaplain Stephen Meany of the Fighting 69th, The Four Chaplains of the U.S.A.T. Bonus features include the historic Ed Sullivan Show appearance that boosted Silvers to overtake heavy competition Milton Berle (8:39); excerpts from the 1956 Emmy broadcast, at which the show won best comedy series, best actor, best comedian, best comedy writing and best director trophies (4:51) as well as the 1957 awards (2:27); a too-short excerpt from a Dick Cavett Show with Silvers and friend Jack Benny (5:03); pieces of Silvers' last interview, with Sonny Fox (5:06); a very amusing Bilko sketch from the special Phil Silvers on Broadway (7:15).

There are 34 episodes on five discs along with just a handful of extras. Bilko that he needs to talk to him and scares him off, thinking he wan’ts to talk about marriage. Sgt. There is no chaplain appearing in or referred to in this episode but is mentioned here because of its play on the rumored statement of Navy Chaplain Howell Forgy while on the USS New Orleans during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” Subsequently, this statement became the title of a war-time song by Frank Loesser and published in 1942. Rupert Ritzik (Joe E. Ross, later of Hiken's Car 54, Where Are You? Sgt. Brownstein has rounded up a tremendous set of bonus features to accompany eighteen of Bilko's finest adventures: "New Recruits," "The WAC," "The Horse," "The Eating Contest," "Bivouac," The Twitch," "The Investigation," "The Revolutionary War," "The Court Martial," "The Con Men," "A Mess Sergeant Can't Win," "Doberman's Sister," "Bilko's Tax Trouble," "The Big Scandal," "Hillbilly Whiz," "Bilko the Art Lover," which "Bilko Joins the Navy," and "Weekend Colonel.". Additionally, according to Title 17, U.S. Code, § 105, “copyright protection … is not available for any work of the United States Government” so U.S. government-produced works (videos, pictures and/or text) may appear on this website with or without notice of origin without violating U.S. copyright law. .

Completist Bilko fans disappointed in a best-of release can take solace in the fact that Paramount's three-disc set comes courtesy of Paul Brownstein Productions. “The Boxer” (Season 1) (00:22:00) After Bilko works up anger in the boxers to get them to fight, they come in reconciled, followed by the chaplain who explains how he found them “with bitterness and hatred in their hearts” and that he helped them to get along, thus, once again, spoiling Bilko’s plan to win a bet. audience, shot in New York City at Dumont’s television center. Was this review helpful to you? “The Chapel at Able-Five” (Season 5) A German chaplain pretends to be British when he encounters an American Soldier blinded in combat, so that he can get his help transporting a wounded German Soldier. (00:07:45) Later, a Marine describes the event to Harm. Despite the series being 50 years old, the humor still works because the (10:30) Episode continues with the CNO and chaplain arriving and looking for one of the wives who they take into the house (with some of the other wives). I was raised on Top Cat (Bilko for kids for any younger PHers out there).

Carter about a problem, Carter tells him (at 01:13), “well don’t bother me, go talk to the chaplain.”. After the show Maurice returned to stage, but also continued to appear on TV and in films, most noticeably in CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU? 3:13 [Private video] ... Sgt. “Tough Love” (Season 6) (31:53) Denise Sherwood seeks counsel from the chaplain in the chapel about what she’s going through after killing her attacker. “Bilko Buys a Club” (Season 3) (24:05) The chaplain comes to Sgt. “Valor” (Season 6) (00:38) A chaplain is briefly shown performing the graveside service at Arlington National Cemetery for a deceased MoH recipient. Bilko, head of the motor pool at sleepy Camp Baxter in Roseville, Kansas.

“Independence Day” (Season 1, Episode 5) (00:40:15) Chaplain leads coffin of dead Soldier into cemetery, though he doesn’t appear in the remainder of the graveside ceremony. The Phil Silvers Show was also notably progressive, in that its platoon ensemble was integrated. Rocco Barbella and Cpl. Top honors go to the absurd heights of "The Court Martial," in which a chimp is accidentally inducted, then laboriously drummed out of the Army, "A Mess Sergeant Can't Win," which brilliantly frustrates Bilko as he tries and tries again to lose a bet to the departing Ritzik, and "Bilko Joins the Navy," a Neil Simon & Terry Ryan script that gives Bilko one of his biggest challenges: talking his way out of a Navy mission in progress. This week, we’re officially starting coverage on the best of The Phil Silvers Show (1955-1959, CBS) — a.k.a.You’ll Never Get Rich, a.k.a. All site content © 2000-2020 Peter Canavese. Completist Bilko fans disappointed in a best-of release can take solace in the fact that Paramount's three-disc set comes courtesy of Paul Brownstein Productions. Bilko, head of the motor pool at sleepy Camp Baxter in Roseville, Kansas.


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