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But I’m not a big fan of double-lidded eyes,” she says. To be honest, I don’t know. What? But to be honest times two, it’s none of our business and I think we should keep our noses out of it. bottomluhan, January 16, 2017 in Random, is this about them having the same bracelet/necklace.

The Rumored Beef Between TWICE’s Jeongyeon and BTS’ Jimin She even haven’t dated anyone before, thus it seems a very difficult thing for her to picture out. I’ll introduce her lover and love life. She is one of the two members of Red Velvet who never dated anyone. With this, one can clearly see that there might really be something going on between the two.

It’s not necessarily a good thing,” MC Kim Gu Ra says to Seulgi. Yet, she wasn’t the one and only one, it was additionally said that he and KARA’s Seungyeon are dating. On the episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” aired on September 30, Seulgi, Park Kyung Lim, Jin Yi Han, and Gray appear as guests. She trained for a very long time, 7 years to be exact before officially being casted as part of Red Velvet. say i love Garrus and nobody bats an eye, but say i think Piccolo is hot and everyone loses their minds, Restart a game, go forward, roll it, Blanka 🔥. Do you think Seulgi and Jimin are dating/ crushing/ have something going on? no but I wish they were, they're both gorgeous amazing dancers from great groups, At least provide some pics/clips pls. Though she admitted that she regrets not dating someone before.
The latter appeared in a drama, where he starred as a chef. Seulgi has never been vocal about marriage. And with her undeniable charms, a member from Super Junior, in the name of Kyuhyun, revealed that Seulgi was her ideal girl. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries and they are now resting on their dorm.

She got the looks, the talents and the personality- literally a complete package. Nonetheless, they look good together.

It appears that Seulgi is into eating. All Rights Reserved.

As long as she’s cool with her career, love can wait.

Seulgi has never been vocal about marriage. “You’re one of SM’s artists who’ve never dated before, just like Seohyun. Even if she eats in secret, it doesn’t justify her because she is still very sexy. So all in all, Seulgi wants a charming and cute man like that of Kang Dong-Won, Jisung and Jo Jung Suk. Singing is really her passion and she would often go to the karaoke alone to sing her heart out. Seulgi declared that he really looked cool while cooking. However, she revealed that she is not a fan of guys with double-lidded eyes. But maybe she is waiting for the right guy and she doesn’t wants to get hurt by being with a guy that she’s not sure to be with. According to All K-pop BTS' Jimin can also be seen doing the same gesture. It was her way of telling fans and Kyuhun that they can be good friends.

But even if she haven’t dated anyone in the past, she admits that she falls hard for drama characters, like that of Jo Jung Suk from ‘Oh My Ghost’. Did they glance at each other for more than 1.3s? She instead went to her Twitter account. In the program Music Bank, BTS and TWICE were in the same backstage and they were promoting each other’s songs they were going to bring.At that time, all the members of TWICE looked very excited and laughed at the appearance of BTS, but only Jeongyeon seemed uninspired and didn’t laugh when … Gossip about idols dating is something that is very attractive for many of the fans. Apparently, Kyuhun was friend zoned. And she is still young to talk about that serious matter. She was the ideal type of Super Junior’s Kyuhun because of her features and personality. But she wasn’t the only one, it was also said that he and KARA’s Seungyeon could have a relationship. Many of the fans matched the two idols and wished they were actually dating in real life. Kyuhyun even sent a video message to Seulgi, telling her to do good on her career and wishing her to be successful. Fans were shocked when she disclosed that she is single since birth.

Seulgi is well known to be the lead vocalist and main dancer of Red Velvet. The pictorial shows the closeness and the seeming romantic connection that the two K-pop idols have.

She prefers someone who is comfortable to talk with and laughs a lot. There's nothing, so i cant even attempt to reach, Search them on Twitter I'm on mobile so I really can't post shit. He’s very kind. The Rumored Beef Between TWICE’s Jeongyeon and BTS’ Jimin This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Jimin & Seulgi (Red Velvet) Jimin and Seulgi have been involved in multiple dating rumors due to netizens. After Jimin confessed that he was a fan of SM Entertainment’s girl group Red Velvet, fans believed that perhaps this idol had a particular interest in some of the members, so rumors began to spread that Jimin and Seulgi might be coming out.

Unfortunately, when Jimin waved back at Seulgi, she wasn’t aware because she quickly turned away. Your number one Asian entertainment forum, serving the community since 2013. In an interview, she was teased about her single status and she confessed that now she regrets not dating someone before. Was he staring at her as well? Red Velvet‘s Seulgi made a big time confession regarding her dating history and revealed what her ideal man would be like. It appears that Seulgi is into eating.

Her ideal dating situation could be on a food trip because she also explained that her ideal man is Jo Jung Suk. This is what gives their fans the thrill of the unknown. © Copyright 2017 Powered by Invision Community. Soon, you shall be an extension of me. Who is Seulgi’s boyfriend? This Is What We Know, The KPop World in 2020: Idols That We Look Forward To the Next Year, Top 10 Things You Should Get A K-pop Fan For The Holidays, TWICE's Producer Unveils Why Nayeon Always Sings the First Lines, K-Netizens Accuse Red Velvet Yeri of Imitating BLACKPINK Jennie, K-Netz Point Out Red Velvet Yeri's Problematic Past Actions In Light of Irene's Attitude Controversy, Netizens React to Malaysian Girl Group Accused of Copying BLACKPINK, Several K-Pop Groups Submit Nominations for The 2021 Grammy Awards, Netizens Are Divided Over IZ*ONE's New Vogue Pictorial, BLACKPINK Rosé Reveals She Never Forced a Specific Vocal Tone, BLACKPINK Jennie Poses As Chanel’s Muse for W Korea, EXO Sehun Chosen As The New Face of Dior Men. When she made an appearance in the hit show ‘Wednesday Food Talk’, she confessed that she would eat in secret. And a rumour started to sprawl that, Jimin and Seulgi may be dating.

Starting in February, 2016, fans were already getting suspicious about the relationship between Red Velvet’s Seulgi and BTS’s Jimin, since they found some evidence related to a dating rumor. After Jimin admitted that he was a fan of SM Entertainment’s girl group Red Velvet, fans assumed that he had something for a member of the group, Red Velvet. Do you think they're crushing on each other? Besides the evidence already discussed supporting SeulMin dating, there have also been a few moments with them together that were caught by fans during events. -.- Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of Jimin and Seulgi because they’re both really talented and awesome people!


With this, it can be clearly seen that they might really be dating, knowing the wink and the other gestures and words that she placed on the caption box of her Instagram photo. Fans have gathered what they claim is evidence proving BTS‘ Jimin and Red Velvet‘s Seulgi rumored relationship to be completely false. Red Velvet‘s Seulgi made a big time confession regarding her dating history and revealed what her ideal man would be like. TWICE Mina Goes Viral With Korean Netizens... Can You Guess Why. But then again, even though the rumored couple didn't confirm it yet, there are still a lot of hints that support the possibility that they might be really dating. According to Korea Portal, Seulgi recently posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account. In response, she says, “Now that I think of it, I regret not dating.”.
Meanwhile, Seulgi opened up about her seven years as a trainee and confessed that her most rebellious moment was when she ate instant ramen by the Han River. The two were about to return to their dorm, when the taxi they are into clashed with a sweeper truck.

“When I watch a drama or a movie, I fall hard for the characters. Fans named themselves as Seulmin shippers. Ideal dating plan. “I’ve always thought that he has a nice personality. Seulgi has never been in a relationship with someone before. And she is still young to talk about that serious matter. BTS' Jimin and Red Velvet's Seulgi have been reported to have been dating for a long time now.


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