seulgi height

-She studied in Seoul Shinhwa Elementary School, Seoul Shinchang Middle School The Red Velvet members profile consists of 5 members:Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri. – She was a part of the predebut team SM Rookies. Seulgi Quick Info; Height: 5 ft 4 in: Weight: 48 kg: Date of Birth: February 10, 1994: Zodiac Sign: Aquarius: Eye Color: Dark Brown She’s so good! Like with BTS, their dance ranking looks like this. Seulgi #32 She basically raps in every song of theirs and she also wrote Red Flavor’s rap herself too. I think it should be “she likes pringles *so much* that fans have nicknamed her ” sringles”.?

,, Updated Group Photo:, Irene Ver 1 and 2:, Seulgi Ver 1 and 2:, Wendy Ver 1 and 2:, Joy Ver 1 and 2:, Yeri Ver 1 and 2:, @m_i_n_e_l_l_e:disqus Wendy stays up late at night baking goodies for others. How they pick a lead dancer isn’t solely based on stage performances -they also look at the person’s rhythm and ability to learn choreographies quickly and efficiently. Joy is the real lead rapper than yeri i think they both will be lead rapper because they both of them good at rapping, according to their company, Joy is indeed a lead rapper but Yeri is only a rapper, yes it is true, and jennie has 6 years of training and joy only 2 years, but both are also good. Thank you for the comment. Anyone with a brain knows Joy is on the vocal line, They are not short it”s just that Joy is taller than them, Ok but who said there must be only one lead vocalist? She’s talented & beautiful…., But that was from their debut, their heights could be different now since its been 2 years but thank you for giving me an approximate height. Thanks for the help, it’s really appreciated! Seulgi red velvet carries the birth sign of Aquarius.

-She studied in Guri Buyang Elementary School before transferring to Namyangju Janghyun Middle School Poll: Who is the best dancer in Red Velvet? Red Velvet Fandom Name: ReVeluv Joy’s Center Time: 20.09s

2., Yeri Seulgi (29%) Entertainment. Actually i dont know if i like rap or not. its due to official position, then joy is not Lead Vocalist, i now she good at singing, but her technique has not been able to equal Seulgi, and she not a Visual anymore, the official visual is Irene and the second is Seulgi, because the duo is very match korean beauty standard, joy is ex Lead Vocalist in this site too, i agree if yeri is a Lead Rapper, but due to official position, we can’t change it, first time i know red velvet in the red flavor era that yeri is rapping after irene, i thought see is lead rapper, but maybe the reason is SM give her position just rapper is (TaeTiSeo)I was just searching their profile in your page but seems like there is none.Can you pls make a profile about them?Thanksss. the FOTG is the member that is most popular and promoted on tv in S.Korea, not internationally.

I don’t think she is O_O, @sailormina:disqus – Wendy’s ideal type: Someone respectful, caring and who is pretty when they laugh, also someone who eats well; Someone who is like her dad. Was it Joy? The album will be available in Japan May 29th (there might also be places where you can pre-order it internationally). I do love Seulgi’s tone and her adlibs are fire.


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