saying oh my god offensive

Over time, public attitudes shift and this is assessed through research. To be honest, I feel even a little bit guilty typing the words, “Oh my God.” Of course, it is certainly not wrong to use the phrase “Oh my God” when you are actually talking to God or about God (2 Chronicles 6:40).
When we use His name as a way to express shock at a missed field goal or Grandma’s famous chicken salad, it takes His name from the heavens and likens it to leftovers in the fridge. Will God strike you down in a similar way?
The third commandment states His feelings very clear: “You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.” By the way, the two commandments that preceded it – “You shall have no other gods before Me” and “You shall have no other idols” – speak to the reverence that God demands for His name, and His name alone (Ex. Ms Lamdin used the offensive term when covering the collision between a Honda Accord and a 21-year-old man in Bristol. If we are praying for that, while we are referring to God irreverently, then we are undermining our own efforts and God’s efforts. m.g! 'It's the fact that BBC didn't apologise despite getting 18,000 complaints BECAUSE it was DEFINITELY offensive to black people. Jesus rebuked this practice and told them if they swore falsely by heaven, they had still used God’s name in vain because heaven “is the throne of God” (Matthew 5:34). 'The use of strong language must be editorially justified, and signposted if appropriate, to ensure it meets audience expectations, wherever it appears. The BBC was slammed after social affairs correspondent Fiona Lamdin said the highly-offensive term while covering a racist hit-and-run attack on a black NHS worker on July 29. In other words, we need to pray that God’s name is revered and respected across the globe. He had revealed Himself to them through the covenant. The effect of strong language depends on the choice of words, the speaker and the context.

People draw conclusions about who God is and what He is all about by watching us and listening to us talk about Him. Larry Madowo, a US correspondent for the BBC's World Service, also commented on the move, saying that despite being black he had previously not been allowed to use the racist term in an article when quoting an African American. Even though the Old Testament is not in effect anymore (Romans 7:6), we can answer the question of whether or not “Oh my God” is a bad word by looking at God’s attitude towards it. Required fields are marked *. Our mission is to be partnering with God to make sure that on earth – just as it is in heaven – His name is hallowed, His rule and reign is established, and His will is done. Jesus taught His disciples to pray, saying, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. The broadcaster has also previously revealed that the decision was taken by a team of people which included senior editorial figures.

Therefore, we must live and speak of Him in such a way that His name (His reputation) is “hallowed.”.

I wanted us to look at the issues raised by the reporting and the strength of feeling surrounding it. The BBC was slammed after social affairs correspondent Fiona Lamdin (pictured) said the highly-offensive term while covering a racist hit-and-run attack on a black NHS worker on July 29, In a lengthy Twitter thread the presenter accused the Corporation of racism  and said they only care about not being offensive when it comes to old white people. Jesus literally says, “Our Father in heaven, let your name be hallowed, let your kingdom come, let your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus is telling His disciples to pray that our Father’s name be “hallowed” on earth as it is in heaven.

Jesus did discuss this idea in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:33-37), but the idea of taking God’s name “in vain” doesn’t mean rendering His witness as worthless, it means rendering His name as worthless. Mayfair's most mega mansion! But this is NOT about me. ", etc. Some like it hot! oh my days! I say "Oh My God" all the time or as now I've really gotten in the habit of saying "OMG!". Fiona Lamdin, left, used a racially offensive slur during a news broadcast on July 29. And that is what we will continue to do.'. In an email sent to all BBC staff, Lord Hall (pictured) said they 'made a mistake', Lamdin shocked viewers during the 10.30am clip for BBC Points West when she said: 'Just to warn you, you're about to hear highly offensive language. oh my word!

A double irony exists when you consider that 75% of Americans claim to be part of a Christian faith, and yet they throw His name around like it’s meaningless. oh golly! BBC experiment asks panel of under 30s to decide if man who tells his... Beauty knows no pain! Last year, I was told I couldn't say "queer" in a BBC video even though I was describing myself.

Modern taxidermist reveals his VERY bizarre 'Animalgamations' including a mouse and... Eyebrow lamentation! June Sarpong, the BBC's director of creative diversity, welcomed the decision, saying she is 'glad' that Lord Hall has 'personally intervened to unequivocally apologise'. Strong language is most likely to cause offence when it is used gratuitously and without editorial purpose, and when it includes: A BBC spokesperson told FEMAIL: 'Listeners will have heard these words and phrases used in our content, including in Sofie's BBC Ideas video that she refers to in her tweet.'. Your email address will not be published. Please check your spam folders for confirmation email. According to the BBC's editorial guidelines on language the guidelines differ depending on context and the speaker. Comedian Sofie Hagen, 31, who is originally from Denmark but lives in London, hosts the Bad People podcast which dissects criminal cases. That needs to be the prayer and the longing of every disciple of Jesus. Second of all, (And I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet), Not EVERYONE is a Christian. After Sideman, real name David Whitely, announced his decision, a BBC spokesman said on Saturday that while they were 'aware that [the report] would cause offence' it was important to explain the alleged context of the incident. blimey! To make it absolutely 100% clear: white people should NEVER say the N-word. 'The BBC now accepts that we should have taken a different approach at the time of broadcast and we are very sorry for that. God disagreed, sending fire from the Heavens to incinerate them inside of two heartbeats. If it’s not “Oh my God” or “OMG,” then it’s usually a euphemism like “Oh my word” or “oh my goodness.” We use these words in place of the actual words we want to use because they sound “less offensive” to the casual hearer. dear god!

Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy praised Lord Hall for the move, adding: 'But once again it has taken a direct intervention by the DG to overturn a mistake on race previously defended by the BBC's editorial policy managers.'.


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