santa claus other names

Ded Moroz also prefers to ride horses over reindeer, and instead of elves as his assistants, he has his granddaughter, an Elsa-esque snow maiden named Snegurochka. To the “grown-ups”, Santa Claus is the wonderful idea of selfless giving and goodwill. "Jul" (think "Yule") is the Norwegian word for Christmas, so Julenissen literally translates to "Christmas gnome." (Yes, really.). ", Japan has not one, but two Santa Clauses. Here are some Santa Names in various countries around the World: Brazil: Papai Noel, China: Shengdan Laoren, Chile: Viejo Pascuero, Dutch: Sinter Klaas, England: Father Christmas, Finland: Joulupukki, France: Pere Noel, Germany: Saint Nikolaus, Greece: Agios Vassilis, Holland: De Kerstman, India: Santa Claus or Baba, Italy: Babbo Natale, Japan: Hoteiosho, Norway: Julenissen, Peru: Papa Noel, Spain: El Nino Jesus. As in many other countries besides the U.S., he comes on New Year's Eve instead of Christmas Eve, delivering gifts for children to open on New Year's Day. Like Christkind, Weihnachtsmann evolved as an alternative to Saint Nicholas, who was considered most closely associated with the Catholic faith. The names Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas come from the Dutch who settled in New York. Santa is facing a pretty busy month in December. if they have been bad. In America, Sinterklaas became Santa Claus. Yes, there’s a lot more to Canada’s Prime Minister than just politics. In the UK, US and Canada, “Santa Claus” or “Father Christmas” is believed to travel around the world sporting a red suit on his sleigh, pulled by reindeer. Sinterklaas, dressed in his red robes, leads a procession through the town, riding a white horse. Latin America is a lot like Germany: There's a secular Santa—Papá Noel—but also a religious alternative for those of the Christian faith: Niño Jesús, or Niño Dios. Presents are left under the Christmas tree or in shoes by the fireplace. I guess he can use a bit of help! Klass is a short form of the Dutch given name Nicholas. When Christianity arrived in Finland during the Middle Ages, the legend of Saint Nicholas somehow collided with Nuuttipukki lore. Whatever you may call him, he remains the same jolly, short, old, fat man with a long white beard, with a fur-lined red suit. The names Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas come from the Dutch who settled in New York. And yet, Father Christmas actually comes from a very different set of traditions. There's Stubby, for example, who steals food from frying pans; Window Peeper, who likes to peek in open windows; Door Slammer, who keeps people awake by slamming doors; and Sausage Swiper, who steals unguarded sausages. Your email address will not be published. Thanks to a 1970s marketing campaign that has forever joined Christmas with KFC in the Japanese consciousness, he is sometimes confused with fried chicken icon Colonel Sanders. And for more on Santa, check out 17 Things You Never Knew About Santa Claus. Despite the name being Spanish in language, however, Papá Noel is a decidedly American import, as the original holiday gift-givers in Spanish culture were the three kings ("Los Reyes Magos"). That's right, we're talking about Santa Claus, a magical man whose name is as well known as his countenance—and the long white beard that covers it.
Now you can get involved with the Christmas spirit wherever you are in the world! The Dutch used the name “Sinterklaas” that sounded like Santa Claus. Instead of a gnome, Finland has a Christmas goat, or Joulupukki. Like the Dutch, Germans had long associated Christmas with Saint Nicholas. So there you have it – 10 different names for Santa Claus from around the world, plus a bunch of traditions and interpretations of him. But while the Germans eventually made their version of young Jesus an angelic child, in Latin America, they remain committed to the original concept: a magic infant who delivers presents to good boys and girls. Santa also has some other names too.

So, join us on our journey to learn 13 different names for Santa Claus around the world! In the east of France, he is accompanied by Le Père Fouettard, a man dressed in black, who is said to punish the children if they misbehave. He's just as round as Santa and just as jolly, but he has one thing Santa doesn't: Eyes in the back of his head that allow him to see when Japanese children are misbehaving. Called Jólasveinar, which is Icelandic for "Yule Lads," they're a merry but mischievous band of trolls who might be compared to Snow White's seven dwarves. The name Christkind may also ring a distant bell to you. Here are 15 "American" Christmas Traditions We Stole from Other Countries. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. In countries like Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, and Uruguay, kids send their Christmas letters to the Three Wise Men. Italian families start collecting presents at the start of December and they are opened either on Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning. In Sweden, for example, he will arrive at a house and say “ho ho ho finns det några snälla barn? Which famous Christmas song sends tidings of comfort and joy? Which country has attended the most Olympic games without winning any medals? These funny Christmas jokes are sure to please your entire family. They might have a ‘New Year’s Eve tree’ and give gifts. Do you know these lucrative Social Security secrets? But though he may look similar around the world—with certain exceptions, of course—in other countries, he answers to some very different names. The Greek equivalent of Santa Claus is called Agios Vasilios. Check out the Busuu blog for tips & tricks to learn a language, cultural insights & stories, company news, and new product features.


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