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On this day in 1948, Thomas Henry McGonigle was executed in California’s gas chamber in what was one of the earliest, perhaps THE earliest no-body homicide prosecution in the state. San Quentin on 10/26/04 by Penni Gladstone Young people act as they see other people acting instead of as people tell them to act. chronic skin problems, impaired vision, neurasthenia, epilepsy, dementia praecox, senile dementia, alcoholism, enlarged prostate, malignant tumors, rheumatism, loose teeth, various kinds of paralysis, “moral perversion of old age,” and arteriosclerosis. The quality of their lives is dictated by a prison caste system unique to San Quentin.

There are, in actuality, three Death Rows. The evil of an entire race flowed in his veins.

Williams became an anti-violence advocate from behind bars and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

There is, of course, plenty of opposition to keeping death row on such a prime piece of real estate. On this date in 1939, 57-year-old Charles Augustine McLachlan was gassed at San Quentin State Prison in California. Although he was occasionally seen drunk, he had a reputation as a kind, likeable man. * Quoted here from the Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle of September 9, 1960.

Owens was shot twice in the back. The sentence was death. Dispute about Henry Busch’s mental state continued as he waited to die.

1741: Caesar and Prince, leaders of a plot to burn New York? San Quentin on 10/26/04 by Penni Gladstone Collins’s guilt was very apparent, so his trial gave the horrified public ample rein to sketch the brute in terms of the era’s crackpot racist typologies.

Rolph’s generosity toward Egan resulted in a two-day controversy. Twelve condemned inmates have committed suicide and some 30 have died of natural causes during that time.

Finally he took an overdose of sleeping pills while on a bus bound for San Francisco, and was semiconscious on arrival. ‘Go big or go home:’ One SF restaurant spent $70K on its... Maps show where PG&E will turn off power in Bay Area tonight, Outdoor dining in this SF neighborhood scared me.

Although it is true that no person can be convicted of murder without the corpus delicti, the term doesn’t mean the murdered person’s body but rather the body of evidence that proves a crime has been committed. DeathPenaltyUSA, the complete database of defendants executed in the United States of America since 1607 to present.

A few years ago, gang members were foiled in an elaborate plan to take over the Adjustment Center. Nine people have been executed by lethal injection since 1995, when the gas chamber was ruled cruel and unusual punishment. McLachlan lived alone in the smallest of the houses, an eight-by-twelve-foot shack; the largest building was occupied by his son and daughter-in-law, Joe and Carmen, and their child. Federal,USA, Tags: 1940s, 1948, alcatraz prison, battle of alcatraz, bernard coy, clarence carnes, december 3, miran thompson, prison break, sam shockley, san francisco, san quentin prison, Add comment November 5th, 2015 In Bulgakov’s 1925 novel Heart of a Dog, the titular pet undergoes this procedure in the opposite direction — receiving human testicles.

Last meal: Two grilled cheese sandwiches, one pint of cottage cheese, hominy/corn mixture, one piece of peach pie, one pint of chocolate chip ice cream and radishes.


For example, Norris zooms through the disordered mind of McTeague as he struggles to control himself on one occasion. These inmates get their exercise in 8-by-10-foot cages watched over by gun-wielding guards.

The FBI kept on his trail as he drifted across the country, registering in hotels under alias names. She didn’t know they weren’t his, that he’d never been in any branch of the military.

San Quentin's outbreak flared when prison officials botched the transfer of inmates from a Southern California prison in May, inadvertently sending infected prisoners who had … This is erroneous.

It is a monotonous, controlled, alternately boring and spooky place that echoes with the shouts of lost souls.

His crime dated to December of 1914, when he rang up the pharmacist and place a bogus order, along with a request to bring change for a $20 coin.

Immediately upon discovering Kelly’s anatomization, which was never properly authorized by either the family or the prisoner (Stanley said he had Kelly’s verbal okay), the terror bandit’s former defense attorney Milton U’Ren‡ made the situation into the aforementioned scandal.

Tad DiBiase, a former federal prosecutor, even wrote a book about them, titled No-Body Homicide Cases: A Practical Guide to Investigating, Prosecuting, and Winning Cases When the Victim Is Missing, which includes an appendix of over 400 cases.

East Block for the condemed with officers patroling. Related: Murderer goes out in a blaze of coverage, Executed Feb. 23, 1996 | 13 years, one month on death row.

PG&E issues shutoff warning due to weekend Bay Area... La Niña is here. A tour of San Quentin prison's death row, to show how bad of shape it is in and drum up support for a new death row there. Mugshot of perp; newspaper sketch of victim. A cynic might attribute the puckish jig he reputedly danced en route to the gallows to the liberal allotment of whiskey, straight he had swallowed at the sufferance of Gov.

Fully searchable database by name, by year and by State

The chief surgeon of San Quentin prison, Dr. Leo Stanley, would write that the “swaggering” Buck Kelly came unmanned at the scaffold: “vanity cannot climb San Quentin’s thirteen steps and survive.” The prisoner took his leave of this world shrieking “Good-by, mother!” from under the hood.

Thora’s classmates saw her talking to him, and he offered her a job: he needed someone to babysit his sister’s children. When the hour came, he really did dance an Irish jig as he entered the death chamber handcuffed between guards. A master painter and decorator, he owned a plot of land with a few houses he’d built himself. Related: Convicted killer Siripongs put to death, Executed May 4, 1999 | 16 years, 10 months on death row.

He wrapped the body in a sheet and stowed it under the sink temporarily.

* Rolph would die in office of a heart attack the following June. Entry Filed under: 20th Century,California,Capital Punishment,Common Criminals,Crime,Death Penalty,Execution,Hanged,History,Murder,Pelf,Theft,USA, Tags: 1910s, 1915, earl loomis, hiram johnson, louis bundy, november 5, san quentin prison, 1 comment June 6th, 2014 Many condemned inmates actually have Web sites from which they solicit pen pals, including Moon, who claims on his Web site to have found God and been forgiven.

A Samuel Goldwyn Studio executive with very poor timing named Kenneth Savoy just happened to be walking in the door as the robbers were walking out, and Scott decided to augment their takings en passant.

"Human beings will always make the best situation that they can for themselves in any kind of situation," said prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon, who has spent 29 years as an officer at San Quentin.

In the process her loafers come off and her socks are pulled down her feet. David Carpenter, the infamous "Trailside Killer," is an East Block inhabitant. A tour of San Quentin prison's death row, to show how bad of shape it is in and drum up support for a new death row there.

“I don’t know whether or not I’m insane,” he mused to the court when an attorney tried to secure a sanity hearing for him (per this Los Angeles Times profile).

He beat Annette Edwards, 19, and Pam Moore, 17, to death with rocks.

As for Thora, her body is presumed to have washed out to sea. Headsman. San Francisco Chronicle, SANQUENTIN_142_pg.jpg At one restaurant I pass, a group of eight people are gathered tightly sharing one punch... Berkeley hills residents urged to leave area ahead... Why fighter jets flew over San Francisco on Thursday. As the San Jose Evening News reported in its hanging-day submission,* those appellants included former lieutenant governor A.J. * Voronoff’s transplantation of chimpanzee testicles into humans has even been proposed as a possible early vector of HIV transmission.

Last meal: Rich declined a last meal and drank tea, broth and Gatorade until his execution.

Death row prisoners can be seen in this picture The bodies of the men were found lying face-down in a puddle of blood in the storage room of the Garden Grove market where they worked. “I had hoped the law would see a way to let me have a chance, because I would like to have shown the world what I could do.” (Duluth (Minn.) News Tribune, Nov. 7, 1915.). McLachlan stated he’d been lying in bed resting with the door open when little Jennie wandered inside.

He remained at San Quentin until 1951 and continued experimenting with testicular transplant; the procedure’s promise of restoring youthful virility to aging men appealed as strongly then as it does in our day, and he had no shortage of volunteers eager to freshen up their junk. When the lackey turned up, it turned out to be a chum of Bundy’s, 15-year-old Harold Ziesche: Bundy bludgeoned him with a rock and an ax handle (sans ax) “because he knew me and would have squealed on me.”.

San Quentin on 10/26/04 by Penni Gladstone Last words: After the execution, Warden Art Calderon read Thompson’s last statement: “For 17 years the AG has been pursuing the wrong man. It wasn't long after that execution that a double-jointed inmate wriggled free of his restraints inside the gas chamber. Robert Alton Harris, and his brother abducted two teenage boys from a fast-food restaurant in San Diego in 1978. Dr. Bryan (who, it should be noted, was an expert hypnotist but not a psychiatrist) diagnosed the defendant with a schizoid personality and said he didn’t think Busch was capable of forming the intent to commit murder.

The youngest of his victims was Annette Selix, 11, whom he threw off a 105-foot-high bridge near Shasta Lake. Jennie’s body showed evidence that she had in fact been violently raped, something McLachlan never admitted to. At the time of Naumoff’s murder, Massie was on parole for the 1965 murder of Mildred Weiss. I don’t want anyone to avenge my death. He’d stolen the clothes and medals six weeks earlier. 1870: Jacob Wallace, Henry Coston, and Moses and Peter Newby, 1852: Jose Forni, the first legal hanging in California, 1895: A quintuple lynching in Greenville, Alabama, 1837: The slave Julius, property of John and Rebecca Matthews, 1900: Bill Brown, Sonnie Crain and John Watson, 1948: Thomas Henry McGonigle, murder without a body, 2019: Nine for assassinating Hisham Barakat, 1592: Thomas Pormort, prey of Richard Topcliffe, 1942: Max Hertz, chronicled by Oskar Rosenfeld, 1961: About fifteen anti-Lumumbists, in Stanleyville, 1645: Conor Macguire, Lord Baron of Enniskillen, 1677: Five witches at the Gallowgreen of Paisley, 1570: Hegumen Kornily of the Pskov-Pechery Monastery, 1258: Al-Musta'sim, the last Abbasid Caliph, 1939: Georgy Nikolayevich Kosenko (aka Kislov), NKVD spy, 1952: Lloyd Edison Sampsell, the Yacht Bandit.


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