saimdang, memoir of colors season 1 episode 1
FB.init({ And the painting was under a mirror cabinet that reflects sunlight... That bad? But, we can’t talk about this episode without discussing Lee Young-ae. As if on cue, her husband returns home, so she immediately prepares a healthy drink for him before proceeding to tell him about the new painting. Oh gosh Han Suk-kyu and Lee Young-ae together would be glorious sageuk pairing. But, let me tell you, Korea is very much under China influence since Tang Dynasty. The cinematography reminds me sometimes of older movies. Hwarang is so much better as an entertainment value. He doesn’t say anything to her inquiry, but when she leaves, a troubled expression appears on his face. I guess maybe her notable achievements were not as well documented as the fact that she was a nice lady? I really want to see her to get revenge on that professor guy though, what a jerkface. you may not respect the person discussed, but please refrain from referring their children as piglets. (3) The objective of LYA attending the conference in Italy and the intricacy of how she obtains the manuscripts were completely out of logic. Whoa, pretty generous. Again, I re-iterate,LYA's acting did not see major breakthrough. Well, if the story went back to Tang Dynasty in 6th century, I can perhaps understand that he would have picked up the portrait painting techniques from Wu DaoZhi or Chou Fan. The so-called Bologna part was filmed mostly in Florence - when they are on that terrace you can see the Duomo/Cathedral of Florence and Palazzo Vecchio in the distance (and the terrace is probably the rooftop of one of the posh-est hotels in town). But, in Korea, An Gyeom is considered as a painting saint, comparable to China Wu Daozhi...Hahaha..... Now the story said Saimdang is getting very infatuated with An Gyeom's dream journey to the peach blossom land painting. Oh well, I don't have time for a 30 eps drama right now but I'll try it later. At that moment, her husband calls to meet, so she runs out to meet him at a train station. In the world of art it's not uncommon for a teaching master to take credit for the works of their unknown students. I got mini jolts whenever I heard her voice because it's so... regal, I guess. She maintains that Professor Min and her have a misunderstanding of some kind, and that she has prepared some documents to support her story. Maybe most of times i was more captivated with LYA in hanbok, i dont know. Ji-yoon arrives home and greets her elders, as her mother-in-law praises her recent and near-guaranteed position as a professor. So if that's what this drama is set out to picture, I'm all for it. Instead of going ahead with airing it in Korea only, SBA put off even the Korean airing date by a few months while continuing to promote it heavily. Well, I watched the first scene, and sighed....he's overacting again. i liked the first episode well enough. This one feels so outdated with the makjang, the villain, the cliche, etc. The other good thing about the fast pacing is that I feel like we got a good grip on the main players in the present timeline. At least, don't shout with us. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Let's do it!!! Late into the night, a maid knocks on a door with a tray of food in hand, and calls out for “Mister Lee” to take his dinner. Outside, Sang-hyun sits with the rest of the protestors, and when he sees her, he runs over to speak with her. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage.


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