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August 30, 2018 The Forest Service announces its intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for an Alaska-specific Roadless Rule.

Alaskans on both sides of the issue reacted strongly Friday to the news protections on the Tongass National Forest known as the Roadless Rule are likely to be lifted in as little as 30 days. Fewer passengers will be allowed in busses and vans.

Follow him on Twitter at @SegallJnuEmpire. Federal timber was sold to local processors at below-market prices. January 19, 2018 The Alaska Department of Natural Resources petitions Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue to exempt the Tongass from the Roadless Rule. 2003). © 2020 Anchorage Daily News. Gov.
Mike Dunleavy urged President Donald Trump to grant a full repeal.

Thus, the Tongass is excluded from roadless protections. Bill Walker’s administration petitioned for the Roadless Rule to be rolled back in 2018. This year, SCS will host another town hall (via Zoom) to discuss recently a released Roadless Rule … The USDA has to wait 30 days before it can issue its final decision. The court reinstates the application of the Roadless Rule to the Tongass. That would start a 30-day waiting period before the USDA can issue a final decision on the Roadless Rule for the Tongass National Forest. 08-8061 (10th Cir. Southeast Conference Executive Director Robert Venables, another longtime proponent of lifting the rule, said in an email Friday the announcement allowed for more flexibility in the Southeast economy. May 10, 2001 A judge for the Idaho US District Court blocks implementation of the Roadless Rule. Speakers and attendees there, including the state’s congressional delegation, promoted the expansion of responsible resource development as a potential economic driver for the region. Even before the statement was released, environmental groups condemned the U.S. Forest Service’s recommendation to exempt the forest from the rule that bans road construction and timber harvesting on millions of acres of public lands. The USDA Forest Service plans to finalize an Alaska roadless rule by June 2020. “They completely ignored the comments they asked for at the beginning,” Jackson said, pointing to out that 96% of the public comments received by the Forest Service favored leaving the rule in place. The memo is extended in 2010 and 2011.

sign in or Organized Village of Kake v. USDA, No. October 24, 2018 Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen delegates the authority to designate roadless areas to regional foresters, breaking with Forest Service custom.


Southeast Alaska Conservation Council v. USFS, No. “We thank Agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue and his team for conducting a thorough evaluation and proposing a reasonable accommodation for Alaska, and we look forward to release of the Final Alaska Roadless Rule,” Dunleavy said Friday in a statement. Groups decry Roadless Rule rollback for the Tongass, Tribal leaders share Roadless Rule frustrations, Public gets heated over Roadless Rule alternatives, City offers free flu shots to bolster public health, Risk level means new limits for city buses, It’s official: City certifies its by-mail election results, State library, archives and museum temporarily closes, State accepts bids for 2 fast ferries that faced struggles, Artist hikes nation’s oldest long-distance trail, painting along the way, DOT presents 5 options for Fred Meyer intersection, Military leaders: Partnerships are key as Alaska’s strategic importance grows, Ex-child actor, now cryptocurrency billionaire wants to be president, Earthquake prompts tsunami fears, fleeing.
The final environmental impact statement is expected to be released Friday. 1:19-cv-00006-SLG (D. Alaska). While easing regulations on the Tongass has long been supported by some who say it would boost resource development, the forest’s unique ecosystem plays a crucial role for other industries in Southeast such as fishing and tourism, conservationists say, as well as providing a critical resource in the fight against climate change. For example, the Tongass National Forest acts as massive carbon sink, storing eight percent of the total carbon stored by all forests in the lower forty-eight. March 25, 2013 The DC District Court denies Alaska’s challenge to the Roadless Rule, holding that the statute of limitations (the time in which challengers must file a lawsuit) has run out.

Cambridge, MA 02138. Sept. 20, 2006). He said tribal governments weren’t treated as equal sovereign governments in their discussions with USDA and the Forest Service. Approximately 1% supported a full exemption. The nonpartisan group Taxpayers for Common Sense issued a statement against lifting the Roadless Rule, calling it an “unjustified giveaway to the timber industry at the taxpayers’ expense.”, TCS was also critical of the Forest Service’s cost-benefit analysis, saying “the analysis neglected to include several costs like increased losses from timber sales and increased road costs. June 10, 2003 The government and parties settle Alaska v. USDA. This photo shows the entrance to the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area, part of the Tongass National Forest on Friday.

In an email, Clark said full exemption would not lead to widescale timber harvest, as some environmental groups have claimed. Click here for the list of rules we are following. Lifting the roadless rule would assure road access to minerals by companies that can meet rigorous national environmental standards, he wrote. Under the proposed system, governors can petition the Forest Service to establish management requirements for roadless areas within their states. Barring reversal of what appears to be the president’s personal decision, roadless protections on the Tongass are poised to disappear. The Ketchikan mill was the direct result of federal subsidies. Proponents say exempting the Tongass would allow for more mining, communications and renewable energy projects on federal land. A healthy Tongass is essential for Alaska Native communities that rely on hunting, fishing, and foraging, now more so than ever due to limited ferry service and the pandemic, the statement said. Governor Dunleavy Applauds Forest Service on Roadless Rule milestone. June 21, 2006 The Agriculture Secretary approves the first three state roadless area petitions.

“It’s clear the State of Alaska, the old-growth clear-cut logging industry, and others want a return to the days of reckless logging that sacrifices our fish, wildlife and forests without regard for the costs to Southeast Alaska’s fishing and tourism economy,” said Austin Williams, Alaska Director of Law and Policy for Trout Unlimited in a statement. The U.S. Forest Service is proposing to exempt the country’s largest national forest from a ban on timber harvests and road building in roadless areas, a move conservation groups denounced Thursday. Alaskans dependent on these sectors see lifting the rule as a threat. (Ed Schoenfeld/ CoastAlaska) On Thursday, the U.S. Department of … Sept. 20, 2006 The US District Court for the Northern District of California invalidates the May 2005 repeal of the Roadless Rule and the promulgation of the state petition rule. It says most projects are approved within a month of submission to the chief of the Service. “(Full exemption) is what they were pushing. The rule protects around 58.5 million acres of roadless areas in National Forest System lands from road construction and timber harvest. I don’t have too much faith in the process anymore.”.


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