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He had clad himself in darkness in order to wield it, and had even changed in appearance. 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A boy who was born and raised on a small group of islands. Sora discovered that Riku had fought Roxas, Sora's Nobody, and had reunited him with Sora, which had helped him regain his memories. Kairi realized it was him, and when they had reunited with Sora, she showed Sora Riku's identity. General Spoiler Warning: This post will dive into the events leading up to Kingdom Hearts 3 so beware of spoilers for all previous games. Always excelling at everything, Riku sort of became the leader of the kids at the Destiny Islands. Islander. He is very competitive with Sora and others but ultimately cares for his friends. The subreddit for Kingdom Hearts news, discussion, and more. Riku remains in his Ansem form until the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, where he is vindicated from this form and with Sora's help. The cost however was having both Riku and King Mickey stuck in the Dark Realm after closing the door. Riku was actually the rightful master of the Keyblade, but once he chose darkness over light, the weapon chose Sora instead. In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Riku takes the Mark of Mastery exam with Sora and passes. As you've pointed out, Sora was 14 in KH1 and we know that KH1 takes place ten years before KH1, so Sora is already 16 by the time DDD takes place, and will be 16 in KH3. KH RE:COM/KH DAYS = 14 1/2 years old. In Kingdom Hearts II, Riku had a subtle role. © 1999-2020 Neo Era Media Inc. All rights reserved. So could assume that Sora and Kiari are at least 16, maybe 17? The scene from Blank Points hints at this, and DDD specifically states BbS happened more than a dozen years ago. There he was found and manipulated by the sorceress Maleficent, who made him believe that Sora replaced him and Kairi with new friends Donald and Goofy. Organization XIII also sought to use him. Link to post Share on other sites. After Sora saved Kairi, he went on to defeat Ansem. In Kingdom Hearts, he convinced Sora and Kairi to build a raft with him and travel to other worlds. Riku and King Mickey are on a mission in the game to save Aqua. Riku deeply cares for his friend Sora, and believes the strength he needs to protect people awaits him somewhere in the wider world. Ansem still remained infused with his heart, and Riku had to battle him again and again as he went up. Always excelling at everything, Riku sort of became the leader of the kids at the Destiny Islands. Riku seeks a way out of the Dark Realm and eventually ends up in the bottom floor of Castle Oblivion. But when the real Ansem's Kingdom Hearts Encoder exploded, Riku returned to his old form. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory announced for... Re:Mind Release Date Confirmed January 23rd. When Kairi lost her heart, Riku allied himself with Maleficent to save her. From what I recall, the ps2 manual for KH1 listed Sora and Kiari as 14, and Riku as 15. Riku had also acquired his own Keyblade, and with it, he helped Sora defeat the leader of Organization XIII. I just recently watched Blank Points from BBS, and there Ansem says that it's been at least a year, maybe more since he met Sora. In Kingdom Hearts 1, Riku opened the keyhole to Destiny Island and allowed the Heartless to invade and destroy his home. Yes. They made a copy of him, which they used to trick Sora who was also in Castle Oblivion at that time. According to the Memorial Ultimania, Sora is still 15 during DDD. KH 0.2 Kairi KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 (2017) Childhood friend of Riku and Sora, and one of the Seven Princesses. In order to do this, Riku had to immerse himself in the power of darkness, which gave him the physical appearance of Ansem and removed his youthful look. But Riku was so desperate to leave their small, stifling home that he succumbed to the darkness. This is one of the most recent games and leads directly into Kingdom Hearts 3. Along with his friends Sora and Kairi, Riku dreamed of one day leaving the island and exploring other worlds. He hated the monotony of island life and built a raft with Sora and Kairi to explore the outside world. I think they're at that age until further notice. King Mickey and Riku set off on a journey to save Aqua from the Realm of Darkness, with the mission likely to occur in Kingdom Hearts 3. While doing what he could to help, he wanted to avoid being seen by Sora. A self-confident youth always competing with Sora. Riku dreamt of seeing other worlds, and so he forsook the islands—only to be seduced by the power of darkness. An explosion Ansem the Wise's machine purifies Riku's heart and restores him to his original form. He decides to watch over his friend for the time being until Sora reawakens. KH1 = 14 years old. Also, bonus points if you could estimate the ages of Axel/Lea, Terra, Aqua, and Ven. Riku reconciled his differences with Sora that had arisen a year earlier, and they opened the Door to Light, which returned them to their home world, where Kairi had been waiting again, thus concluding his journey. Sora's best friend. Riku has spent most of his life living on the Destiny Islands, a secluded island that he and the others living on it could never leave. The raft was finished, but the night before they were to set sail, the storm of darkness struck, and Heartless took the world into darkness. The events of KH1 lasted for about a month, just given the fact that the self-stabbing of Sora's heart to the unknown boss fight was seperated, by 6 days, as confirmed by KH days. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories, Riku somehow broke out of the Realm of Darkness, and ended up on the lowermost basement floor of Castle Oblivion. He remains that age for the next few games including Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS. KHRE:Coded/KHDDD = 15 3/4 years old (he literally had no break whatsoever) In KH3, I'm expecting him to be 16 years old. Riku joined forces with Maleficent in order to help him find out where Kairi was located. He is one of the only Keyblade Masters and will likely play a large role in Kingdom Hearts 3, After being freed from his control, Riku helped Sora and King Mickey close the Door to Darkness at the end of Kingdom Hearts 1. He is one of the only Keyblade Masters and will likely play a large role in Kingdom Hearts 3, potentially as a playable character. After that final battle, Riku and Sora ended up in the Realm of Darkness once more, on a silent beach. Nomura confirmed they are a year older by the time KH3 takes place. Characters in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Riku seems to have vanished along with the Destiny Islands. He learns that Sora is in a deep sleep state and will awaken in due time. And Riku is at least 17, maybe 18? The darkness brought him to Maleficent, who convinced him to use it, sensing Riku's great potential and power. Riku is a main character of the Kingdom Hearts series, a video game series developed by Square Enix. Riku learned to use the power of darkness, thinking it would help save Kairi. KH II Kairi [EX+] KINGDOM HEARTS II (2005) Thank you! Still, the dark wounds in Riku's heart have yet to mend. He is the calm, cool, and collected main character who fears nothing. Fortunately, he met Mickey. After viciously battling with Roxas, Riku uses the Darkness within him to win the fight and takes the form of Ansem once again, but this time in complete control. In which interview did Nomura state that they were still 15? Cookies help us deliver our Services. It is confirmed that Sora won't be the only playable character so it is possible that Riku will also be playable. The darkness eventually consumed him, but his strong heart kept him from being completely consumed by Ansem, who needed Riku's body and power. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the KingdomHearts community. Post discussion, fan-art, videos, questions, and more here! KH2 = 15 1/2 years old. Riku seeks out Roxas, Sora's Nobody, in order to reclaim Sora's memories to speed up the reawakening process. Personality: Riku is always the coolest one in the room. Eventually, he and Sora clashed. Throughout the series, Riku uses his a personal Keyblade named the Way to the Dawn. However, things are interrupted when Organization XIII tries to prevent Sora's reawakening through manipulating his memories. He was originally chosen to be a Keyblade wielder by Terra when he visited Destiny Islands during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. After returning back to Mysterious Tower after saving Sora, Riku brings his friend Kairi to Master Yen Sid in hopes of her being able to help in the coming battle against Master Xehanort. Sora and Kairi are 18; Riku is 19 and everyone else's age rises proportionately to theirs. Press J to jump to the feed. Lol shouldn't Ven be like 100+ with KhUx? chuksxy 21 chuksxy 21 Member; 21 39 posts; Posted June 12, 2014. Nomura confirmed they are a year older by the time KH3 takes place. We have ballparks for both (KH1 + KH2 + the gap between KH2 and 3D must be close to a year, for BBS to be "more than a dozen years ago," for instance, so we'd logically be coming up on birthdays; Nomura spitballed some ages for the Wayfinders recently; KH2 probably ends somewhere in winter, and Sora's birthday's in March), but it doesn't seem to really want a concrete timeline.


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