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In the finale of season 12, the Reds and Blues acknowledge his true identity as the leader of the corporation financing the Chorus Civil War. After Flowers' death, Tucker, who had been wearing regulation blue armor, claims his captain's armor for himself. He was shown to be rather blunt expechally when confronted by Caboose in Blood Gulch and never seems to be too concerned with the situations he is presented with. Here he accepts Tex's proposal of infiltrating Omega's base. Two running gags about Tucker had him complaining he never gets to use the Sniper Rifle – though in Season 5, Tucker turns out to shoot well with it – and his armor getting coated with "black stuff" whenever he goes through a teleporter. They become held up in the group's endless firefights, but eventually escape with Simmons' help. Private Leonard L. Church (Burns) is the de facto leader of the Blood Gulch Blue Team. Huggins is a sentient Light Being that appeared in season 16. He begins to shoot at the Blues under the command of Wyoming, but Tucker quickly plugs a cable from the ship housing Sheila into the tank. When the Reds and Blues try to stop Loco's machine, Buckey goes into a one-on-one battle with Tucker which end with Tucker knocking Buckey unconscious and recovering his sword. Vic behaves like an annoying, ineffective technical support guy, constantly calling people "dude" and often offering obtuse and unhelpful advice and biting insults. After his friend Biff (Mac Blake), a Grif equivalent, was accidentally killed during a capture the flag game featuring Carolina and Tex, he swore revenge upon the UNSC and Project Freelancer. He throws a tomahawk at him, knocking him off. He first appears in Season 9, Chapter 13, walking down a highway with other Insurrectionist leaders. In Episode 99, he talks to Vic Jr. where they discuss their plans concerning Junior. Eta and Iota, the Alpha's fear and happiness, were two artificial intelligences implanted in Agent Carolina. As summed up by Burnie Burns, "everyone in the game is constantly trying to hammer-smash Grif and even if he scores, he explodes. In the former, while he refuses to join the quest that leads the Reds and Blues out of their retirement moon, Grif goes insane from loneliness and guilt, eventually being brought by Locus to save his friends from the Blues and Reds. The Insurrectionist Sleeveless Soldier is a soldier that prefers to use brute strength over weapons. The Counselor appears in the flashback portions of Season 9 and Season 10 where he frequently advises against some of the Director's more erratic actions, but is usually ignored, the Director even going so far as saying "Shut up Counselor". The enhancement lands beside the group and activates. At the end of Episode 97 Gary occupies the tank which previously housed Sheila's AI. After constantly being called Sheila, she begins to respond to that name as well. When he is about to be killed by Andy (ε), he reveals that he respects none of his teammates. Burnie Burns notes that Vic was portrayed as over-the-top annoying from Episode 20 so the character would be memorable to viewers. In Prologue (the first episode of Season 13), it is revealed the Counselor is being held on the UNSC prison ship Tartarus in transit for transport to an unknown facility. [1], Captain Richard "Dick" Simmons (Gus Sorola), upon his introduction, is the second-in-command of the Red Team, being an attentive and sycophantic follower to Sarge. His catchphrase is, "Yeah! flees the temple with Epsilon-Church while the Reds, Blues, and the Aliens give chase. Copyright Notice: When Washington and the others arrive, they find South under heavy fire from The Meta, using her energy shield enhancement to protect herself. Through psychological torture, the Alpha tried to keep his sanity by breaking off parts of his personality, that become the AI fragments. In anger, Carolina follows Tex using her Super Speed leaving the rest to fend for themselves. He referred to as "The Meta" by Agent Washington and the Counselor, in reference to a cryptic message scratched into a wall of Outpost 17-B's Red base. When Church and Carolina confront him, he is seen viewing Alison's last video on repeat. The Director is shown to be a very strict and unforgiving commander, who is quick to punish failure and deliberately seeds rivalry among the Freelancers. In The Shisno Paradox Carolina leaves for Chorus to check on the recovery of the hospitalized Washington, but without revealing him about his brain damage. She then attempts to abandon Delta and her enhancement so she can escape. Before Sarge was about to order her to attack Freckles she threatened the Reds as she had a hardware malfunction believing that there are 16 hostile in the canyon and was about to attack the Reds but shuts down due to Sarge converting her fuel tank to diesel resulting in her running out of power. In the planet, they find a base with equally stranded troops from Charon Industries, Sherry (Kat Ramzinski), Darryl (Aaron Alexander) and Terrill (Bill Wise) - a riff off of Newhart - and Ohio eventually decides to start a grudge which would basically become a stalemate reminiscent of how Red vs. Blue started ("the only reason we need to be here is because they have a base over there, and the only reason they need a base is because we're here"). In the finale of Revelation, Doc helps treat Washington after the battle, and manages to escape with the Red and Blue teams. He later appears in Season 10, Chapter 7, using a seagull as target practice. However, it is revealed in Reconstruction that Sheila survived the explosion and is still present within the crashed ship. When the Freelancers attack, C.T. When they infiltrate the base to pursue the Leader and C.T., the Leader realizes he is being followed and throws a tomahawk, scoring a direct hit on Flowers and knocking him to the ground. It was revealed that he met Carolina at a club, where she takes his lighter from him. Eventually, Tex mortally wounds C.T., but the Leader manages to escape with C.T. In the flashbacks of Season 9 and 10, Washington is shown to be a naive and neurotic rookie, much like the Reds and Blues. The Insurrection Flame Soldier, now known as Sharkface due to the tattoos of his old Insurrection personality and the left side of his face being covered by scar tissue, explains to the Counselor that they left him for dead, dropped a building on him, and killed all his friends. However, one of the soldiers fires at the shield and the bullet bounces off and kills him. Sarge is the stern and regimented leader of the Red Team who speaks with both a pirate accent and a cockney accent. He is named after an eponymous suit of armor, and has a cloaking device that allows him to become invisible. The profile also states he is the only person in history to enlist in an army as a 'conscientious objector'. These AIs were destroyed by an EMP at the end of Reconstruction. Caboose guns her down to stop her from escaping. In Season 9, the origin of his eye wound is revealed. This implies his death. There O'Malley found Doc and possessed him, and the personality clashes – the aggressive megalomaniac AI against the meek apologetic host – lead to frequent arguments between O'Malley and Doc. Morgan is one of the smarter members of the group as he preferred to think things over and plan things out as opposed to rushing in. He is also seen during a flashback in Recreation debriefing Donut after his transfer from Blood Gulch. Cast and Crew - Red vs Blue. He is haunted by memories of Allison, a woman he loved who died many years ago, and that he inadvertently implanted his memories of her into another AI, Beta, which became Tex. The Alien takes off in the ship, but he is almost immediately shot down and killed by Wyoming. Kimball and Doyle both order their troops to stand down. O'Malley is sadistically evil and aggressive, and was originally intended as a parody of over-the-top, megalomaniacal supervillains. In her investigation that starts on Blood Gulch, where Dylan removes VIC from his mainframe promising to delete him after he helped her, Dylan meets the Reds and Blues, helps them find the true perpetrators, the Blues and Reds, and is apprehended by Loco and Temple once she finds out they have ulterior motives. In Season 12's finale, F.I.L.S.S. Season 9 has featured North as an active operative under Project Freelancer, carrying out a mission with his sister South, during which they frequently employ a tag-team style of combat, perfectly in sync with each other. This interaction strongly implies that Allison is indeed Carolina's mother, and—as implied by her green eyes and the Director's last words to her, "You were my greatest creation"—that Leonard Church is her father. In Episode 100, Tex begins broadcasting on an open channel to lure O'Malley. When Doc discovered that no one noticed his disappearance, an angry split personality based on O'Malley emerged and violently beat Tucker, until Dr. Grey knocked him out.


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