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The failure of Secret bars was … Popular when Thatcher was PM, shoulder pads were empowering and mobile phones were the size of … Secret was a chocolate bar that was manufactured by Rowntree Mackintosh during the 1980s and the 1990s that was popular in the UK.It consisted of a bird's nest-styled chocolate coating with a creamy … ... Rowntree's Secret. Secret bars were developed and made in the Nestle factory in Norwich (originally Caleys, then Mackintosh's, then Rowntree-Mackintosh, and finally Nestle-Rowntree). It consisted of a creamy mousse centre wrapped in chocolate with a distinctive gold coloured … Discontinued chocolate bars: Rowntree's Secret 13) Caramac Kit Kat. 10 of the best discontinued chocolate bars that we are craving hard. A fusion of two very different chocolate bars. The classic four-finger Kit Kat wafer, smothered in a buttery caramel coating … It’s no secret that many of us were massive fans of Rowntree’s Secret bar, that was sadly discontinued in the 90s. Chocs away (Picture: Cadbury, Frys, Rowntrees) Earlier this year Cadbury announced they would bring back the Dairy Milk Tiffin for good, having previously discontinued the chocolate bar in …


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