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Toro shows no qualms against killing, going as far as wiping out protesters and burning down villages because of an order. El Rey was once a benevolent and honorable ruler until his mind was taken over by his magical crown. Evil Organization Nomad of Nowhere Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Governors He is one of El Rey's governors and the leader of the Killosseum. The Governor of the North appears short in stature with a cowboy hat and a large bag or backpack. Capital He proceeded to burn dozens of villages to the ground and claim all of the lands in the west, setting up his capital: the Killosseum. At the same time, Skout, who is also looking to run from her problems, also boards the train. Nomad of Nowhere is a 2D Western-Fantasy animated web series from Rooster Teeth, created by Georden Whitman and directed by Jordan Cwierz, the latter of whom took on the role of showrunner following Witman's departure from the studio.The show premiered in March 2018, with the first season ending in September that same year. Toro | Governor of the East | Governor of the South | Governor of the North, Dandy Lions Around this time, El Rey assembled three more of the remaining magic users in the land. Toth | Red Manuel | Jethro | Santi | Null, The Twindleweed Brothers Traveling Circus Toro is bloodthirsty and violent, and will only occupy his time with activities that will yield high body counts or are commanded by El Rey. Goals Occupation Nomad of Nowhere While he does show interest in capturing the Nomad, it does not concern him enough to seek him personally or even talk about the Nomad with interest; instead sending an entourage of soldiers and a hand picked champion in his place. Toth | Red Manuel | Jethro | Santi | Null, The Twindleweed Brothers Traveling Circus Origin DestructionGenocideTyrannyConspiracyOppression Toro is Spanish for "bull" and is derived from the word Taurus, the constellation and star sign of the bull. Full Name His hands are wrapped in cloth similar to boxers or MMA fighters. StrengthSpeedLeadership He is one of El Rey's governors and the leader of the Killosseum. Powers/Skills MagicLeadershipKnivesGuns This led to him becoming a tyrannical, violent, and cruel monarch that ruled over Nowhere with an iron fist. Killing.Gloating about his strength. Toro's attire and home, the Killosseum, are nods to ancient Rome and its Colosseum. He lacks any care for those beneath him as he has shown to belittle Don Paragon, and threatened to beat him to death should the Don be hiding the Nomad for selfish reasons. Alias Foundation He was then appointed by El Rey as one of the four governors of Nowhere. Since then the show has been on hiatus. The show, which was created by Georden Whitman, is a western-fantasy hybrid focused on a mute wanderer hunted for being capable of using magic to give life to inanimate objects. He gloats about his leadership position, but remains loyal and willingly subservient to the man who gave him his new form. Toro became the governor of the west, and the other three went to claim the lands to the north, south, and east, with him stationing his kingdom in the center of Nowhere, thus creating the brutal monarchy of Nowhere. Figuring it'd get him away from those hunting him, he decides to sneak aboard. He is first mentioned in "Eagle Canyon" before making his debut appearance in "End of the Line." Once a normal human, he was transformed into a minotaur by El Rey when he was appointed as governor. Origin I'd come myself, but I don't get out of bed for a body count less than thirty these days. He is very narcissistic, constantly flexing his muscles and bragging about his rank and size. During El Rey's conquest Governors of Nowhere He appears to view strength and size to be the only legitimate means to acquire power, wondering why a scrawny man such as Don Paragon remains in power. Headquarters Nomad of Nowhere is an American 2D animated series released on the website of Rooster Teeth on March 16, 2018. The Governors of Nowhere are major antagonists from the Rooster Teeth animated web series Nomad of Nowhere. ToroThe Governor of the NorthThe Governor of the SouthThe Governor of the East ConspiracyMass murderTyrannyDestructionAbuse They are a council of rulers formed by El Rey, and each command four different territories in Nowhere. He then sent Toro out to commit mass slaughter against the citizens of Nowhere, killing all who dared to oppose him. When Toth tells them she will bring the Nomad to justice, the passengers tell her that the Nomad saved them from bandits and Toro's Champion, who really crashed the train. He was the first one to be appointed, and served under El Rey while he was still a human. Powers/Skills Don Paragon | Ranch Hand | The Undertaker | Champion | Near-Sighted Bandits | Big Jib. Toro destroyed villages ad castles to make way for his newest creation, the Killosseum, and claimed all the lands in the west. They are a council of rulers formed by El Rey, and each command four different territories in Nowhere. Based on his history and attire, he prefers hand-to-hand combat instead of using weapons while utilizing his horns offensively in charging. Arena Master, Governor ToroGovernor of the WestThe Minotaur. The territories throughout Nowhere, with El Rey's capitol in the center. Toro appearing to Don Paragon using smoke magic. Oppressors Toth wakes up and limps away, only to notice Don Paragon being confronted by El Rey through a murder of crows. The Governor of the East is an enigmatic figure. Toro is a major antagonist of the Rooster Teeth animated web series Nomad of Nowhere. Nomad of Nowhere Don Paragon | Ranch Hand | The Undertaker | Champion | Near-Sighted Bandits | Big Jib. His skin is grey and a breast plate bearing his symbol, the capital letter T with two horns, covers his chest while his abdomen has the snake eye symbol representing El Rey. Nomad of Nowhere Episode 6 - El Rey Rooster Teeth. They swore allegiance to him, and he appointed them as his governors. Toro is the governor of Western Nowhere and the one who runs the Killosseum. One day, when the people protested and rioted against their evil ruler, El Rey used the magic from his crown to transform Toro into a minotaur. They appear to wear a long trench coat, wide-brimmed hat, goggles, and wield duel handguns. The GovernorsEl Rey's GovernorsRulers of Nowhere Toro was sent out by El Rey to slaughter the protesting citizens of Nowhere. Commanders The Governors of Nowhere are major antagonists from the Rooster Teeth animated web series Nomad of Nowhere. Before he was a minotaur, Toro was a human and a loyal soldier and warrior under El Rey, serving as an enforcer and guard for the corrupt king. They are always shown with a moon insignia behind them, which is also on their emblem. Toro's head and horns are based on the Texas longhorn, which is a breed of cattle that was common in the Wild West period of American history due to their strength and stamina used by cattle ranchers, the state mammal of Texas, and symbolic to the Western genre. Nomad of Nowhere Episode 6 - El Rey Rooster Teeth, Nomad of Nowhere Episode 7 - Eagle Canyon Rooster Teeth. In the flashback in episode El Ray, Toro began a regular, albeit large and muscular human male. Type of Villain Meanwhile, Toth comes across Toro's Champion, hot on the Nomad's trail. Goals Toro was first seen in a flashback in the episode El Ray, where El Ray turned him into the Minotaur that he is, along with turning the other three Governors to powers they now have. Governors Toro building the Killosseum amongst the villages he burned to the ground. She wields throwing knives and carries playing cards, and seems to be surrounded in strange magic flames or lights. Unknown When the people rose up to protest and riot against their corrupt king, El Rey transformed one of his guards into the minotaur Toro. Alias Full Name Serve El Rey.Capture or kill the Nomad. Bailey Twindleweed | Twindleweed's Phenomenal Four (Killjoy the Clown | Bertha | Lazarus | Trixie), Other He is voiced by Sungwon Cho, who also voices Atlus Arcadium Rex in Red vs. Blue. In "Eagle Canyon", Toro uses magic to create an image of himself and pay a surprise visit to Don Paragon, where he questions him regarding Don's knowledge of the Nomad and mocks him for his low level of leadership in Nowhere. Serve El Rey.Capture/kill the Nomad. After El Rey's magical tampering, Toro turned into a large, extremely muscular minotaur. ToroGovernor ToroGovernor of the WestThe Minotaur He loves fighting and killing, and supports it all from his colosseum.


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