nervous conditions sparknotes
He wants to throw them a wedding. Under Mr. Matimba's advice, Tambu gives the money to the school headmaster to keep safe, so that she can use it to pay her school fees for the next few years. As the semester progresses, Tambu throws herself into her studies intently. She threatens to take her sister and leave immediately. "Nervous Conditions Summary". It tells the story of a Rhodesian family facing issues of race, gender, and colonialism in post-colonial Rhodesia in the 1960s. Unfair domination. The Question and Answer section for Nervous Conditions is a great Tambu spends a few weeks at home, where Mainini insists that the "Englishness" is going to kill them all. (including. and in-depth analyses of At Sunday school, Tambu discovered that Nhamo was the one stealing them and attacked him. Babamukuru and his wife, Maiguru, moved to England with their children, Nyasha and Chido, for five years. The psychiatrist insists that Africans don't suffer like this, but another psychiatrist checks Nyasha into a clinic. Jeremiah suggests they hire a medium to cleanse the family of its evils, but Babamukuru says the true problem is that Jeremiah and Mainini aren't married and are living in sin. Nyasha believes Maiguru took it. When Babamukuru goes back to the mission with Maiguru and Nyasha, he leaves Tambu at the homestead to help with all the work. A teacher, Mr. Matimba, broke up the fight, listened to Tambu's story, and offered to help her sell her corn in Umtali. When she finally comes in, the two fight furiously: Babamukuru accuses Nyasha of being a whore and beats her. She stops eating again, so Tambu has lunch alone with her aunt. Tambu feels sorry for Maiguru, but can't believe her situation is too bad since she's married to Babamukuru. The morning of the wedding, Tambu too depressed to get out of bed and tells her uncle that she is sorry, but she does not want to go to the wedding. The rebellious Nyasha, however, fights constantly with her parents. Nyasha discourages Tambu from going on the grounds that the nuns would assimilate Tambu into their culture. Joyce, Meghan. They clearly resent that she is leaving them to go to a "white" convent school. : Getting to the core of the anti-colonial struggle and the relationship between African men and women, Two Tambus: The Fundamental Narrative Structure of Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions, Limitations on a Female African in Nervous Conditions, Spatial Arrangements and Narrative Conventions in Gordimer and Dangarembga, The Early Effects of Colonialism on Tambu's Gender Roles and Oppression, View the lesson plan for Nervous Conditions…, View Wikipedia Entries for Nervous Conditions…. Though Tambu's relatives laugh about the wedding, she panics when she thinks about it. Babamukuru reacts by telling her to go wherever she wants. On the day of the wedding, Tambu has an out-of-body experience and refuses to attend. Nyasha is rude and brushes off Maiguru's requests to greet Tambu formally, which shocks Tambu. Since Maiguru has refused this year to "spend another Christmas catering for a family of two dozen," Babamukuru must drive back and forth between the mission and the homestead for weeks, only sometimes bringing Nyasha and Maiguru with him. She also notices how obstinate Nyasha can be and comments how ungrateful she seems toward her parents, who have given her every opportunity. They administer a test that the students later discover was an entrance exam to the Catholic school. During the party, Babamukuru decides to take Nhamo to his mission school with him. Mr. Matimba, Tambu's teacher, advises her to sell the maize she grows in her garden to the Whites in town. Summary Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis. Babamukuru suggests that the family's misfortunes are the result of Jeremiah and Ma'Shingayi never being officially married and "living in sin." Nyasha, Tambu, and Chido have fun at the dance, and Nyasha's date follows them home. Two huge guard dogs bark at Tambu, scaring her, though the house girl Anna assures Tambu she's safe. Struggling with distance learning? Tambu begins to dislike Nhamo long before he dies in 1968. Babamukuru agrees with Nyasha, but Maiguru doesn't: she stands up to her husband and insists that Tambu go. They have tea, and Tambu is shocked by the amount of cookies and the hot tea. The narrator, a woman named Tambu, tells the reader that she wasn't sorry when her brother Nhamo died. Our study guide has summaries, insightful analyses, and everything else you need to understand Nervous Conditions. Continue your study of Nervous Conditions with these useful links. Mainini becomes ill with worry and only recovers after Lucia spends a few days visiting. She's very anxious about them and studies constantly. Because Tambu has been reading Nyasha's books and talking with Nyasha about different ideas, she has the skills to pass and earns a scholarship. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. When Babamukuru and his family return from England, Nhamo and Jeremiah take the trip to meet them at the airport while Tambu and her mother scramble to find the provisions for a feast. Get ready to write your essay on Nervous Conditions. After dinner, in a meeting of the family patriarchy, Babamukuru reveals that he is worried about Jeremiah's branch of the family, and insists that Nhamo come to live with him at the mission school so he can be more committed to his studies. Babamukuru is shocked to discover that Lucia and Takesure are on the property: Lucia is Mainini's wild younger sister and is pregnant with Takesure's baby. Babamukuru realizes they've left Nyasha alone. He decrees that they must have a wedding. Over Christmas, Babamukuru discusses the Catholic school with Jeremiah and decides that Tambu should go. Back in the bedroom, Tambu doesn't put on pajamas and tries to hide the fact that she doesn't know how to turn the light off.


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