nandivardhana father

[5], During his last years, Bhavadatta seems to have suffered reverses against the Vakatakas and the Chalukyas. He slew his father and came to the throne, but, in turn, he was slain by his son Nāgadāsaka (Mhv.iv.2ff. Puranas list Nandivardhana as the ninth Shishunaga king and his son Mahanandin as the tenth and the last Shishunaga king. He defeated Palaka of Avanti multiple times but was ultimately killed by him in 444 BC.

The inscription suggests that the king was a devotee of Maheshvara (Shiva) and Mahasena (Kartikeya). His father had built a fort here to repulse a potential Pradyota invasion from Avanti. About Ramanan. Puranas list Nandivardhana as the ninth Shishunaga king and his son Mahanandin as the tenth and the last Shishunaga king.

Ajaya will father a second Nandivardhana, whose son will be Mahānandi. It also records the construction of a Vishnu shrine by the king. 86; Viṣṇu-purāṇa IV. It names Arthapati as the king's aryaka, which is variously interpreted to mean "father" or "grandfather"; according to another interpretation, aryaka is an epithet of Bhavadatta. Six … The coins of the Sharabhapuriyas are similar to that of the Nalas, which suggests that the two dynasties were contemporaries.

Skip to the content. Construction of a Vishnu temple (Rajivalocahana temple), Arthapati-Bhattaraka (coins and inscriptions), Bhavadatta-varman (coins and inscriptions), This page was last edited on 14 August 2019, at 19:31. [3], The next known king of the dynasty is Bhavadatta, whose copper-plate inscription was found at Rithpur (also Rithapur or Ridhapur) in Amravati district, Maharashtra. According to one theory, this is a reference to the legendary king Nala of Nishadha Kingdom. The dynasty ruled parts of ancient India around the city of Pataliputra (present day Patna, Bihar). An Aihole inscription credits the Chalukya king Kirtivarman I with the destruction of the Nalas. [2],, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Grant of Keselaka (or Kesalaka) village to the. O best of the Kurus, these ten kings of the Śiśunāga dynasty will rule the earth for a total of 360 years during the Age of Kali. 16-17. context information However, there is no concrete proof for this interpretation. Sharabhapuriyas, their northern neighbours, also seem to have played a part in their downfall. Nandivardhana Anuruddha Munda .A king of Magadha, great grandson of Ajātasattu and son of Anuruddha. At one point, they seem to have conquered the Vakataka capital Nandivardhana in the Vidarbha region, but suffered reverses against the Vakatakas as well as the Chalukyas. 1b) The son of Arbhaka and father of Nandivardhana. [1] Mahanandin was killed by his illegitimate son from a Shudra wife named Mahapadma Nanda. Epigraphic and numismatic evidence indicates that the Sharabhapuriyas were the northern neighbours of the Nalas. Inscriptions of three kings mention them as members of the Nala family: Arthapati, Bhavadatta and Skandavarman. The Puranas mention Nandivardhana as the successor of Udayin.


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