moment macro lens review

De beeldkwaliteit is zo goed dat ik me afvraag of je het verschil zou zien met een spiegelreflexcamera.

Ondanks dat je er geduld en een vaste hand voor nodig hebt, is het een waar plezier om met de Moment Macro te fotograferen. Een lens aan- en afkoppelen is een kwestie van een halve slag draaien en hij zit muurvast en precies op de goede plek. Also, when I use the cone, it creates a diffuse light around the object I’m photographing, which makes it look nicer, I think. In deze blog lees je mijn review van de 10x macrolens van het Amerikaanse lenzenmerk Moment en waar je hem kunt kopen in Nederland en België. It would take another huge blog post to explain all of the great things the app has to offer. Across the street from one of my favorite restaurants (Bistro Les Amis) is a small park, with benches and a few concrete tables. Again, the New Macro Lens runs $89.99 – the rest of their lenses are all similarly priced, too. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. Moment Wide, Fisheye en Tele. After aligning, you gently insert the lens into the case, give it a half-turn in the clockwise direction, and it locks into place. If you attach the lens to the bottom lens (the 2x lens), and you select the 2x lens in the iPhone app, this is what you see: The Moment macro lens blocks the view. Maar er zijn grenzen. Here are a few cases that are perfectly suitable for these types of shots: (Remember, these are just examples.
Wat meteen opvalt is dat de scherpstelafstand heel klein is. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.
This 170-degree Superfish lens offers the widest field of view out of all Moment lenses. Okay, time to try this lens out in the real world. There’s a white line on the side of the lens that lines up with a notch on the phone case. This macro lens is a high quality lens, as you can see. Camera-Phone Photography – Moment’s Macro Lens: Unboxing and Review May 26, 2020 Arnold Plotnick When I decided to step up my iPhone photography game by purchasing Moment lenses, I was drawn to a deal that was offered on their website – their two-lens starter kit . Als je een redelijk recente Samsung Galaxy-, OnePlus- of Google Pixel-smartphone hebt (niet ouder dan een jaar of drie, vier), zit je goed. Just watch the YouTube video below and see what I mean. In deze ‘Clearance’-sectie vind je een kleine selectie aan hoezen, lenzen en tassen die zijn teruggestuurd en na een grondige inspectie weer beschikbaar komen voor de verkoop. Je smartphone wordt er ongelooflijk goed door beschermd en het aan- en afkoppelen van lenzen via de bajonetvatting werkt echt fantastisch. Textures: Show off the intricate stitchings of fabric or clothing. It’s great if you are looking to photograph inanimate objects that are not in water and don’t move. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … I gave you the rundown on Moment’s Pixel 2 Photo Case a few days ago, and I told you I’d be back soon with a full review of each of the two lenses I got with it. For those who aren’t, macro is a style of photography which produces photographs of small items in a “larger than life” size. Unfortunately the Amazon delivery person left it on the ground right next to my sign that says “please put packages in the deck box” so my dogs got it and destroyed the packaging so I can’t return it. Op alle Moment-telefoonlenzen zit een jaar garantie. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. Maar nu, enige tientallen jaren later, is het kwartje kennelijk toch gevallen… en loop ik zelf rond met een macrolens op mijn iPhone. I wanted to take shots of insects, but by the time you get that close, they’d hop off. Nee hè, niet wéér zo’n bloem! Also included is the thing that sold me on this lens: a cone that fits onto the lens. Door de korte scherpstelafstand raak je met die zonnekap al gauw de bloem aan die je wilt fotograferen. Moment’s macro lens is arguably the best-designed lens of the bunch. At $89.99, it's well worth the price to be able to experiment and create awesome photos. Different from traditional macro photography, this lens works less than an inch away from the subject to capture rich textures, materials, and living things that our phones were never before capable of seeing. I like how you can see the salt grains on the cashew and pecan. A standard case, priced at $29.99, is available in your choice of textured black finish or a wood grain walnut brown. Why not sign up for our newsletter and get updates delivered to your email? The build quality is fantastic and the images are sharp. You can certainly use any of the Moment lenses with your standard phone camera app without issue. Their pouches can also be used as a lens cloth. Ook de Moment macrolens zit stijlvol verpakt in een zwart doosje. Most of the time, I don’t think I’m going to need to take such ultra-macro photos, but it’s nice to know that I have that option. I do a lot of photography with my mobile. Good lighting is really important in macro photography. Yep, with the macro lens attached to the iPhone’s 2x lens, the image is twice as big, and it still retains excellent focus and detail. If you are looking for a Macro lens for your mobile, other products are far more useful. The other day, I was walking around taking photos here in New York City, in the Soho neighborhood. I bout this to photograph larval axolotls (Mexican water salamanders). Op jacht naar die ene fotogenieke bloem. Een klaproos of een Lelietje-van-dalen: het kon me werkelijk gestolen worden. Optical quality is quite good overall, and the bayonet mount system is secure and practical. Als je moeite hebt om je hand stil te houden, dan is een statief een heel goede oplossing.

De prijs van de Moment macrolens varieert per seizoen. If you're not a fan of a a tight field of view you can skip the telephoto option, and some photographers may feel that carrying both ultra-wide and fish-eye lenses is redundant.

I can’t wait to use it. I decided to take a break at one of these tables.


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