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Here are the best songs to play on Mother's Day: The 1960 song became an instant classic with the pop group offering up advice their 'mama said' to fans everywhere. These mom musicians wrote awesome songs for their kids. Will The Queen's Gambit Get a Second Season? Be sure to have the tissues in hand when you show this one to your mom. Play it on Mother's Day and let Nick, Kevin, Brian, AJ, and Howie deliver the message for you. Time to celebrate mothers and the songs that have celebrated them with a playlist of the best songs about moms for Mother’s Day. Our list includes songs by a range of artists, from Jason Mraz and Blake Shelton to Ashanti and Boyz II Men. ‘Mama’s Pearl’ still comes out sounding fairly wholesome, but this was the last J5 hit to have that lively kiddie sound; the mature ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ would soon follow. Whichever you pick, mom will be talking about this moment for months to come. Eccentric and lovable, YUNGBLUD comes off as the crazy best friend type that your mother secretly loves and adores. He apparently wrote it about his wife Sharon (at least she says so), but it struck a chord for mothers and sons everywhere. Craft the ultimate playlist for the woman who gave you life. Lauren Alaina perfectly explains the mother-daughter relationship in her song, "Like My Mother Does." Let us know in the comments section, below. As a new mother Beyoncé dedicated this song to her daughter, Blue Ivy, as a way to put her newfound love into words–the singer even included her baby girl in the music video and recorded her laugh in the mix for a personal touch. This “White Album” track was such an exquisite love song that many fans overlooked the fact that John Lennon was singing about his late mother. In this funky tune, she tells him to get home early, never take more than your share and, by the way, don’t do heroin. It was a classic bit of wisdom that was later borrowed by everyone from John Lennon (‘Nobody Told Me’) to Van Morrison (‘Days Like This’). As Merle Haggard pointed out in this signature song (also done memorably by the Grateful Dead three years later), you can have a saintly mother and still wind up in the slammer.

Let’s get the most dysfunctional Mother’s Day song out of the way first. It’s not uncommon for our music tastes to differ from those of our parents. Because you are not aware of it, Australian singer from the 70’s had the ultimate mothers day song called “Worlds Greatest Mum” You've purchased a gift, ordered the flowers, made a reservation, and picked out a card, yet your Mother's Day celebrations seem incomplete. If you consider your mom one of your best friends then Meghan Trainor's ode to her mother is the perfect hit to play on Mother's Day. But it comes back to the chorus of “Momma, she never told me a lie,” making that the highest praise you can give.

While the song is not explicitly about mothers, the band dedicated it to their moms as a thank you. Whitney Shoemaker - May 10, 2020 [Photos via YouTube] It’s not uncommon for our … Required fields are marked *. And in the other corner, Glenn Danzig, the corruptor of sons and daughters. If your mom leans more toward the likes of Radiohead, U2 and Pink Floyd, chances are she’s a strong contender for being an AVA fan. Moms are always hoping that their kids are hanging out with good, positive influences.

The lyrics from their song "A Song For Mama" will put your love and appreciation for your mom into words. This epic Norman Whitfield production devotes a whole side to singing the praises of a tough contemporary mom who fights all of society’s obstacles to do right by her kids. What better song to do that than Set It Off’s emotional “Unopened Windows”? Could this be the first hit song about agoraphobia? Supposedly inspired by the PMRC hearings, this metal classic allowed Danzig to riff on eternal generation-gap themes. It’s arguably the best performance of Diana Ross’ life, a timeless sentiment and one of the best basslines in music history. Lyrically it’s about a murderer who turns to mother for solace – call it ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ without the opera. But if your mother is at all funky, she’ll be able to relate to this gritty classic. When it comes to songs about moms, 70s soul delivers (sorry) the motherlode. This ballad is short but very sweet and, honestly, a tearjerker. Girl power at its finest. “, Moms secretly love a track that can give them a good cry. She's the woman who gave you life, on Mother's Day of all days, she deserves to be called your hero. While your mom isn’t likely to be right by your side while you attend a Slipknot concert or spend 10 hours at your favorite music festival, it’s safe to say there are a few tracks out there that she’s secretly rocking out to after you hop out of the car.

There's nothing quite like a classic 90's ballad. We highly recommend playing her Carrie Underwood's "Mama's Song" to let her know you'll always be her little girl–even as your start a family of your own.
Only James Brown could record a classic song about moms that doubles as a dance craze hit. During the song, the Godfather of Soul looks up from his dancing to note that there are lots of great mothers out there, but he prefers them tall and proud. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at

But Tupac couches all of this in a simple fact: A single mother on welfare doesn’t have many options. Mama doesn’t fare too well in this Jackson 5 classic since she always told her daughter to stay away from guys and these guys are telling her just the opposite. Then, have fun explaining that she’s the same person as “that orange-haired girl” from that music video you used to watch over and over again instead of doing your homework. ... Countless musicians have paid tribute to their moms with gorgeous, heartwarming and fun songs. So maybe this song is really about rising gas prices and the like, and the title is just a radio-friendly way of saying something else. She's been the one who guided you, picked you up when you fell, and watched in delight when you were able to fly– your mother is definitely the wind beneath your wings.


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