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Michael, are you surprised by what an iconic movie that became? I think it did help, having these stupidly white teeth that various billionaires do sport thinking it makes them look cool, when in fact it makes them look like dicks. It was like, no, they were shooting the other guy. STEVE: Yeah. I’d been visiting a couple of Greek islands to meet with Syrian refugees. I don’t spend much time thinking about that. And sort of exaggerate or give platform to those aspects of me that I think aren't very nice but are sort of more interesting. Steve plays a character called Sir Richard McCreadie He's a fictional retail fashion tycoon. And I kind of felt with the Syrian refugees it’s bit of the same. ⚡. But I do think, which I didn’t know until we started making the film, researching and that — I do think it’s a particularly good lens to look at the issue of inequality generally. And also talking about things beyond ourselves, you know, women. I think that there’s a certain streak of Puritanism that runs through American culture that we don’t have in the UK. Is there a risk of pissing people off? I saw the first cut I guess, I saw the cut at Toronto, which had some different titles at the end, I believe, than the one now. I think there was one person in the initial group they were like, ‘Whoa, well wait, that’s wrong,’ and so we had to change one person. A lot of the more regional accents in England tend to be when you’re from sort of the working class. What do you know about what’s going on in the world? And I was so surprised, the appeal that had. The guy who owns Zara is worth about $60 billion and all that money's come from the clothes that these women make. So Paul and I then worked together, and I think from the beginning of that writing process, to starting the filming, was about 3 years. @RealMelValentin checked out Aaron Sorkin's latest courtroom drama #TrialoftheChicago7 and the verdict is in! They traveled with us, so they were all there the whole time, and you know, I think it sort of – we just tried to sort of find people that captured the type of person our guys were when they set off. I alway thought of Greece as like a place, because I'd only ever been to the islands, and apart from the Acropolis in Athens, I just thought Greece was a place that had lots of rocks and not many trees. Michael Winterbottom is one of the most likeable directors around – but his new film has caused outrage with its ferocious violence. But he and various other people I met, they were explaining how if you were breaking up from your girlfriend, you wouldn’t tell your girlfriend. It's the end of that road. The look is actually from another businessman called Richard Caring, which is where I got my tan and teeth. All of the men volunteer and are soon on a bus heading to Afghanistan where they will encounter something more deadly and terrifying than all the backwoods serial killers, mutant cannibals and sadists in Hollywood combined – the Northern Alliance. The Road to Guantanamo starts off with the group of friends (Rehul, Asif, Shafiq, and Monir) on a road trip – kind of the way a lot of horror stories start off (most recently Wolf Creek, The Hills Have Eyes, and Hostel). Michael, do you have a favorite of their impressions? Steve Coogan: It's funny—we're trying to do this challenging political film that sort of challenges the institutions, but let's talk about your teeth. But you know at one point we – I mean we talked to them for hundreds of hours and most of the time they’re talking about their journey before getting picked up by the northern alliance – they’re talking about the gap in language and how terrible the food is and all that sort of stuff. He's in 24 Hour Party People. Steve Coogan: It feels like a satire, but I don't think there's anything in the movie that is not in some way, you can cite a real example of, of that, of the stuff is in the movie has happened in reality. DS: Perhaps most provocatively you turn Dante’s writings into works of journalism. MW: Ah, well I think you know when we first met with them they were very quiet, they had just gotten out and this had obviously been a big huge experience for them and a big shock coming out as well. I don't have a biological son, but I do in The Trip, I have a daughter in reality. [It’s] that kind of area where you’re aware of [that] this is based on things that happened really, but you’re also aware that this has been seen from one particular perspective, from a fictional perspective. We all have sort of an image of a country. The film isn't about like, oh, things are terrible, we can't do anything about it. Any new impressions in this one that people can look forward to? https://thatshelf.com/the-trial-of-the-chicago-7-review-aaron-sorkin-back-in-his-element, ICYMI: Bad Gay Movies Episode 127 - TOMCAT Michael Winterbottom: Tony? 2. MW: It averages out, averages out to just a little less than a year normally. In the film there's that kind of funny thing that Steve's character is trying to get all these celebrities to come to the party and he's struggling because he's had a bit of a scandal. Make them make really bad decisions despite all the money, which is why he looks so stupid. It cares about public opinion. And then reading that story and meeting them, whatever else you think about Ruhel, Shafiq, and Asif, if they are the most dangerous people in the world to you, America could have protected itself from those two guys a lot more easily because they had no desire to do anything bad to you, so whatever reason they had for going to Afghanistan it certainly wasn’t because they were terrorists or because they want to blow up Britain or America. So I thought it'd be useful parallel between the Syrian refugees, but also a good subject for humor, because it was something that Rich would get really cross about and would be annoying to him. Because it's one removed, an actor plays my son in the movie, in the first series actors played my parents. We already have this email. Steve Coogan: No, not really. So there's a lot of examination of his business practices. We talk on this podcast about awards and the Oscars and we talk a lot about what kind of message the Oscars are trying to send, what kind of message actors are trying to send in their movies and in their speeches and all that. Well what they do say is that before they went they weren’t very religious at all, they didn’t have beards but they do now when you see the film. Steve Coogan, looking nightclub-dapper in a sharp grey suit and crisp white shirt, is perched in front of one of the Brewer Street cabaret venue’s scarlet booths. It's like a memory to me. They never had a chance to tell their story in court because they were never charged with anything. On the latest episode of @BadGayMovies Bil & @danielkrolik attempt to put up with the CAT-astrophe at the center of this movie's relationship! But any swear word actually can be delicious if it’s used as a way of sharpening the knife of a very funny line. Michael Winterbottom: I think in Australia and places like that, they show the film and then they show later the series. Filmmakers are supposed to make films. And that just seems so petty and pointless and just inhuman really. It's sort of the same as the others, but there's a slight difference in that we might grapple a little bit with Greek mythology and Greek philosophy. From the awards race to the box office, with everything in between: get the entertainment industry's must-read newsletter. Born … She is the supermodel who built her brand on 2.2 million... © 2020 Time Out England Limited and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. I mean, imagine you’re in a place in the middle of nowhere where you have no prospect of being free, you’re not a prisoner of war, but for some reason despite that fact that you were right there in that war, and a lot of people were picked up for doing what they were there to do, and for some reason America says you’re not who you are, you can be made miserable, you can be interrogated, you can have all these commissions, and then just for no reason at all we won’t even let you speak to anyone on the outside. At one point there's a hilarious thing with James Blunt where he shows up literally serenading McCready and his wife played by Isla Fisher. Winterbottom has always prided himself on exploring the limits of his medium. MICHAEL: Lots and lots of billionaires have elements of that though, don’t they. We lay on the beach, we try not to think about the other people around the corner on a different beach because we just want to have a nice time. Is there any way to describe Greed‘s accent nuances? And then also within that chain you have all these beautiful women who are used to make the clothes look glamorous. Like I knew. So make of that what you will. That would be the present-day strand of it. So Mat was a runner at revolution four years ago, and then he was a runner on In This World on the trip and then he did some editing on 9 Songs. How many hours are each season? Steve Coogan: We recreated the last night at the Hacienda, which was a famous iconic nightclub in Manchester that was very, avant garde and adventurous and bold and new and all those things. We have to fix that. It’s “scripted reality.” So they have scriptwriters, but it is rich people. MICHAEL: And they’re both in Greece. Do you see this as connected to The Trip at all? We made that film then about two Afghan refugees coming to Britain from a refugee camp in Pakistan. MW: No. MICHAEL WINTERBOTTOM: The next one is the last one. Steve Coogan: I worked with him. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. The Trial of the Chicago 7 | Review Michael Winterbottom: Well, I think if you make a film—you can make any film you like, it's up to you what subject you choose to make a film on. I haven't made my mind up. Steve Coogan: So that's a strange sort of happy coincidence. And it always surprises me because the only direction Michael ever gives is to say do a funny voice. That's your job. Fortunately we weren't paying the sort of the price that you have to pay, because at the real parties you get paid a fortune. I think lots of people in the fashion industry, you might think are slightly the target, actually want things to be better, want a more ethical kind of fashion, want greener fashion, want better wages for workers. Yes, I remember. It’s a trope that seems to happen quite a lot. Ghosts | 2020 Warsaw International Film Festival Review by Marc Mohan. There’s unfortunately quite a rather big gap between the aspirations and ideals of journalists and the pathetic nature of the everyday reality of it. You’d tell the producers of the show and they’d write various storylines and then they’d organize it, wait for your right moment.


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