media choices in the movie up in the air
This is a very good movie. ", The fact that Clooney's coat disappeared and reappeared from cut to cut and scene to scene showed me that making a good, fluid, consistent film was not the goal in, Up in the Air, but the point was to deliver a message and that message was pure propaganda. The pragmatic and independent Ryan is completely detached and cool and he does not have any steady relationship and does not believe in marriage. Yes, you may find out that they are already married to someone else and that you are just their favorite chew toy, but believe me, it's you that has not grown up, not them. However, even with all of that, I still liked it. It suggests that in these challenging times, connection may just be the way to survive. They also talk about sex fairly candidly and send each other suggestive messages -- overall, they're shown teasing and bantering more often than having sex. In fact, I wouldn't even call the ending bad. The themes of personal connection and security were amusingly turned on their head by Clooney having to teach Kendrick about maneuvering firing, as she makes the job he loves obsolete. He takes her to his old school. Don't pay any attention to the stats that show divorce is next on the todo list after job loss, complete with the angry ex spouse and the dysfunctional kids. Workers who’ve been fired curse and talk about killing themselves; one tosses a chair around in frustration. Along the way, he and the recent college grad, of which the boss loves due to her budget slashing game-changing idea, Natalie, played by Anna Kendrick, both find out what has been lacking in their lives and how to become better people, opening up to love, heartbreak, and the need to grow up. Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. FAQ It's not a movie that's exceptional in any area and not one that will ever immediately come to mind, but it's a solid, pleasant watch with some originality. You're not really happy! His world becomes upside down when his job is radically changed by a newly recruited young fresh graduate. The director of "Thank You For Smoking" and "Juno" puts real life out there in an incredible way, where we all laugh and then walk out of the theatre thinking about what is really important. Based on a bestselling novel by Walter Kirn, Jason Reitman's film is literary without being self-consciously so. Jason Reitman has done again. Ryan Bingham is a perfect guy, charming, seductive, smart, well-groomed and real gentleman. There seemed to be the right mixture of both comedy and drama. I wish I had seen this back to back with "The Informant! I'm a big fan of the team of creative artists who made it happen. To start, it hits screenplay mileposts a little too on the nose, like an A student raising his hand for yet another crack at an answer we know he'll get. Why does he seem committed to doing it? And he’s not far off. Along their journey crossing America, Ryan has a closer contact with Alex and his family and feels uncertainty in his credo. This film is about a man who fires people for a living. And a few of the scenes felt like they were slipped in out of obligation (i.e. But a young upstart (Twilight supporting player Anna Kendrick) is convinced that the process can be mechanized -- which could ground Bingham short of his goal, take him away from another business traveler (Vera Farmiga) he’s fallen in love with, and make him examine what -- and where -- is really home. THIS WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY. Clooney delivers perhaps his best performance yet, with more nuance and less reliance on his usual tics (the downcast looks, the easy smile). She and her lover kiss and tussle in bed. We wouldn't have missed much, including one of the more predictable plot "twists" in recent years. I'm like my mother, I stereotype—it's faster … Up in the Air, Another hit from the Director of Juno, Jason Reitman, A self-contradictory take on romance in the (post-) modern world, A Really Good Flick With One Serious Flaw, Very enjoyable film, funny though the subject matter is serious, Good mix of comedy and dramedy that really makes you think, Amusing and with interesting social commentary, but not an impactful film, My 304th Review: Modern Parables - But Only A Partial Success, From Darfur to Der Fuhrer, Clooney the Chameleon, "Up In the Air" is dry, dull, lacking emotion and tries to be intelligent about existentialism. Highly recommended. I was worried the first 10 minutes that "UITA" would be a bit of a snoozer, but the action really kicked in when Anna Kendrick's character came i... Feel-good Cruise flick; racier than you remember. We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. But he discovers that he needs more in his life and sets out to get it -- as well as give to others. Not worth the effort. It's worse than the 'Requiem for a Dream' quick-cut repetitive sequences. A film with a message that's entertaining: what a concept. **Major Spoilers** For about two thirds of Up In The Air, I was thinking to myself, "this is definitely going to be on my top five list for the year." Reitman does a good job of keeping each scene engaging and is at his best when he uses subtle social commentary. I honestly don't think any of the events that occurred at the end of the film were a surprise to anyone watching (including the "major" revelation about Vera Farmiga's character). Her character represents many of the Twitter-obsessed twentysomethings driven for money money money, who live for texting, and has naive and even immature ideals of what makes a relationship work. A shallow film about a guy who realizes that his life is empty, but then does nothing to change it. Main focus is a guy who fires people for a living, when their own company and managers dont have the guts to do mass firings. Clooney's character slowly is stripped of the things he only cared about--including a one-night-stand that becomes a "Same Time Next Year"-like meeting in Hampton Inns and Hiltons in Miami, Detroit, Wichita and other random cities, with another constant traveler (we never know what exactly she does, and that's not supposed to matter) played by Vera Farmiga, who may win an Oscar nomination for her mysterious, slightly passive and jaded, 30something character. Up In The Air does not fall into that category. The final important character is an eager young Cornell graduate (played by Anna Kendrick, from Twilight) who thinks that a career in firing people is a wise choice now, and in some respects she's not that far off. He only dreams on reaching ten million miles in his favorite air company. It was nice to get to know these two new faces. Join now. And there is no better film to wrap up a (frankly) terrible decade (in terms of news events, unemployment, the economy, the media stronghold, the trashing and dumbing down of American culture, technology, narcissism, vanity obsession, a divided nation, violence and hostility) than Up in the Air. Adult dramedy taps into emotions of current tough times. But this twist is actually the worst thing about this film. ), are ending later this month. Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. Had Clooney remained devoted to flying around and the woman an occasional liaison, fine. We're updating our reviews to better highlight authentic stories and accurate, diverse representations. Ryan exposes the failures in the proposed system and his boss assigns him to travel with Natalie to learn the procedure. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. He meets a young ambitious woman that joins his company and who wants to change the system. The vulnerability he displays with Farmiga, a worthy female counterpart, convinces but doesn’t overplay. With George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman. It’s irreverent when we think it will be serious; serious when we think it will go for laughs. 01-08-10 "Up in the Air" is a thoughtful and satisfying entertainment. Does he enjoy it? The way the travel scenes were cut also showed Bingham's comfort and intimate knowledge of the airport drill in a way that was fun to watch. We are drawn in by interesting, unique storyline and smart satirizations. All rights reserved. I was quite grateful for having seen Reitman's Thank You For Smoking (2005) previously, because both movies are really arch in the way they set up people in thoroughly pariah job roles and then get you to warm to them. The film, the best I've seen all year and one of the best of the decade, captures many of the factors that made this decade the worst one, at least in my 42 years. But she too goes through a transformation, as Up in the Air reaches a "feel good while feeling bad" quality of Frank Capra's darker films, like Meet John Doe. Basically, its also an extended product-placement ad for American Airlines and Hilton Hotels, whose corporate logos are smacked in your face about every 10 minutes. Attention, all people who are happy being alone! There was still so much that was good about this movie, that it might not be on my top five list for the year, but it is definitely on my top ten. | It was just not as well done as the rest of the movie. The acting is very good. No doubt a lot of men dreaming about such life as he has.


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