lavernius tucker

Tucker speaks with Washington and Epsilon. Because he thinks Donut is initially Sarge because of his red armor color, a… Contents . This prompts him along with Grif, Simmons, and Caboose to go rescue Epsilon and Tex. In Season 5, Tucker discovered Wyoming's Time Distortion loop and quickly made an elaborate plan to stop him. The four soon arrive at a deserted fueling station and discover four steel-armored soldiers speaking to Locus regarding their captured friends. After he and the others got unlock from stasis, he, Church, and Caboose debate with the Reds on unlocking Tex. He has a habit of trying to hit on female team members and is sort of obnoxious. The two decide to travel back in time to Blood Gulch near the end of their fight against Omega in order to see if they had sex or not. In Season 11, Tucker showed sadness after Epsilon's departure and felt genuinely concerned when Wash was captured by the Federal Army of Chorus.

Aqua Surprisingly, Locus betrays Felix and refuses to attack the crew, prompting Felix to attack them. Smart-aleck, sarcastic, rude, prone to juvenile humor, and obsessed with women, Tucker has many characteristics of an unruly teenager.

Tucker piensa que ha sido enviado al pasado, pero enseguida Curch lo corrige. Beginning in Season 11, Tucker has been shown to become increasingly angry to certain individuals around him, similar to Church. Temple then reveals that Church's "distress" message was actually an edited recording of Church calling Command at Blood Gulch and proceeds to explain to Caboose that Church is dead forever, angering Tucker. Tucker prepares to fight with the Reds and Blues. Epsilon soon leaves with Tex to a secret facility, while Tucker and Caboose stay behind. Carolina threatens them to leave as a result.

He is a main character in most seasons, although he only makes a cameo appearance in Reconstruction and is absent during Season 9. Tucker flies over a hill in his Chopper and slashes C.T. When Carolina decides to leave Tucker and Caboose speak with Epsilon again, infuriated at the fact that he has gathered no information. He fought with Tex one on one briefly, but despite his sword skill he is eventually beaten and knocked away by Tex (and the Reds, because the black soot on his armour made them think he was Tex briefly). Wiki Red vs Blue es una comunidad FANDOM en Juegos. Tucker, Washington, Simmons, and Freckles at Crash Site Bravo. Just then the group is ambushed by Sharkface and his band space pirates, forcing Carolina to protect them with her Domed Energy Shield. Afterwards, Tucker assists Wash in repairing the comm tower and questions why they haven't been found yet, explaining that the ship's GPS would have informed command about their crash. Tucker lates gives birth to Junior.

Nonetheless, the Reds and Blues help Felix prepare for an attack. However, despite their rigorous efforts, the squad is laughed at by both the recruits and other Republic soldiers for their constant mess-ups. Although Tucker was initially reluctant to do battle and was willing to always stall his involvement in fighting before Recreation, Tucker was shown to be something of a capable fighter, able to quickly kill a Zealot with his sword and well-trained Wyoming clones with both his sword and his sniper rifle. After Caboose says his last goodbye to Church, Dylan has Vic stabilize the machine before it completely disappears. Afterwards, the Blues, and a sudden help from the Reds, manage to eliminate all of the Wyoming clones. The voice on the other end seems to be Tucker, and tells Grif to deliver the message that they "Found what [they] were looking for" and that it was "under the sand". Más tarde, Grif y Simmons acuden en ayuda de Dount con el Warthog y aprisionan a Church y Tucker detrás de una roca de gran tamaño.

In Episode 54, when Tucker reveals his first name as Lavernius, Church asks whether Tucker is black. He stole, Tucker has developed both superb eyesight and hearing as of. In Out of Body, while trying to flirt with Carolina, Tucker describes his, and Carolina's, armor as "greenish-blue", "aqua-marine", and "turquoise", though he then states that he isn't exactly sure himself. Tucker is first seen with Church spying on the Reds, where the two discover the team's new Warthog. He mostly holds grudges towards those who have hurt him in some sort of way and has difficulty communicating those feelings to said individuals.

When Church's bomb is activated, Tucker picks up O'Malley's rocket launcher to destroy Church's robot body. As the crew formulates a counterattack plan to stop Felix and Locus, Kimball delivers a speech to the Chorus armies that motivates them to fight as one. Tucker wakes up later and goes through the teleporter with Tex and Donut. Tucker, Wash, Caboose, Carolina, and Epsilon at Crash Site Alpha. Despite their feelings, their general childishness and attitudes have held them back from exploring the relationship further, though Sister does start warming up to having Junior around. Tucker and Sister examining the Time-Portal Gun.


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