korean drawing artist instagram

Her drawing style is unique and lovely, with luscious noses and a great sense of storytelling. Her work is filled with cute bear/cat/dog-like creatures and a fantastic use of vibrant colors.

That’s why I created this list of drawing artists on Instagram that are worth a follow, you can easily browse the list and find new artist pages to check out.

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Emma Hanquist is a freelance illustrator from Sweden. Their unique individual style makes it easy for audience to differentiate one illustrator’s work from another. it seems that illustration industry is one of them. Kelsey King is a freelance illustrator from USA, that makes these lovely digital illustrations, defiantly worth checking out. Frida Clerhage is a Swedish illustrator and pattern designer that makes these lovely floral patterns and animal portraits. Korean Drawing Artist Instagram 10 Korean It Girls To Follow On Instagram Be Asia Fashion Beauty. Emily Dove is a illustrator and author, she makes these adorable illustrations of animals and nature landscapes. Yuha’s illustration subject is almost always female. And if you do happen to be an artist - there's nothing like the daily inspiration of a well curated Instagram feed. Ellie (Ellie vs Bear) is illustrator & visual artist based in Brussels, Belgium. We’re design and illustration studio located in Bandung, Indonesia. He has totally unique style that you might never found it done by somebody else. Kim Sang-Hui. And maybe it's time you got your own work up on there as well. Check out her portfolio for very realistic birds and dinosaurs illustration. Movie is his biggest inspiration, and he said that he have a movie library in his brain and he can recall specific scenes from it whenever he need inspiration.

Kim Sang Hui, calling herself Kiki, is illustrator and manhwa (Korean comic) artist.

She has very unique characteristics of manhwa style illustrations.

Seung-pyo Hong is an Illustrator and graphic designer based in South Korea.

Chantal Horeis is a Swedish illustrator with a breath-taking Instagram page. Beatriz Mayumi is an artist living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Her creations are often inspired by nature & floral but there’s a great variations in her feed. Chantal Horeis makes these portraits that mixes technically stunning drawings with detailed areas filled with patterns for the eye to get lost in. Suran Park is very famous among teenage girls. Images About Nnartmanga On Instagram. This collection is continued from: The Best Korean Illustrators.

As concept artist, his arts usually have brownish blueish color scheme that make them distinctive.

Tae Young Choi was dreaming of becoming a comic book artist.

In a glance, you might mistaken his art as Japanese illustrator artwork. She is a self taught artist influenced by manga and folk art. 25 Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram Huffpost. Few artists has such a consistent style and color palette through out their whole feed, a color palette that creates a feeling of the sun settling. However, in interview with ImagineFX he revealed that “… becoming Concept artist is the best work in game industry”.

There’s a lot of variation on Catalina’s Instagram feed, editorial drawings, animation, patterns and much more, making it really enjoyable to follow and see what she dose next. Linn Warme is a illustrator & pattern designer with passion for nature and all the little creatures in it.

(found here).

She created fictional character called Jennie Enakei for brand Enakei where she work.

Kim Ok arts usually show some parts of grayscale pencil illustration. His works of character design and concept art for game is perfectly done in very realistic colors, textures and shading.

(this is my Instagram page, the creator of Creativehowl). You’ll find dreamlike scenarios mixed with landscapes done with lovely color choices and shadows on Owen’s Instagram. Patrycja is an artist that’s technically superb but also not afraid to play around with her art and make these surreal and truly engaging.

She has a unique and playful style that combines hand drawn drawings with digital coloring and editing. It is because she works mainly on traditional media using non-digital technique. Definitelyjenny (Jenny Tang) is a illustrator with a great fun drawing style. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. She has dedicated many years of her life mixing pigments and mediums to achieve a unique muted tones color palette that become her signature today.

She also regularly upload her editorial illustrations which is also interesting to follow. Many asian illustrators love creating characters in super big eyes, but character in Noir Song’s arts have small eyes, make them look very asian. (found here). Cute animals, bright colors & screaming faces.

Models in her fashion illustration, mostly drawn only from the waist upwards.

Many of those game received international fame, and it also bring fame for illustrators involved on the making.


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