klaipėda region lithuania
English translation: "A fatal situation appeared in 1919 at the Versailles peace conference. Granting the citizenship of Lithuania according to the simplified procedure, A certificate certifying a right for reinstatement of the citizenship of Lithuania, Restoration of lost citizenship of Lithuania, Immigration of persons of Lithuanian origin and persons having a right for restoration of Lithuanian citizenship, Company registration, purchase in Lithuania, Setting up a representative office or a branch in Lithuania, Events, fiestas and entertainments in Lithuania, Emergency medical service and medical institutions, Lithuanian citizenship in the Klaipėda Region, The citizen of a spouse (a husband or a wife), Legalization of documents; certification of documents by an Apostille, The search of documents in the archives of Lithuania, Establishment of a fact of change of the first name or the surname in a judicial procedure, Establishment of a legal fact in a judicial procedure, Corrections or amendments of civil status records in judicial procedure, Free analysis of your options for obtaining Lithuanian citizenship, Abstracts of some interesting cases related to citizenship of Lithuania, Lithuanian origin and persons entitled to restore lithuanian citizenship immigration, Immigration of EU citizens and their family members, on 30 July 1924 or by opting Lithuanian citizenship has lost German citizenship, or. Memel was quickly turned into a fortified naval base by the Germans. It has been established in the Rules that a person applying for the issue of a passport “must prove to the issuing institution that he has acquired Lithuanian citizenship“. "Didlietuviai: an example of committee of Lithuanian organizations activities (1934–1939)", "Trys knygos apie lietuvininkų tragediją", Joachim Tauber: Das Memelgebiet (1919–1944) in der deutschen und litauischen Historiographie nach 1945, German translation of the Commission Report to the Council of Ambassadors, Timeline with changes of control over the territory, Evangelical Lutheran 95%, Roman Catholic (1925), Jean Gabriel Petisné, France (1 May 1921 – 19 February 1923), Jonas Polovinskas-Budrys (27 October 1924 – 8 November 1925), Jonas Žilius (8 November 1925 – 1 August 1926), Karolis Žalkauskas (1 August 1926 – 1 November 1927), Vytautas Jonas Gylys (19 May 1932 – 25 November 1933), Jonas Navakas (25 November 1933 – 5 February 1935), Vladas Kurkauskas (5 February 1935 – 15 October 1936), Jurgis Kubilius (15 October 1936 – 12 December 1938), Viktoras Gailius (12 December 1938 – 22 March 1939), German translation of Vygantas Vareikis' thesis. Neither the Klaipėda Region Convention, nor the option agreement provided for the citizenship of the Klaipėda Region, passports were also issued not to citizens of the Klaipėda Region, but to those who lived in the Klaipėda Region, who were immediately regarded as citizens of Lithuania under the Convention or were opted for Lithuanian citizenship. On 16 February 1923,  the Conference of Ambassadors recognized Lithuania’s sovereignty over the Klaipėda Region. Lithuanian Railways (LG) operates a train from Klaipeda to Vilnius 5 times a day. die evangelische Kirche des Memelgebietes) of July 23, 1925, concluded between the Directorate of the Klaipėda Region and the Evangelical Church of the old-Prussian Union, a church of united administration of Lutheran and Reformed congregations, the mostly Lutheran congregations (and a single Reformed one in Klaipėda) in the Klaipėda Region were disentangled from the old-Prussian Ecclesiastical Province of East Prussia and formed the Regional Synodal Federation of the Memel Territory (Landessynodalverband Memelgebiet) since, being ranked an old-Prussian ecclesiastical province of its own. When opting for Lithuanian citizenship, persons lost citizenship of other state. On 9 January 1923, three years after the Versailles Treaty had become effective, Lithuania occupied the territory during the Klaipėda Revolt,[4] mainly by militia that had entered the region from Lithuania. Email: savivaldybe@skuodas.lt. Lua error in Module:Coordinates at line 668: callParserFunction: function "#coordinates" was not found. As years passed, claims were becoming more and more vocal about a re-integration into a resurgent Germany. Transitional Commissioner for the Integration of Memelland. Overall, Prussian Lithuanians were more rural than Germans; the part of Lithuanian speakers in the city of Klaipėda itself increased over time due to urbanization and migration from villages into cities and later also from remaining Lithuania (in the city of Klaipėda, Lithuanian-speaking people made up 21.5% in 1912, 32.6% in 1925 and 38.7% in 1932*). The Memel Territory, together with other areas severed from Germany (the Saar and Danzig) was to remain under the control of the League of Nations until a future day when the people of these regions would be allowed to vote on whether the land would return to Germany or not. Take the bus from Kaunas, Kaunas bus station to Vilnius, Vilnius, Savanoriu prospektas, Take the car ferry from Klaipeda to Smiltyne, Fly from Kaliningrad (KGD) to Vilnius (VNO). Vilnius University (Lithuanian: Vilniaus universitetas; former names exist) is the oldest university in the Baltic states and one of the oldest in Northern Europe. They proposed to attach, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "dem Entschluß, das Memelgebiet von Deutschland abzutrennen, trug die antideutsche Einstellung des französischen Premiers, Georges Clemenceau, bei, der „die armen versklavten Litauer in Ostpreußen aus dem deutschen Joch“ befreien wollte. Find the travel option that best suits you. The Council of Ambassadors accepted the resulting arrangement and confirmed the autonomy of the region within the Republic of Lithuania. Vilniaus street 13, 98112 Promotion and development of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (Route No. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. In the period of 1945–50 about 8,000 persons were repatriated. "Kai kurie ir iÅ¡ nepriklausomos Lietuvos iÅ¡važiuoja į Vokietiją, nes čia ne visiems pavyksta atgauti žemę ir sodybas, miestuose ir miesteliuose turėtus gyvenamuosius namus. We link up seven municipalities of the Klaipėda Region, creating a strong and united Baltic Sea Region. Email: savivaldybe@skuodas.lt. Vilnius is in the southeast part of Lithuania and is the second largest city in the Baltic states. A settlement of Baltic tribes in the territory of the present-day city is said to have existed in the region as early as the 7th century. However, the minority Prussian Lithuanian Protestants historically were concentrated in these regions, and some remain to this day. According to the Lithuanian point of view, Memellanders were viewed as Germanised Lithuanians who should be re-Lithuanised.[5]. There is no direct flight from Kaliningrad Airport to Vilnius Airport. The Klaipėda Region (Lithuanian: Klaipėdos kraštas) or Memel Territory (German: Memelland or Memelgebiet) was defined by the Treaty of Versailles in 1920 and refers to the most northern part of the German province of East Prussia, when as Memelland it was put under the administration of the Council of Ambassadors. The Polish representative Dmowski expressed that Lithuania is not ready for independence, and insisted on attaching Lithuania to Poland. Yes, the driving distance between Klaipėda Region to Vilnius is 191 miles. Euroregion "Baltic" position paper "Future of the Interreg South Baltic Programme". The 1934–5 proceedings of Neumann and Sass in Kaunas can be presented as the first anti-Nazi trial in Europe. The best way to get from Klaipėda Region to Vilnius is to train which takes 5h 53m and costs $35 - $55. There were more Lithuanian speakers in the north of region (Klaipėdos apskritis and Å ilutės apskritis) than in south (Pagėgių apskritis). Since 1990 the area of the Klaipėda Region has formed part of the independent Republic of Lithuania, as part of Klaipėda and Tauragė counties. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, it has been part of the Republic of Lithuania, contained within Klaipėda and Tauragė Counties. The Catholic parishes in the Klaipėda Region used to belong to the Bishopric of Ermland until 1926 and were then disentangled, forming the new Territorial Prelature of Klaipėda under Prelate Justinas Staugaitis. Flixbus is a good choice for the budget-conscious traveller; purchase tickets in advance for the cheapest fares (note: there is no option to reserve a seat in advance). What is the COVID-19 helpline number in Vilnius? There are still persons who propose for lietuvininks to "return" to "vaterland". Its legal status in the state of Lithuania has not been formally recorded yet, because under the Resolution of the Conference of Ambassadors of 16 February 1923 this should have been established in the Klaipėda Region Convention, which had to be prepared by the Conference of Ambassadors together with the representatives of Lithuania. Lithuanian intelligentsia often held marriages in Memel/Klaipėda, since Memel Territory was the only place in Lithuania where civil marriage was in use, in the rest of Lithuania only church marriages were legitimized. By late 1938, Lithuania had lost control over the situation in the Territory. 303 people or, counting family members, 585, asked for Lithuanian citizenship but only 20 requests were granted. Drive, car ferry, drive to Kaliningrad, fly, Halle North Rhine Westphalia Germany to Vilnius, Kaunas Center Apartments K Mindaugo g to Vilnius, There is a social distancing requirement of 1.5 metres. The southern border established by the Treaty of Versailles defines the current international boundary between Lithuania and the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation.


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