kissing horizontally rice purity test
If you do not currently have a significant other, then read the (Your own custom-made Penthouse Forum [tm])Yes No Would you lie about this: Yes, 220. Would you lie about this: Yes, 40. In fact, many have jokingly stated that those who receive this score are just as pure as the Virgin Mary. I am 91% pure because I am a lesbian. Would you lie about this: Yes, 273. World Geography Test - Only 1% of People Can Ace This 73-Question Quiz. Masturbated in front of someone/with someone listening (over the phone, webcam, etc.)? Had sex on the first date?Yes No Here are 5 Things to Know about Spanish Fly. Still have questions? Would you lie about this: Yes, 37. (Not yourself. Would you lie about this: Yes, 400. Had oral sex with more than 5 people? Used a mechanical hand-holdable device in aiding or replacing masturbation? Would you lie about this: Yes, 225. Would you lie about this: Yes, 191. Been involved with pelvic thrusting while fully clothed?Yes No Been tongue bathed?Yes No Would you lie about this: Yes, 79. Had nude pictures of you taken?Yes No As they say – innocent people serve time behind the bars and come out as criminals. about the answer to the question you just answered, then check the checkbox next Would you lie about this: Yes, 24. Would you lie about this: Yes, 166. Used nipple clips (clothespins count)?Yes No All that you have to think About the Rice Purity Test! So I barely persuaded him to start using Priligy which you can buy on online pharmacy. )Yes No Do you think gay guys are real men? Would you lie about this: Yes, 109. Ever had a subscription to pornographic periodicals?Yes No Made an X- or R-rated snowman or snowwoman?Yes No Would you lie about this: Yes, 404. Would you lie about this: Yes, 296. Had an STD (sexually transmitted disease) test due to reasonable suspicion? Discussed masturbation? Cheated on a significant other during a relationship? Would you lie about this: Yes, 105. Licked someone's anus?Yes No Actually measured your own or someone else's penis? Experimented sexually (on your own) with inanimate objects? Would you lie about this: Yes, 277. Kissing someone or getting kissed is the first step towards losing innocence. Would you lie about this: Yes, 274. Used a whip, chain, cat-o-nine-tails, or something similar for pain?Yes No Would you lie about this: Yes, 147. Would you lie about this: Yes, 235. If kissing on cheeks is beginning, kissing someone on mouth is a milestone on one’s way to losing innocence. Used hot/melted wax for sexual purposes?Yes No Would you lie about this: Yes, 47. Would you lie about this: Yes, 393. Would you lie about this: Yes, 175. Taken stimulants?Yes No )Yes No You cannot be child-like innocent and still have a sworn enemy. Intentionally made "animal" noises during sex?Yes No Used a strap-on dildo or male extension sheath?Yes No Would you lie about this: Yes, 11. Would you lie about this: Yes, 327. Worn a leather/grore suit?Yes No Now, this one is deep; it isn’t so much about the act that it is about the reasons why someone would fall asleep while crying. Willingly committed incest?Yes No Given money or some favor to have sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation with someone?Yes No Answer these questions truthfully, and Received manual sex?Yes No You may find it easier and faster to If you mess up on your test or answer incorrectly, erase your answers. However, there is nothing more exciting than finding out if the test actually matches with the results you think you should deserve. Received finger scratch marks?Yes No Talked dirty with a MOS while doing sexual things/kissing, etc? I took my purity test today and I got 77. Fondled or stroked someone else's clothed legs?Yes No Would you lie about this: Yes, 320. )Yes No We made this quiz according to the original version of the Rice Purity Test, and upgraded both on the questions and results design. Necked, petted, masturbated, been masturbated, or had sex or oral sex in a water based, wind or propeller driven transport medium LESS THAN 80 feet in length? (Condoms, spermicidal foam, diaphragms, chastity belt)Yes No Had sexual intercourse with a non-participating third party in the same room? Have you ever wondered if you are a healthy person? (In a crowd, in public, city parks, gym/dorm/barrack showers, movie theater, etc. Would you lie about this: Yes, 255. It is a self-graded survey that assesses the participants' supposed degree of innocence in worldly matters (sex, drugs, deceit, and other activities assumed to be vices), generally on a percentage scale with 0% being the least pure and 100% being the purest. Had sex on any furniture that is indoors but is not a bed, table, desk, counter-top, a nor anything that is predominantly used for sitting or as a table/desk? Walked in on others having sex (committed an "oops") and then joined in?Yes No


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