kelly reichardt wendy and lucy

... Auch sonst hat mir der Film sehr gefallen, weil er in schlichter, ergreifender Form (mit zwei überzeugenden Hauptdarstellerinnen) von der Distanz erzählt, die Arme zu unseren westlichen Gesellschaften haben, von dem Nichtselbstverständlichen des Selbstverständlichen und davon, wie sich dann noch weiter abrutschen lässt - dahin, wo der Waschraum einer Tankstelle zur letzten Oase wird. All the way to an auto shop and back. -Security Guard... no I'm not! 2 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich, Rezension aus Deutschland vom 16. Normally I’d wait things out to really flesh out some well-worded thoughts on a movie like this because this touched something in me that hasn’t been touched before. (Und das Herz hört nicht auf, besonders laut zu schlagen. Wendy, a near-penniless drifter, is traveling to Alaska in search of work, and her only companion is her dog, Lucy. Already perilously close to losing everything, Wendy hits a bigger bump in the road when her old car breaks down and she is arrested for shoplifting dog food. You know those days when you walk around, and the weather makes you feel in your stomach that something is not right? - Kelly Reichardt Ranked: 5x5 Directors Challenge 4 (Kelly Reichardt 2/5): It is how well the film has managed to capture the essence of life itself in its most natural, organic and believable form. He's a little suckup who possibly wants to impress his boss with an unbending adherence to "store policy."

Alaska perhaps appeals to Wendy because it is as far away she can drive where they still speak English.

Nur noch 9 auf Lager (mehr ist unterwegs). neben all den Blockbustern! Verzweifelt sucht Wendy nach ihr und erhält dabei lediglich von einem alten Parkplatzwächter Unterstützung. Wendy, a near-penniless drifter, is traveling to Alaska in search of work, and her only companion is her dog, Lucy. recommendations welcomed as always…, Essential movies for lonely people out there (like me) if you want to feel something in this big big world.…, tarrdigrade 1,807 films 23,813 188 Edit, If you're feeling overwhelmed, but still want to squeeze a film into your daily routine, this list is made for…, Check out the official top 100 narrative feature films by women directors list, It was hard but I put a stop at 99 minutes (constantly updated), Tobias Andersen 8,341 films 16,411 755 Edit, Rules: Generate a number (from 1 to x) via:, See how many number of films there are in the…, Movie Maestro 3,619 films 15,801 234 Edit, [after his parents have left, thinking he is ill] "They bought it. Interview: Kelly Reichardt on “Wendy and Lucy” Posted by Alison Willmore on December 10th. Die meiste Zeit sieht man eine Frau herum laufen, Eine Person fand diese Informationen hilfreich, Rezension aus Deutschland vom 21. This movie ripped my guts out and stomped on them. They're on hold. so many long shots isolate. © Letterboxd Limited. Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen.

What that past was we might not know, but the narrative let’s the viewer know that there was something significant and gives us Wendy and Lucy’s story brilliantly. Worth noting that this movie was made BEFORE the 2008 financial crisis. What I love most about Kelly Reichardt’s work—even more than her methodical pace, naturalist cinematography, or practically minimalist runtimes—are the hyper-specific worlds her films occupy. The story is of her efforts to recover her, her frustrations, the indifference of some, and the generosity of others, in aiding her. I don't think I have seen them before (because I was 16 in 2008) but that's maybe why I really gelled with this one.

because without connection, what is there? *Music to listen to -*, Movies that are equivalent to dream-pop, shoegaze music - They possess an ethereal emptiness…, Essential melancholy for people who'd love to bedew in sadness, full of contemplation as we then witness these characters at…. anxiety-inducing and heartbreaking and only like 90 minutes. Michelle Williams Will Patton Will Oldham John Robinson Gabe Nevins Wally Dalton Larry Fessenden, Todd Haynes Phil Morrison Neil Kopp Larry Fessenden Anish Savjani Rajen Savjani Joshua Blum, Glass Eye Pix filmscience Washington Square Films Field Guide Films, 80 mins   There's so much to say about this movie, and I'll probably wait until a rewatch to really babble about it, but Michelle Williams is unreal in this role, and I think this film does a perfect job of criticizing the dominant power structure while being incredibly zoomed in.

Um die Gesamtbewertung der Sterne und die prozentuale Aufschlüsselung nach Sternen zu berechnen, verwenden wir keinen einfachen Durchschnitt. (Well, the two I've seen so far.) It's an easy leap from this moment of isolation (filmed in darkness, only her face really visible) to realizing what having Lucy with her means. Finger weg von der "Filmgalerie 451"-DVD! Leider ist ein Problem beim Speichern Ihrer Cookie-Einstellungen aufgetreten. I…. Diese Einkaufsfunktion lädt weitere Artikel, wenn die Eingabetaste gedrückt wird. Honestly, a stellar short and focused work of art. Wendy and Lucy is beautiful and emotionally devastating. Me hace feliz que existan películas como esta. "wendy and lucy" is quiet, unassuming, and profoundly deep; it will pierce your heart. Recs welcome! Report this film. And right now, she doesn't care about anything but getting her friend back. Early in the film, the teenage supermarket employee (John Robinson) who busts Wendy for shoplifting won't give her a break. She parks on side streets and sleeps in her car, she has very limited cash, her golden retriever Lucy is her loving companion. lucy - whose name means light, and whose colour is repeatedly called "yellow-gold" - is the sun in wendy's darkness. Lucy is security, comfort, familiarity, love. Oktober 2013, Leider ist die Artikelbeschreibung fehlerhaft, darum ein sehr, Rezension aus Deutschland vom 8.

Both this and River of Grass feel like movies I saw when I was younger, perhaps as something thrown on a daycare television to quell a bunch of restless rugrats. Ein vielschichtiges kleines Meisterstück ist Regisseurin Kelly Reichardt hier gelungen. I can handle the truth. Caught this as a late night film, flicking through the channels before going to bed, and got hooked. More details at This was not possible without the…. On the other hand, this non-formulaic film, written, directed and edited by Kelly Reichardt and acted by a small but excellent cast headed by Michelle Williams is (for me) a very good film. Michelle Williams is one of my absolute favorites. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. All…. Kleines Meisterwerk mit starker Hauptdarstellerin, Rezension aus Deutschland vom 17. April 2019. Amerika backroads, ein anderer Roadmovie, der von kindness handelt.. heute sah ich Into the Wild - auch ein FIlm, der noch lange in Erinnerung bleibt. i scanned those pens right along with her, hung those signs, made those calls. A film with a message to make you think and reflect. August 2012. allein wegen Michelle Williams lohnt es sich den Film anzuschauen!

The composition of every shot, the naturalistic performances, the act of shifting where we place value in certain things within the film. Poverty is terrifying and so is Wendy and Lucy. Williams, Michelle, Oldham, Will, Robinson, John, Patton, Will, Dalton, Wally. Um aus diesem Karussell zu navigieren, benutzen Sie bitte Ihre Überschrift-Tastenkombination, um zur nächsten oder vorherigen Überschrift zu navigieren. It's a simple, naturalistic-feeling film and there's a real sweetness to her relationship with the security guard. Directed by Kelly Reichardt. Mobile site. Incredible! PSA: if you snitch on shoplifters you are a hoe. Can't recommend enough that you do not watch this movie if you adopted a dog a month ago. Why Wendy and Lucy remains a vital piece of American cinema. It's a simple story of Wendy, a down on her luck young female who, on a car journey to visit a friend, loses her dog, Lucy. Which is the most difficult thing to capture and be brought to life on screen? Film data from TMDb. "Wendy und Lucy" erzählt vordergründig eine recht simple Geschichte: Die mittelose Wendy versucht sich, mit der Hoffnung auf ein besseres Leben, nach Alaska durchzuschlagen. Es wird wenig gesprochen, wirklich wenig. Bonusmaterial:Poster concepts; Original short stories by Jon Raymond: "Train Choir" and "Old Joy"; Theatrical trailer; "Old Joy" trailer; Momentanes Problem beim Laden dieses Menüs. Der Artikel ist in folgender Variante leider nicht verfügbar. Fast keine Action, keine Wackelkamera - und trotzdem (oder deswegen) ein guter, wenn auch stiller Film. “Wendy and Lucy” is not big budget and if that might put some off and if that is the case, you might want to give it a miss. Habe die DVD für einen Freund bestellt, der diesen Film einmal auf 3SAT gesehen hat.Lnge war es her.Nun haben wir in gefunden, allerdings ist er englischer Sprache, was die Freude ein bißchen schmälerte. Juli 2014, Da hier mehrere Rezensenten behauptet haben, dass diese DVD keine deutschen Untertitel enthält, habe ich mit dem Kauf lange gezögert. Januar 2019. Nur noch 3 auf Lager (mehr ist unterwegs). This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. März 2009. The most hate-able character of this movie is just a (shitty) kid trying to do his job and get a raise.…, normally i'm not a big fan of these understated, quiet movies but there's something about reichardt's style that just makes her films so easy to watch. I had no idea I’d end up as broken as I currently am.


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