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Madhu had no It was a box office success. Except for the part where the heroine is married to a slimy man, rest of the story is the same. Have always meant to watch it for the songs, for Gulshan Nanda’s twisted plots and Asha Parekh who looked lovely here. As the days pass, her “in-laws” encourage her to get out and have some fun, and ask Kamal to escort her. 1.Asha Parekh was an underrated actress despite the fact that she had delivered record number of hits. You didn’t like Bindu’s dance? Khanna, Filmfare Award for Best Story - Gulshan Soon, he realises that he is in love with Poonam. I am not sure if someone has written about it, but Nainital was good old Aarey Milk Colony in the movie. With Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh, Prem Chopra, Bindu. Honey Irani On Spending Over 60 Years In The Movies, Feeling Out Of Place With The New Generation, And Her Advice To Her Kids, 24 March 2018 His cardiologist who performed a bypass on him has mentioned that when Asha Bhosale visited him in the London hospital she behaved as a normal visitor even though she was married to him. Does Barbara make a “Nahiiiiiin!” face and play holi??? Asha Bhosle performed "Mera Naam Hai Shabnam" in the talk-sung style of Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady (and thus often incorrectly dubbed "the first Hindi rap number"). Kati Patang (lit. A runaway bride promises her dying widowed friend that she will assume her identity and look after her infant child. The truth is that she seldom believed in publicity. During his last days, she was not by his bedside but when she passed away, she was the first to stake claim to his property. See Sholay—it has a good one, and it’s a great movie too. She is a writer and ... January 17, choice but to obey. Hemant, I am really shocked. And—of course—they fall in love. :D, It’s lovely to see someone getting to the good stuff early on in life :). Kailash and Shabnam are about to re-enter Madhu’s life (via an exotic Bindu dance number called “Mera Naam Hai Shabnam”). Since the music of Kati Patang was composed by R D Burman, I would like to share this with you. Slowly he amasses a fortune, and is able to build his own private zoo, ... See full summary », A teenage girl will not accept her family's attempt to arrange a marriage for her, as her heart is currently too full of love for the movies and heartthrob actor "Dharmendra. out of his life and so, he should not try to find out her. Ranya: she was bandaged beyond belief and bleeding horribly (plus, her legs were amputated, which I couldn’t bring myself to screen cap). His uncle decides that he can be a ... See full summary », After completing his studies in London, England, Shakti Thakur returns home to India in a small town where his family resides. We didn’t dream them: the early 1970s were special. "Ye Shaam Mastani" and "Pyar Deewana Hota Hai", sung by Kishore Kumar were particularly famous. and Madhavi is freed. Sadhna Patel. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? This is on of my all time favourite movies.the acting by everybody from ashaji to I will take this opportunity to also say that Munna never seems very happy either: In any case, Madhu/Poonam decides to escape early and hitches a ride to Diwanji’s before Kamal returns home the next morning. How Shakti Samanta cheated us… She then decides to leave the town on her way meets and old friend a widowed Poonam in the train an her son Munna. She then decides to leave the town on her way meets and old friend a widowed Poonam in the train an her son Munna. Her And yes, Gulshan Nanda novels used to be very engrossing. How will Kamal react if he learns that she is the girl who broke his heart? Poor Munna…in some scenes, he/she was chewing and had obviously been given a cookie or something as bribery to keep going. When I looked up Gulshan Nanda on imdb, I discovered that he was responsible for the stories and screenplays of some of my favorite films, including Jugnu, Jheel Ke Us Paar, Ajanabee, Joshila and Kati Patang. What will happen if they find out about her deception? A runaway bride promises her dying widowed friend that she will assume her identity and look after her infant child. To be Dinanath soon realises Poonam's true identity and asks for the truth. Madhu and Kati Patang (1970) Plot. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. She is in love with Kailash (Prem Chopra) who, alas, is not worthy. Out of fear of his father finding out about his ... See full summary », In desperate need of a job, unemployed Ravi (Jeetendra) goes to his maternal uncle (A.K. In addition 2 d other songs, there is also a sad song ‘ Na koi umang hai’ which has very good lyrics… mera naam hai shabnam was kinda experimental song wit a mix of poetry n prose.. xtremely entertaini… esp d pecular sound ‘ ahaha’ kind in it!! takes a dislike towards Madhu, learning the truth. Honey Irani was born on January 17, 1955 in Bombay, State of Bombay, India. Best Male Playback Singer - Kishore Show all posts. Madhu has no choice but to give in to a dying mother's wish. The novel was also later filmed in Japanese as Shisha to no Kekkon (1960), in Brazilian as the TV miniseries A Intrusa (1962), in French as J'ai épousé une ombre (I Married a Shadow) (1983) and by Hollywood as Mrs. Winterbourne (1996). Yes, it’s a good film. Anytime it can be watched without getting bored. Kati Patang One of the worst I would think and I adore the guy so much! Friendship of a lonesome studious blind boy with a crippled street singer. I don’t think there was any kind of governing body watching out for his/her best interests. Realising that she has no one in life, Madhavi decides to leave town and head somewhere. Madhu discovers this too late after she runs away from her wedding and finds him with Shabnam. With Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh, Prem Chopra, Bindu. Nasir Hussain gets to play a radical Sasur in this movie. He is The film's story, also written by Nanda, was also based on the novel I Married a Dead Man, by Cornell Woolrich and had been previously made into a picture titled No Man of Her Own (1950) starring Barbara Stanwyck. The holi song " Aaj na chodenge" has become a part of the culture of India. A movie not to be missed. The News Minute Your uncle will kill himself and your friend will die in a train crash as a result. Memsaab I’m with you on Bindu’s dance. Wishing Memsaab and the community a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I might even say it’s one of the most fun songs of the era. to have been POonam and ended up a rich widow in a loving, palatial home and finally end up with Rajesh…If only dreams could come true…:). Film Review: Armaan (2003) by Honey Irani, 25 March 2019 But 'Madhavi's' jinxed fate has brought Kailash to Dinanath's house. By the time RK and Shakti Samanta get to Ajnabee (1974; I know you’re a fan), the magic is gone – and Mehbooba (1976) kills it. The climax where it is revealed that Rajesh Khanna was the bridegroom. Poonam end up in a Government hospital. 2. Use the HTML below. 'The Severed Kite') is a 1971 Indian Hindi-language musical drama film produced and directed by Shakti Samanta.It was a box office success. 911 Munna (1959) ... 24 March 2018 | The News Minute Actor Daisy Irani was raped at age 6: The dark side to child artistes' lives. To this day, I have only read the Gulshan Nanda novel “Kati patang” and I have not watched the movie. When she reaches Nainital finally with Munna in tow, she gets an avaricious driver to take her to her “in-laws.” We know he’s avaricious because he licks his lips when he sees how much money she has. Don't want to miss anything new? ... She then decides to leave the town on her way meets and old friend a widowed Poonam in the train an her son Munna. She is welcomed with open arms by Diwanji (Nazir Hussain) and his wife (Sulochana), who are overjoyed to have Munna with them—and filled with remorse over their treatment of Poonam. Kumar - "Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai". So many of these songs one sees outside the context of the movie and then one sees the movie and it all makes sense. its probably horrible, but im finding munna more and more hilarious- poor child- made up and stuffed w/ cookies :D and i so totally agreee- sholay is the ultimate in holi fun. © Copyright 2020 Cinestaan Digital Pvt. Kati Patang song ‘ Na koi umang hai….’ is one of my top favorite. View production, box office, & company info. :D. does any1 noe d name of d child actor who played munna in dis movie? She is most known for films such as Bandish (1955), Ek Hi Raasta (1956), Naya Daur (1957), Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke (1957), Jailor (1958), Qaidi No 911 (1959) and Do Ustad (1959). Nanda, Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist ( Log Out /  she is jailed. I always was a sucker for Harlequins (how embarrassing). Wednesday, May 7, 2014. A Tribute to Legendary Indian Actress Sridevi, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Film Review: Armaan (2003) by Honey Irani, Honey Irani On Spending Over 60 Years In The Movies, Feeling Out Of Place With The New Generation, And Her Advice To Her Kids, Actor Daisy Irani was raped at age 6: The dark side to child artistes' lives. Just this week over at The Post-Punk Cinema Club, I learned from Bollyviewer that: “[Sharmilee] was actually based on a novel by Gulshan Nanda who was a sort of Hindi equivalent of Danielle Steele and Harlequin romances in 60’s and 70’s.”. She maintained a low profile throughout. imdb credits “Moppet Pooran” but it is notoriously unreliable…, Unlike the 70s and 80s masala mstly with AB that most love, Kati patang is my kind of masala. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. No Holi celebrations!? So much for our creativity. j natarajan. Shweta: I agree that “Mera Naam Hai Shabnaam” is the most fun! ( Log Out /  Dir. Posted on June 6, 2008 at 10:20 am in Hindi movies   |  RSS feed I used to devour Gulshan Nanda when I was a kid. That comment on Munna was hilarious since the poor kid must be traumatized with all these handovers from one mom to another! Madhu's ill fate brings Kailash to Dinanath's house. He/she certainly looked miserable throughout though! :) It’s a very fun film indeed. He’s in love with Shabnam (Bindu) and was only pursuing Madhu for her uncle’s money. Kamal starts to fall in love with Mahadvi but faith brings Kailash to their house whose ready to expose her identity. The film was successful,[13] and it became the sixth highest earning Bollywood film of 1971. 2. Because they disapproved of the marriage, Poonam has never met them. Kati Patang is a wonderful cautionary tale about falling in love with Prem Chopra. [5] The film was remade in Tamil as Nenjil Oru Mul (1981) and in Telugu as Punnami Chandrudu (1987). Your uncle will kill himself and … Was this review helpful to you? Bindu’s screechy caberet was good, n very scary to me, I was a kid when this movie came out, I was soooo afraid for Asha.


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