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Jazz piano just doesn't get any better than this. When using chord scales, you’re staying within the key center, but are creating new colors over the chord changes without stepping outside the diatonic harmony. Because of this, experiment at home first before using diatonic triads in a jam or gig situation.

Each of the chord concepts in the study is explained in this section as an introduction to the main ideas behind the comping etude. Music by John Klenner, lyrics by Sam M. Lewis / arr. Hey, this arrangement is in F major, the first chords of Just Friends is the IV chord. Just Friends is a classic jazz standard that is often called at jazz jam sessions and pick-up gigs.

Another popular jazz guitar chord shape, Drop 2 chords are built with the interval pattern 1-5-7-3, and inversions created from that initial shape. You can work on two or four bars with each phrase in order to break down the longer study into more manageable chunks. One thing to keep in mind with these chords shapes is that when you do play them in the higher range, you don’t step on the melody line with your voicings. The jazz world is full of jazz snobs -- that is, myopic, narrow-minded people who only care about straight-ahead jazz and believe that rock, R&B, country, reggae, dance-pop, folk, and hip-hop have no right to exist. The further you explore jazz guitar comping, the more important 3 to 9 chords will become in your playing. It’s easy to get caught up playing a chord scale too long and missing the next chord change in the progression, which can cause harmonic clashes.

[1], https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Just_Friends_(John_Klenner_and_Sam_M._Lewis_song)&oldid=981563606, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 02:57. Before you learn how to play the chord study below, learn a bit more about the concepts behind these chords. Renee Rosnes sits in for a swinging version of "Some Time Ago" and a bossa nova treatment of "It's You or No One," while Geri Allen and McPartland revive the forgotten chestnut "Lullaby of the Leaves" and also create an eerie duo improvisation, "Chrysalis." Copyright Jazz Guitar Online 2020 © All rights Reserved. These chords are built by playing the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th of the chord you’re on, essentially replacing the root with the 9th of any chord you’re playing.

"Just Friends" is a popular song that has become a jazz standard. As chords move by quickly in many jazz standards, you’ll need to pick your moments to use chord scales carefully. Once you have this study under your fingers, you can study Just Friends in G in order to ensure you have all your bases covered.

Though you need to be cautious with drop 3 chords in a group context, when playing solo, duo, or in a bassless group, these shapes are often your go-to chords. Thanks a lod Dolf.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Though in theory, all diatonic triads will fit over any diatonic chord change, some will sound better than others in certain situations.

Both will better prepare yourself the next time someone calls this tune on a jam or gig. Although introduced by Red McKenzie and His Orchestra in October 1931, it first became a hit when singer Russ Columbo performed it with Leonard Joy’s Orchestra in 1932. Experiment over backing tracks to figure out how you like to use diatonic triads in your playing before using them on the bandstand. Now that you know what’s in the chord study, it’s time to get this etude under your fingers and onto your guitar. THE ARRANGEMANT IS NICE.WHAT DO YOU THINK? "Just Friends" is a popular song that has become a jazz standard. One of the most common jazz guitar chords, drop 3 shapes are made with the interval pattern 1-7-3-5, with the inversions built up from there. Check out this lesson for more info on that topic. And the fact that he enjoys an obviously strong rapport with Egan and Gottlieb is also a plus. It is now played as an uptempo chart most of the time. With hundreds of Piano Jazz sessions and a few additional multiple piano releases to her credit, plus an amazing ability to complement the style of any musical partner, Marian McPartland should have long since destroyed this musical myth. Brubeck actually composed "Marian McPartland" on the way to his second Piano Jazz appearance; their wonderful improvisations around this catchy upbeat theme find both of them at the top of their game. Unfortunately, Beck has spent so much time backing others that his own catalog isn't as large as it should be, but he still has a lot to be proud of -- and this 2002 release is an appealing addition to his résumé.

Because of this, if you’re exploring chord soloing or chord melody in your practice routine, 3rd and 7th shapes are an essential study. When doing so, you’ll be able to use chords you know in a new context to form a rootless 9th chord sound on the guitar.

But Joe Beck isn't one of them; he's an admirably versatile guitarist who has crossed paths with everyone from Gene "Jug" Ammons to Frank Sinatra to disco-soul goddess Gloria Gaynor. The song was written in 1931 by John Klenner with lyrics by Sam M. Lewis. If you dig chord scales, explore them further, just make sure to work on applying them as much as learning them to avoid any bum notes when comping over tunes. You can either play only the 3rd and 7th, which is an effective way to comp when playing with a pianist, or add color tones on top of those two notes. You might think that Just Friends (which also contains three Beck originals) pays too much attention to overdone warhorses, but damned if Beck doesn't play the hell out of them.

When using drop 3 chords in your comping, be aware that these chords often use 6 and 5th- string root notes in their construction, which can clash with bass lines. Before you get started, you should know that Just Friends gets called in a few different keys, mostly F and G. The chord study in this lesson is in the key of F, which is the key Pat Martino played this tune in on his legendary “El Hombre” record. We loved, we laughed, we cried Suddenly love died The story ended But we're just friends.

It’s a fun tune with nice changes.

Just friends, lovers no more Just friends but not like before. Cheers. Gustave's harmonic analysis of the song is the starting point for an in-depth discussion, that touches on: sequence

I PLAY THIS TUNE NOW IN Bb?? Because of this, having a strong understanding of the Just Friends chords will come in handy when jamming on this tune in a jazz combo setting. But the cream of the duets is shared with old friend Dave Brubeck.

In this study, as there’s no pianist on the backing track, you’ll add diatonic color tones on top of each 3rd and 7th in the lower part of the chord. There’s also a Just Friends backing track that you can use to practice the chord study, or to comp over using these shapes as the basis for your chord work. Arranger Joe Jackson took this standard and worked his magic to score it for the Jazz Band Series.

The analysis of Just Friends poses a conundrum: on the one hand, the song's long-standing public exposure means that its harmonic language is almost idiomatic; on the other, a close look reveals an odd harmonic ambiguity. That said, Beck's playing is focused and inspired throughout the CD. It charted again the same year in a version by Ben Selvin and His Orchestra and has been recorded often since. It’s most commonly played in F major or G major, […] I love to see how you finger these chords…they are unfamiliar to me. Chord scales are created by harmonizing the notes of any given scale with two or more notes below those scale notes. Learning chord studies is fun and beneficial, but the real learning occurs when you take these chords and concepts and use them to create your own comping lines and phrases over jazz standards. For example, playing a minor 7 chord from the 3rd of a maj7 chord produces a 3 to 9 maj7 sound. There's no way you won't swing on this jazz classic for the young player treated here in a Basie style.

If you’re playing drop 2 chords behind a vocalist for example, or any chord shape for that matter, be aware of the melody line they’re singing. Tommy Flanagan joins her for a joyous run through "Jeepers Creeper" and a lyrical take of "I've Got a Crush on You." Jazz Ensemble Conductor Score & Parts. Cheers. Just Friends is a very important standard. As there’s a bass player on the backing tracks, these drop 3 shapes use the string set 5321 to avoid as many clashes as possible with the bass player.
Some jazz fans casually dismiss duo piano performances as mere novelties that all too often result in train wrecks. The login page will open in a new tab. IN THE BAND I PLAY BEVOR IT IS IN FMAJOR.

Drop 2 chords are effective when playing with bass players, as they can be played on the top-4 string set, which you see in this study.

Joe has included solos for piano and tenor Just Friends Lyrics: Tell me does your heart / Beat for something it can't have / Like it's fallin' apart, and all it needs / Is me to put the pieces back / I watch you watchin' me / While you're

Just Friends is a classic jazz standard that is often called at jazz jam sessions and pick-up gigs.

Two friends drifting apart Two friends but one broken heart. McPartland wraps the CD alone with the Dixieland standard "When the Saints Go Marching In," though her relaxed approach serves as an emotional elegy to her late husband Jimmy. Joe Jackson. A generally straight-ahead jazz effort (with some fusion moves here and there), Just Friends finds a 57-year-old Beck in a trio with bassist Mark Egan and drummer Danny Gottlieb and paying a lot of attention to well-known standards. http://www.jazzguitar.be/reading-jazz-chords.html.

To think of what we've been And not to kiss again Seems like pretending It isn't the ending.

Because of this, having a strong understanding of the Just Friends chords will come in handy when jamming on this tune in a jazz combo setting. This is easier than creating movement by playing one new chord shape for each melody note in your comping lines.

play drop2 chord shapes in the higher range, what does it mean? Diatonic triads are similar to chord scales, in that you’re playing triads from the key you’re in to create various colors over the chord changes. So when you play it in G major, the first chord is Cmaj7. When working on these smaller phrases, go slow, work out the shapes first with a metronome, then when you’re ready you can play along to the example track. Because they can fit on the top-4 strings, drop 2 chords cut through the sound of a jazz combo, while at the same time staying out of the way of the bass player. Just Friends Chords – Jazz Guitar Chord Study, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) – Nancy Sinatra. I THINK THE REALBOOKTONALITY IS GMAJOR FOR “JUST FRIENDS” I SAH THIS ALSO IN CMAJOR. Bb major6 seems an odd choice given that the melody note is A, the major 7th. As you learn to play these Just Friends chords, it’s best to start by working on one phrase at a time. As you work through these shapes, keep a record of which known chords fit over the underlying changes to produces various 3 to 9 sounds. So, if you enjoy or are curious about any of these concepts, feel free to expand on them further in your studies. The song was written in 1931 by John Klenner with lyrics by Sam M. Lewis.

Just Friends falls short of essential, but it's still a solid -- if conventional -- outing for the veteran jazz guitarist. Hope that helps.

It was first written as a ballad, but Charlie Parker changed all of that with his “With Strings” recording.

These chord shapes are built with the 3rd and 7th of any chord change as the lowest two notes in the shape. One could complain about the abundance of warhorses that have been beaten to death over the years -- "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise," "There Will Never Be Another You," Cole Porter's "I Love You," and the title track are great songs, but how many more versions do jazz enthusiasts need to hear in the 21st century? When doing so, you can use any triad in any inversion from the key of the chord you are comping over, which is a pretty wide open approach to comping.


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