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Park also made the choreography for one of the singles, Follow Me. alyssa Apr 21 2019 12:29 am He's my ultimate bias in GOT7 and I love GOT7. Since their recent appearance in “Dream High 2” placed them in the media spotlight, it allowed them to officially launch their singing activities. Hope to see more of him in future dramas. :D hehehehe this is the first time i saw this person. Hope to see more of his acting skills in the future.

| Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Jin_Young_(Got7)&oldid=1121506. i love u so much more u know when i see u with sonee so plz jinyoung try to get in another drama with sonee again. Sarangheyo.

the writer of this drama is so amazing and creative. Keiko Mar 19 2015 10:50 pm W4GRB.pid[1]=79216; He also has an interest in writing and composing music, and was trained in both fields. Saranghe Oppa! omg hes so cute 8) i look forward to watching him on dh2! I know Jinyoung because of his drama he is psychometric, his acting in the film was very good and he looked very handsome, finally I found out about him and found got7, at that time I was not a kpopers but after seeing the uniqueness of got7 now I became an ahgase and spent time looking at madness got7. huhu...he is sooo young! I kinda wish that he played second lead in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

it's about time bruh!!

JB and Jr. real names are Im Jaebeom and Park Jin Young respectively – two of the most influential names in the Korean music industry. In 2015, he was cast in a supporting role in the drama This is My Love, which aired on JTBC from May 29 to July 18. He made his acting debut in the drama Dream High 2 (2012) followed by supporting roles in When a Man Falls in Love (2013), This is My Love (2015), Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-2017) and as a main role in He Is Psychometric (2019) and When My Love Blooms (2020). ecel arnaiz Mar 26 2016 5:30 am i found his character interesting and noticeable than the other cast. hi. Anyway, both are very handsome and great at what they are doing! OMGG he's soo cute ;3 I can't wait for the movie to Coke out. kania Jul 20 2015 10:02 am shiella marie Feb 23 2017 8:24 pm Ann Apr 07 2012 7:21 pm K-Girl Jul 21 2016 3:06 am looking forward to more of your work, actor park! jr oppa is really cute....... and i wish him a best of luck for his future.

He's the lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper and face of GOT7 and one half of the duo JJ Project. they are a duo group called jj project Hi, thanks for making a page for Jinyoung. The movie was theatrically released on March 1, 2017 and premiered at the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival.

Oppa!! Love in the young age, the college life, he's so match with the role as Han Jae Hyun ^^. Their official music video for title track "Bounce" was released on May 19, and the duo began promotions for "Bounce" on M! gem Sep 03 2015 9:47 am The film follows a high school student, played by Jinyoung, who moves to the town of Goseong where he meets a girl, who is an outcast because of rumors and suspicions about her father. hi,he is soooooooooooooooooo cute!!! Chita Mar 06 2019 7:50 pm W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); [11], On March 11, 2013, it was announced that Jinyoung would be appearing as Ddol-yi on MBC's new drama When a Man Falls in Love. I also love the way you say in most of you songs that you like the girl just the way she is. Do you want to see Jinyoung in tvN's 'The Most Beautiful Time in My Life', airing some time in early 2020? oppa JR i'm verry likyou in drean high seasone2. i love you sooooo much. HeavenLeigh Jun 10 2016 10:54 am Oppa Fighting ^^, Lhamo Dec 17 2018 11:53 pm Anniyeonghaseyo ooppa☺. They' re very talented and funny. He did great at My love eun dong, he was the reason why i watched it in the first place. Actor Park!!! jin young make me focus all the time and not to mention all the drama cast is amazing also the storyline itself really beautiful got some meaning words and good message.

Now he's actor in GOT7. He very young and cute . when I saw park jin young in My love Donna //

In February 2017, SBS announced Jinyoung, NCT's Doyoung, and Black Pink's Jisoo as the new fixed MCs of Inkigayo. taecfanz Mar 29 2012 5:38 am i love him. [5] After three months of intense practicing, he was able to dance,[5] and in 2009 he successfully auditioned for JYP Entertainment, winning first place at the open audition with JB. Personnalité : Jinyoung [GOT7], K-Pop, Acteur, Chorégraphe, Parolier, Compositeur, Choriste. Wow,so cute.love ya.

Lee An acquired psychometric powers (ability to discover memories and the past of a person by making physical contact) through an accident that occurred when he was younger, but he does not know how to properly use his abilities. [19], In 2016, Jinyoung was cast as the male lead in the independent film A Stray Goat, directed by Cho Jae-min. Both JB and JR are in a new group called GOT7 check them out =), kang sora Aug 10 2013 4:02 pm I need Kim Soo-hyun, Yoo Seung-ho and Jinyoung in one drama, theyre also my holy trinity. The male lead in his forties will be played by Yoo Ji Tae, and the female lead in her forties, by Lee Bo Young. He reminds me of that taiwan actor.. Jasper Liu? Love sign oppa, Praise Mar 12 2019 9:18 pm I really don't like KPop because of their heavy make up and hair colors. I wanted to meet the cast of my love eun dong because they are very good actor/actress. Saranghea opoppa.❤❤. He made his film debut in the independent film A Stray Goat (2016).

He was the leader of the Korean boy band B1A4 under WM Entertainment until June 2018.. jinyoung~ah, your acting is so good. Ann Mar 04 2019 1:12 pm 784krista Jul 01 2012 3:26 pm

if you guys an ahgase, you will knew this..that jackson always said it to jinyoung "jinyoung-a i bet you will make it big...i know... i just have a sense..you are our future star, your eyes just shining..just, tell everything, the hole of story..your eyes jinyoung-aa". Lavyah :-* Jr. <3, jerick balondo Mar 15 2016 3:51 am Then one day, by chance, he ends up joining a series of student protests of the 1990's. keeep on dancing and singing and acting Yay! aigoo~ only 2 months older than me -.- he's so adorable..lol, Sarah Mar 02 2012 1:30 am In May 2012, Jinyoung and fellow trainee JB debuted as the duo JJ Project with the single album JJ Project Slot Machine. I'll come to you! I think in future.. Jr, FIGHTING!! He is the future of korean dramas. Ann Mar 20 2012 10:45 pm loadbox(1); oppa CHEONGMAL SARANGEEEEEEEEEEEE. lex Apr 21 2012 8:16 am Hope you oppa to be happy and healthy?,to see you in live. GOT7 debuted on January 16th 2014, under JYP Entertainment. blablabla Feb 09 2012 7:17 am he is perfect ^_^ he should play more roles in dramas ... got7 hwaiting JR hwaiting ^_^. it's my comment, bhawana magar Jul 13 2012 5:43 am ? [8] On February 29, Park released the song "We Are The B" for the drama's soundtrack, along with Jinwoon, Kang So-ra and Kim Ji-soo. I like watching your expressions change! Jesse Nov 07 2015 4:41 pm wow!! Due to his shared name with his agency's founder, Jinyoung originally debuted with the stage name Jr., but he later changed the spelling to Junior due to widespread confusion about the correct pronuncia… [26][27], In December 2018, Park landed his first lead role in the fantasy rom-com drama He Is Psychometric alongside Kim Kwon, Kim Da-som and Shin Ye-eun. hehehehehe. jin young fightingggg.

[22][23][20], In September 2016, Jinyoung was cast for a supporting role in the drama Legend of the Blue Sea, where he portrayed the teenage version of Lee Min-ho's character, the protagonist of the series. ~, ^DG Feb 03 2012 4:25 am Can't wait for your further ventures in acting, you have more to give us and we know that so well. It's so cute how his named jr!

Park Jinyoung (박진영; パク・ジニョン), mostly known simply by Jinyoung, is a South Korean singer under the JYP Entertainment agency. Jinyoungie❤ oppa!! W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 17:08. chincha fan of your acting, you're so cute!! he is cute :). jinyoung is acting in a drama with lee minho....woohooo......haha.....good for him... Kelly Nov 04 2016 9:46 pm Born on September 22, 1994, he was first scouted after an open audition by JYP Entertainment. I was like, wait what KSH? Jinyoung first lead drama!!! W4GRB.average_rating[1]=91; [1][2] He is a member of the boy band Got7 and boy band duo JJ Project. He left WM in 2018 and is now under LINK8 Entertainment, who is managing his solo career. wow , this drama is really fantastic . Eric Apr 11 2012 12:54 am This page contains a list of dramas, films, ost (collaboration) which GOT7 took part since their debut. Fighting Junior Park JinYoung .. Please take more lead roles and star in more dramas, Saranghae!!!!! tomtom May 14 2020 4:49 pm Fighting oppa. Now I’m a die hard ahgase ??. He looks like mini kim soo hyun from The Legend of The Blue Sea. i pray for u and sonee tgt in another drama bc u two looks so cute tgt? ommo ommo aigoo........... Oppa saranghae North Pole South Pole JR rock n roll when ever u dance n sing im swelling down love uuuuuuuu, CeltyHale Feb 01 2013 9:34 pm [16][17] The same year in March he was hired as official host for M Countdown alongside Shinee's Key, group member BamBam and CNBLUE's Jung-shin. You are such a great actor in "My Beloved, Eun-dong. miri Sep 03 2016 12:49 am i found this oppa really cute in first episode.. i tried to search more about him but i can't find him.. © AsianWiki.com. Menara Aug 20 2014 9:59 pm 41, 77, 122, 170, 182, 205, 232, 256), (Ep. his only 12 months older than me.. [CDATA[

he received great response in my love eundong in just episode 1 and an article even came out calling him "new generation's acting-idol" and "nation's first love oppa" Jinyoung debuted as part of duo JJ Project with JB in 2012, and the two members joined the hip-hop boy group GOT7 in 2014. Hottest Jan 31 2012 3:27 pm He is a member of the boy band Got7 and boy band duo JJ Project.

sarangheyo annyeong no kiyeoun jin young park, yui Feb 20 2017 10:31 pm listen to their song youtube its called bounce.


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