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Directed by Andrew Patterson, The Vast of Night centers on a radio DJ named Everett (Jake Horowitz), who investigates the origin of a strange radio frequency that is affecting their New Mexico town. His recent film projects include: The Vast of Night, Adam Bloom, Agnes, Castle Freak and Julie Taymor's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

I also looked at Rock and Roll history – [at that time] the music was new and it was exciting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Catch the video version of our podcast […], We review the new comedy/horror/thriller 12 Hour Shift, a feature directed by Brea Grant and starring Angela Bettis and . Please Rate & Review our show on ! Plus, he explains why he loves long takes! Other films covered include The Old Man: The Movie, Dressed To Kill, and The Man Who Wouldn't Die. Y Tu Mamá También (from) Alfonso Cuarón. My last question for you is what are your thoughts on the existence of another life out there in the vast cosmos? That perfectly times up with my next question. Ultimately we will cover more De Palma films down the road as this is just the beginning! I've been a movie reviewer/interview since 1991 (as a UCLA Daily Bruin scribe), worked at Westwood One, Deepest Dream owner, co-editor of Hollywood Outbreak, podcast co-host of "CinemAddicts" and "Matt and Greg Used To Interview Movie Stars." I really do believe in the movie in the movie as sort of being able to take people on a journey. That movie is extraordinary to me and it also has long takes that are jaw dropping.

I will say after watching it at Slamdance – the room was different after the movie happened. Follow And Support Deepest Dream on Soundcloud! By. Bruce Purkey recommends Children of the Damned and Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. His recent film projects include: The Vast of Night, Adam Bloom, Agnes, Castle Freak and Julie Taymor's A … Check out our Video podcasts of FYF on Bruce Purkey's Join our for more movie convos & giveaways! It takes a lot of doubt in your mind when you finish a scene.


Then there was a reel-to-reel recorder that [producers] Andrew, Adam, and Melissa got in my hotel room while I was there. Starring in the film is actor Jake Horowitz.

His exact age and his exact date of birth are not known to his fans. Imagining these sort of sounds that are so integrated into our music now, but not at that time, was really helpful. That pressure is exciting though (laughs). Subscribe to Matt And Greg Used To Interview Movie Stars on Apple Podcasts! Jake Horowitz was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I think he is a unique filmmaker.

In writer/director Ander Patterson’s debut film, THE VAST OF NIGHT, two high school students discover a strange audio frequency that takes them on a journey that could change the course of the future forever. Plus, he explains why he loves long takes! When she's not obsessively collecting all things "Trick 'R Treat" related, or trying to convince everyone that "Hereditary" is one of the greatest horror films ever made, you can find her designing interiors for commercial restaurants. Then they will take all the people who didn’t believe in some spaceship and send them into some very bad planets and I’m going to be invited to the VIP section. Starring in the film is actor Jake Horowitz. I was completely blown away. He’s such an interesting filmmaker to watch.”. The sort of tricks and the way that we pull off the last scene – I had a great time shooting and loved how it came out. Learn how your comment data is processed. The , performances (Kenadi DelaCerna, John Ashton) and direction are top notch. Everybody is up from 9pm to 8am so you’re already bonded to people in that way (laughs).

Jake Horowitz: Everett is a radio disc jockey in the late 1950s in a small town in New Mexico. You get that from the first moment you talk to him. Jake Horowitz was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Were there any challenges you faced while filming? Shannon is the Founder of Nightmarish Conjurings and a lover of all things horror and haunt related. THE VAST OF NIGHT Is now available to watch on Prime Video. Our Video podcasts are up on Purkey's For giveaways and movie reviews, subscribe to my To […], Director-writer talks about "Once Upon A River," a sublime and evocative feature that is adapted from Bonnie Jo Campbell's book. For the release of THE VAST OF NIGHT, we had the opportunity to interview Jake Horowitz. All of this work of lighting the forest or the street that took hours and hours and hours, all you have to do is walk or say a couple of lines, the pressure is really on. I just feel overjoyed (about the reaction). We looked at Andrew and thought “Wow, you really brought something together.”.

That’s just a great thing for an actor to work with a director like that. He really does have sort of two different levels and it even comes into play, there is one point in the movie where Fay says “Why are you talking like that?” And he says, “What do you mean.” She’s like, “Well you’re just sounding different.” And he says, “That’s how radio works!”. From first reading (The Vast of Night), I felt that Y Tu Mama Tambien was influencing (the film). His birth sign is also not known. Eric Holmes covers Public Access and Never Hike in the Snow!

I can be reached at editor@deepestdream.com for inquiries or whatever the case may be! 0. Together they sort of follow these potential breadcrumbs that might lead to some extraterrestrial experience. Jake Horowitz was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

Jake Horowitz Holds A “Long Take” View of ‘The Vast of Night’. Jake Horowitz: The overnight were weirdly… I’m a night owl naturally. Flick City Ep. You really just got a feel for who these people were and for what Andrew was envisioning for all of them and that put us all on the same page and we sort of took off from there.

His recent film projects include: The Vast of Night, Adam Bloom, Agnes, Castle Freak and Julie Taymor's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Sierra McCormick is Fay, an eager-beaver switchboard operator and friend of Everett who first discovers this weird bit of audio. A ton of the movie’s attention will center on the long takes and snappy, overlapping dialogue employed in the film, but amidst this stylized approach is really inspired work from Horowitz and McCormick. For more on THE VAST OF NIGHT, check out our review here.

Video version of our podcasts is up on Bruce […].

Jake Horowitz, Writer: Who You Know. We also review Kyle McFadden's short film Iris! As an actor, you don’t have to do that much but the simple thing you have to do you really can’t mess it up. We shot the whole movie overnight, so it already allowed for this sort of weird bond. Catch the video version of our podcast and Bruce Purkey's movie reviews on ! Between acting in off-Broadway productions such as David Cromer’s Our Town as well as the upcoming horror films Castle Freak and … That audio and transcript will be available on Friday for our CinemAddicts Patreon members. He made his New York theater debut Off Broadway in the multi-award winning production of "Our Town" directed by David Cromer. Also just his belief that different influences will come together and different rhythms can work within the same movie if you follow the story. Jake Horowitz is a very well known actor who is from the United States and is best known for The Vast of Night (2019), Agnes, and Castle.

The Vast of Night is currently, along with Driveways, my favorite film of 2020.

Check […], For this week's episode we review and . It’s so true.

Amazing question. I’m sure working overnights wasn’t initially easy to do. That’s such a great point. That movies can exist with real, interpersonal dialogue and have this fantastical camera work – seeing those two things come together is a great takeaway.

You can also […], On the latest episode of , we explore the David Mamet movies House of Games and Redbelt. Eric Holmes has an interesting DVD chain he wants to start as well! To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about your character? Your email address will not be published. When she’s not obsessively collecting all things “Trick ‘R Treat” related, or trying to convince everyone that “Hereditary” is one of the greatest horror films ever made, you can find her designing interiors for commercial restaurants. During our chat, Jake discussed everything from the research he did into 50’s disc jockeys to his thoughts on the existence of extraterrestrial life.


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