is the feed based on a book

The frightening part is how quickly humans turn them to the same ugly ends.

The series wants to engage with present dangers through a metaphor, but it isn’t convincing. I just can’t get it out of my head…..unlike “The Feed” itself which is the root cause of all the problems in this brilliant book! Tech panic ripped from the headlines feels relevant. So when I saw the blurb for The Feed I thought it sounded like a book that we would both enjoy. Tech paranoia as a genre is obsessed with being up-to-the-nanosecond. I won't say what the book is about in case you want to read it but The Feed is not a recommended read for me! Either way, this book is less about the technology of "the Feed" (which was a bit surprising, given how much that aspect is forefront in the summary) and more about questioning the nature of identity, humanity and relationships. And yet in spite of its grim grip on the pulse of the zeitgeist, tech paranoia can be oddly divorced from political realities, even the ones most relating to technology. [So is it Kate at the end or Sylene? We’d love your help. Nick Clark Window's debut novel, The Feed, is a post-apocalyptic 'thriller' where society's reliance on the Feed- basically a computer chip that is implanted in the brain, making real life communication and reading, among other things, obsolete- is to such an extent that when it mysteriously collapses, the world is brought back to an uncivilized and crude state. In real life, Amazon monitors private conversations through Alexa; on The Feed, Lawrence uses his control of the network to read the thoughts of his own daughter-in-law Evelyn, (Clare-Hope Ashitey). On The Feed, Tom’s brother Ben (Jeremy Neumark Jones) uses a creepy app that lets him create VR fetish porn featuring his estranged wife.

New technology has in fact sparked violence in southeast Asia — but not because the people in that part of the world are militant Luddites. But all these worries about losing our humanity can erase the fact that being human in practice has often meant being terrible to other humans. In The Feed’s, controversy over the Feed is the only political issue in the world. They stay bright but the air becomes unkind. Even memories could be stored for later access. Sylene, with all Kate's memories, including the location of Claire's camp. It was a three-star book for the second half of this story, and no higher than a 1.5 for the first *150 pages. Our main characters, Tom and Kate manage without it and find a way to survive with their daughter, Bea and a camp of others, adapting to the new ways of life that the collapse of The Feed has forced them into.

Tech-paranoia narratives often present as dystopias — sometimes apocalyptically so, as in the Terminator franchise, in which the machines are literally out to destroy humanity. I've tried reading this twice now but again, and for the last time, had to admit defeat, abandoning it at p.79. It has the ability to beam realistic manufactured images directly into people’s brains. As they spend the evening in a restaurant, Tom is trying to persuade his wife Kate to switch off her Feed, if only for a few minutes. I thought I’d give this a go as I sometimes like post-apocalyptic books. But weirdly enough we had quite different reactions to it and not what you would expect from our usual preferences! The characters are 2D and very dislikable. But while the public is scandalized, no one talks about the racist implications — even though Lawrence’s chief rival, and the person he’s most pointedly denigrating, is a black woman.


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