importance of soil in agriculture

( Log Out /  Poor land-use practices such as deforestation, overgrazing and soil-damaging construction activity are examples of problems that are prevented with knowledge of soil types and classification. Soil acts as a natural home ground for living beings like mice, rats, mongoose, pigs and squirrel etc. You must carry out soil analysis regularly. In this blog post I would like to focus a little bit more on the technical side of soil and explain some of its chemical and physical properties. Why is soil valuable?

On the other hand, you can take advantages of the nutrients already present in the soil. Most of farmers try to irrigate these soils many times throughout a day with small quantities of water. Take the sample where you are planting the crop. Speaking from personal experience, it is extremely important for a farmer to know his or her soil classification because for one thing, inputs are not cheap. Required fields are marked *. We all know that soil is a key element of agriculture. Your article had some great points about the importance of this process, and I liked how you said that it helps avoid soil degradation from erosion caused by unbalanced soil management. However, you must collect the soil sample with a right technique.

Therefore, soil testing comes under the best farm management practice globally for any type of crop. Knowing the exact deficiency that your soil is experiencing will result in zero wastage of such farm inputs. An appropriate succession of products and assortments extraordinarily impacts the dirt physically, artificially and organically. The organic matter is a mixture of living and recently dead materials such as previous crop residue, livestock waste or simple organic matter, such as leaves. Different types of soils and variation in soil properties are important factors to note in farming. Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy 2020, Advantages and Disadvantages of Polyhouse Farming, Cricket Insect types, sounds and characteristics. However, some moisture may remain; Label the sample and send it to the test centre, or the lab. There is need of fertile soils to produce yields that will feed the world’s ever-growing population. Soil taxonomy is used by farmers, builders, engineers, agricultural extension agents, homeowners, community planners and the government. Properties such as structure, soil texture, and colour are visible to the eye. Farmers can easily avoid soil degradation. The activity gives farmers valuable information that helps them improve the soil’s health; healthy soils eventually imply healthy crops!

The National Cooperative Soil Survey and the USDA developed the Soil Taxonomy classification system, which is used worldwide. Soil behavior helps predict soil performance for growing agricultural crops. Link to the Coursera course:, thanks alot for the imformation.

You can get your farm’s soil tested at independent laboratories, your local cooperative extension offices, or any garden centres. Tiles used in buildings or homes are made up of ceramic like soil elements. Soils are named and classified into 12 orders on the basis of physical and chemical properties in their horizon (layers). The high fertility results from the long-term addition of organic materials derived from the grassy plant roots indigenous to the region. A soil’s pH is the measure of its acidity or alkalinity based on a scale of 0 to 14. From a geological point of view, we would probably look at how it was formed and what kinds of layers it has.

Furthermore, land degradation directly affects the livelihoods and health of an estimated 1.5 billion people. However, you can collect soil samples at any time throughout the year.

This will eventually bring a better life to millions of people. Importance of Soil to Agriculture. Such as N, P, K, pH, EC, Ca, Mg, S, organic carbon, and micronutrients.

it concerns both soil and soil administration. In addition, it reduces operating costs and superior environmental risk management. Monetary plant-insurance measures should frame some portion of the administration hones in the cropping framework. ( Log Out /  Every soil is a mixture of three main components: sand, clay and silt. Unluckily we belong to the generation where we have accustomed to neglect balanced soil contact by foot. your honor, I am so grateful for this information…… Tanx, Power!!! Avoid sampling in small areas where you know that conditions are different from the rest of the field. The limit of the dirt ought to be enhanced and kept up by adequate natural composts and plant supplements through manures and including vegetables in the turn. These elements are furnished to plants during maturation and from there to all the living frames. Fertility levels of the principal nutrients. My little brother has been thinking of growing a backyard garden. Early fall sampling gives results in time for fall liming, but may also be inopportune as this may be timed too close to harvesting There are two important aspects as far as soil properties are concerned. Which crops are suitable for Intercropping with Coconut and to fetch additional income for growers? How to Speed Up Planting on No-Till Farms, A Complete Guide to Nitrogen and How it Works in Your Soil, Role of Soil Tillage Plan In Improving Productivity, Sustainable farming is the most vibrant wave of the future, Precision Farming – Use Farming Tech to Improve Agronomy, Trimble Launches Farmer Core to Connect the Entire Farm Operation, The Role of Smart Farming in Developing Sustainable Agriculture, Modern agricultural technology adoption and its importance, Vegetation Control: Profitable Investment. On the other side, the soil layers are significant for soil microbiology, soil fertility and different soil organic matter which is contaminated and polluted deliberately because of industrial and agricultural pollution.

Soil testing helps farmers to achieve economical optimum yields while protecting the environment. these microbes and bacteria live in the soil and aid in environmental balance like holding back moisture, decomposition of dead plants and dead bodies of animals etc., cleaning of waste and other harmful chemicals including plastic. living the burrows formed in the soil. Therefore, maintaining the right soil consistency is equally important.

It determines the inputs required for efficient and economic production. Soil provides us with some essential mineral medicines like iron (hemoglobin), calcium (bones), bentonite (laxative) and other materials like steatite for cosmetics, talcum powders or petroleum jelly. Loss of soil organic matter and the concomitant release of greenhouse gases


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