if on a winter's night a traveler chapter 11
As the men talk about their mysterious plans, the narrator becomes uncomfortable and attempts to bring everything back into existence. Tell the others right away, "No, I don't want to watch TV!" She disagrees, telling him, "The body is a uniform! When Nacho arrives in Oquedal he gives his name and the name of his father to an "old Indian" (224). By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Shmoop and verify that you are over the age of 13. After the nontraditional structure and narration of If on a winter's night a traveler, the end of the book is surprisingly traditional. Italo Calvino's novel is in one sense a comedy in which the two protagonists, the Reader and the Other Reader, ultimately end up married, having almost finished I The contrasting treatment of names in these juxtaposed chapters causes the reader to contemplate the importance of names depending on one's identity and circumstances. One of these readers suggests that "In ancient times a story could end only in two ways: having passed all the tests, the hero and the heroine married, or else they died" (259). He tries to call to her about the book, and she responds with yet another kind of book she is looking for. Nacho tries to recognize the place from his childhood but struggles to do so. This Study Guide consists of approximately 40 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - Order our If on a Winter's Night a Traveler Study Guide . Nacho's father and Faustino had a fight and decided that they would dig a grave and fight over it until one of them died. Porphyrich treasures the thought of Ludmilla, a reader who reads simply to read. This is revealed in a climactic moment near the end of the story: "'But...I am Nacho Zamora....' / 'Your father, too, at that time was called Nacho" (232). The photographer threatens to use the photographs as blackmail, but the woman does not seem upset. A young man named Nacho was sent by his dying father to the town of Oquedal to find his mother. He thinks of how he came here out of love for Ludmilla and now must put his trust in someone who he suspects to be Lotaria. Nacho slyly questions Anacleta, revealing that the reason he kissed Amaranta is to make Anacleta tell him if she is his sister. You demand to see these letters immediately, needing to know more about this man who has ruined so many reading experiences for you. All of the titles appear in the catalog, so the reader fills out a number of request forms. All of the Indians gathered around as they fought with knives, and in the end, Faustino lost. You look up from the photocopies you were just reading on Cavedagna's desk. Cohen, Madeline. You discover that the letters have been mailed from all over the world. teaching or studying If on a Winter's Night a Traveler. Chapter 11 [6] And once again, the narrative cuts off at the most interesting part. As they have sex, the narrator speaks directly to the reader, noting that he seems to feel a right to have sex with all the female characters in the book. Chapter 11. All of the titles appear in the catalog, so the reader fills out a number of request forms. All of the citizens and politicians of the country lie to one another about which side they are on, to the extent that actual sides to the conflict cease to have meaning. Then, the reader within the book proceeds to undress the female character (who may be Lotaria) and have sex with her. The fifth... (read more from the Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 Summary), Get If on a Winter's Night a Traveler from Amazon.com. "If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 Summary and Analysis". One of the motifs underscored in this section of the novel is names—their importance and lack thereof. The man continues mentally erasing things. And once again, the narrative cuts off at the most interesting part. A crack forms in the ground between the narrator and Franziska and the narrator leaps across it. Not affiliated with Harvard College. She is introduced as Sheila, but, perhaps predictably, it is the same woman he thinks to be Lotaria. The woman resembles Lotaria but has short hair and is wearing large sunglasses that hide much of her face. In the story-within-a-story "Around an empty grave," Nacho has the same name as his father. Anacleta takes Nacho on a walk to the cornfields and tells him a long story. The body is armed militia!" This scene shows Calvino's awareness of the reader within the book's lust toward and objectification of the female characters in the book. The reader sees yet another taxi following them, and Corinna responds that that could again be either sent by her organization or the police. (260.) The reader returns from his travels to the city where he began and decides to see if the library there has the books he has been prevented from finishing. Calvino's If on a winter's night a traveler (A selection from the first chapter) You are about to begin reading Italo Calvino's new novel, If on a winter's night a traveler. The reader leans out the window and sees, through the window of another train, Ludmilla. Some letters even refer to incidents in other letters that were written, Marana appears to be working for a Cimmerian publishing company in South America. Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 Free Quiz Characters Objects/Places Themes Style Quotes Topics for Discussion. Well then. In the last courtyard, Nacho is introduced to a woman named Anacleta Higueras. A few items remain, including a novel that includes the name Amarata.


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