i never hated you like i do rn
I’m seriously trying to think of a way to just end my life tonight. And you don’t know for sure whether it’s because you had stayed up late last night or because a part of you doesn’t want to go. I have wanted to get out of it almost since  I graduated. All I wanted in life was to be happy. Nothing. Everyone just says theyre sorry, and then they all just stop talking. My work is psych-related, which I like, but I find it hard to provide the kind of care I want to give when the time pressure and pressure to keep numbers up is so intense. After that, I have no reason to stick around. Hospital work is both physically and mentally stressful on your body, especially if you're working the night shift. it is like pulling teeth getting myself to work everyday. My fatal mistake was that I did not get a job as a CNA during school and now I cannot get hired by anyone. I have suffered many years of depression because I picked nursing as a career. I’m 14, and already failed my life I feel as though I’m just overreacting and I have never told anyone this side of me I’ve always been here when I was 8 I tried to kill myself because I already felt like a failure then at 8. I asked him into my heart in 7th grade and he has been with me. Here's your chance to share it with everyone! So what, no one is perfect. The thoughts and feelings you are dealing with are not shameful or weak or wrong – but really wanting to die and really wanting to make the pain stop are not the same thing. I'm sorry the OP is finding herself in this position. So, if you ask me when I plan on going back, I will politely tell you I am not going back with a smile on my face, and how I love my job as an LPN. And when you don’t act anymore that’s when everybody starts paying attetion. Use whatever you find convenient. I don't hate being a RN … The doctors can’t cure me but the condition is not life thretening. But I see the world, I see people… I don’t like them. I’m struggling so badly also. Atleast on my floor, it just feels like a constant drug exchange, patients expecting Dilaudid and Morphine ON THE DOT when it’s due- and every patient is due at the same time. I currently have no plans to return to college to further my education, and I am completely content with that. allnurses.com, INC, 7900 International Drive #300, Bloomington MN 55425 I still do a great job and I always get compliments from my managers, coworkers, and patients, but my heart is just not in it. I have been suffering depression for about 2 years, I was told I had PTSD. Watch your words. I’ve made so many mistakes and hurt so many people with my depression I don’t know how to deal with it. If I don’t do this. I have cost myself and my husband countless amounts of of hurts imaginable and even things no one has heard of. I am not alone that is for sure and I so wish that wasn’t true because it is truly a terrible pain. Most people find SF when the pain is so bad that they can’t take it any more. !” then you need to give this book a look.). I’ve only known rejection ever since I’m single. I would have to worry about my health issues (migraines, endometriosis, and my random flare ups of joint pain and fatigue) because it is easier to work through my pain in my current job. About My Job - Real stories about people and their jobs. I was burnt out at 47 at my last job of 15years. I was looking into programs at NYU, etc. What one didnt have....will not miss. I’m 20 , single , I’ve been having a shitty life for since i was 10 and its gotten worse day after day . Don’t listen to people who tell you that even when you find your passion, it’s going to require some effort and it’s going to suck at times. Let alone the actual health issues it can bring to your life. Google remote nursing and find a stay at home job and get off the floor. Specializes in Pediatrics, Community, and School Health. Suicide isn’t any of those things. Horrible approach. I have been a Licensed Practical Nurse for almost three years now. I thought I had the affection of a lovely woman, whom did things no one else did, but she doesnt want to be close, despite her saying Im well worth it and her having the same feelings. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. I cannot study further. Omg SAME!! I'd become an NP all over again even if I got paid the same wage as a RN with the same hours as a RN. It’s as if you will never be seen or heard. This has never happened. Engage with people who understand – as much as anyone can understand – how you feel. Thank you. I am such a loser. It’s more about social intelligence and knowing how to authentically navigate your way into people’s hearts and connect with them. And it makes you hate your life a whole a lot. I started running to God and he had his arms wide open and took me in. To those of you looking to make a change- Good luck!!! Me too! I’m actually taking the money to pay for it out of my rent. If I needed to work again I would change direction completely, or at the least become a support worker. Do not---I repeat, do NOT---go into hospital nursing knowing you'll hate it. I had told him I wanted to see another therapist and he had a courier come to my house with a letter that said he was going to commit me unless I continued therapy with him. It took 9 stitches and I still see the scar to this day. Because social relationships play an important role in overall satisfaction, you are going to feel absurdly miserable spending time with such people. I would not be able to afford going part time, so I would have to do such small course loads over each semester it would take me YEARS to finish, or do online classes, which, I have heard are pretty hard. None in themselves, none in the people they should be close to. To those of you reading this and still considering going into nursing, don’t. I’m to much of a coward to actually go through with it. All I ended up doing was cutting my thumb with a piece of glass. I don’t remember how many times I wish I could end my miserable life. Hello, I am almost done with my Nursing prerequisites and doing these online made me realize how hard this stuff is. If I were to become a Registered Nurse, I would have to start at the bottom somewhere, and probably in a hospital, since my clinic rarely hires RN’s (we only have 3 currently). I am robbing my children of good opportunities because of my own mental health problems. Learn how your comment data is processed. I cried when I read some of these articles in this section. I'd been thinking about the PhD off and in for several years, and my decision to go ahead and start applying was largely related to how disillusioned I've felt so far as an NP. My story is quite the opposite. I want nothing to do with nursing. They will send you a ~10-minute video created specifically with your resume on suggestions of changes to make that show you how to write about your experiences to reflect your target jobs. Go wild. I have known for years that this was not the career for me and have quit several jobs only to move onto another one I dislike. Technician which is very interesting, I know cos I have done that. 36 years old & no friends. All i want is to be over it . I’m so much of loser that I can’t even afford to move out of my parents’ house. Not at all. Painless suicide methods seem like the holy grail right now. TIRED AFTER 71 YEARS OF PTSD… NO DESIRE FOR ‘HELP’… JUST THE PEACE OF NO HUMANITY… WON’T GIVE HUMANS THE PLEASURE OF TRYING TO HELP. Even in clinicals I hated it. if you are interested in the complimentary therapies side of healthcare there is also osteopathy school, acupuncture, and massage, there are often clinical research options that could use your science background? I feel like my mom and dad never loved me. When this connection grows, you feel more connected and you are willing to invest time and effort because you really care about the person/people. Yet, the thoughts are back again, haunting me with all their will. When he’s gone I’m outta here! All rights reserved, I hate nursing too…..RN, BSN (Registered Bull Sh t Nurse), Posts from our Political & Moral Psychology Blog. I’m now 13, 8 years of agony and self harm. I know they probably do have a reason for needing these pre-requisites, but I see no point. Build walls. I wish you luck. Spend your time with abusive dicks, emotional vampires, sick bastards, and arrogant narcissists who will make you hate your life and yourself. He is the main reason I haven’t killed myself yet because I know it would devastate him. I don’t know how to enjoy anymore They are just looking at the money aspect and not all the crap that goes along with the job.


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