i love you unconditionally meaning
All couples have arguments or disagreements. Because I want you to be supremely happy, I’m calling bullshit on unconditional love. For example, let's take a healthy relationship in which a couple is offering each other the basic and necessary expectations in a relationship—kindness, respect, and safety. If we do not let our partners, parents, children, and friends know where we stand in terms of how we expect and need to be treated, then we will not have an equal voice in the relationship. ", "I love you and support you no matter what. A parent provides a certain amount of love to their child and expects some sort of return on their investment. Not only that, but they’re excited about it. This "conditional love" might sound like: In the above examples, the parent is not offering unconditional love; rather, they are offering love that is contingent on the child fulfilling certain conditions. “Unconditional love is not an unhealthy codependent relationship where one person compromises everything to please the other. If someone abuses you or is cruel to you or your children, holds you back in life, or consistently trashes your sense of well-being, you’re not obligated to stay or to keep giving your love to that person. They accept you in all that you are, embarrassing secrets included. They’ll always make sure to help you unload the groceries or simply get up to get you a glass of water when you’re thirsty. If someone has harmed you and they are not willing to repair it, then you need to set a limit for your own well-being. The premise of unconditional love is simple: “I will love you no matter what.” Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing romantic about this statement. The power to love, to give love, and to walk away from love always resides with you. When each person has a voice. Required fields are marked *, The Good Men Project is the only large scale, open and inclusive conversation about the changing roles of men in the 21st century. When growth happens. To give wholehearted love, you must love your partner and yourself wholly. When you’re with someone that you love, your whole outlook on life can become more positive and wonderful the longer that you’re together. Unconditional love means "right now, I offer you this love, and you are not indebted to me." Supremely miserable. Even if the two of you have been together for twenty years, when your partner loves you unconditionally, they’re always going to go out of their way to make sure that you’re comfortable and happy. See more. You hear about it from people who seem to have good relationships. Whatever you do is something amazing to them, and they’re always ready and willing to tell you how proud they are of you for all of your successes – and even the things that you tried your best at, and failed. Even if you do something as small as clean the living room, or something as big as getting a promotion at work. Unconditional love is making sure that you’re happy and healthy. Because if you try to love unconditionally and you get it wrong, you will be miserable. Otherwise, we are not truly loving the other person. It is important to offer this type of unconditional love in our relationships.


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