huns meaning scotland
135; Slk. (1874) i.; Ags. 1957, hunnie). 1874 R. Reid Moorland Rhymes 20: The mawkin, houn'd wi' fear, Gaed like a glouf the bracken through. No thanks. We, Celtic, were the Allies, while Rangers, our rivals, were the 'huns', one of the Central Powers and the villains of the piece. hʌn(d), hun(d); also, after Eng., hʌun Sh., Ayr., Dmf.]. 1957). Featured, All rights reserved. Sh. He added: “Despite the expletives, it must be said the Old Firm fans are more civilised in the Ibrox environment. First used by in the judicial deliberation laid down following the infamous rioting of Ranger fans in 1972 after their cup winner cup victory. Developed by Square1, Rod Stewart angers Celtic fans after congratulating Boris Johnson on election win, Rod Stewart reveals secret prostate cancer battle, Rod Stewart pays heartfelt tribute to the late Liam Miller at Cork gig, Controversial legislation on Ireland’s Mother and Baby Homes passes in the Dáil - but may be illegal, Irish government recalls hand sanitiser used in schools – but minister admits they knew of issue week ago, Fancy drinking a bottle of 'F*** Covid-19' wine? Today, as the editor confirms, it has no place in our paper or on our website. Rangers fans also claim that the more recent use of the word by Celtic fans to also describe Hearts — ostensibly perceived as Edinburgh’s ‘Protestant’ team — indicates that the term is now sectarian. II. hun-fish . However, I have seen the location of the chaos variously identified as Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Newcastle and Sunderland. I asked the same thing when Bawzoot asked this question 2 weeks ago, still waiting on a reply. Joined: Nov 5, 2005 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0. But what are the origins of the word in relation to the Glasgow club and is it offensive and sectarian, or merely a derisive but innocuous term for the opposition? a voracious formidable animal of the shark species, frequently makes great havock among the tackle with which cod and haddock are caught. Never in that time Big Chief knock person for religion, use derogotory name for persons religion. Combs. 1740 Ramsay T.-T. Misc. I. n. A dog in gen. (Sc. Has Gerrard tactically outclassed Lennon? . Not watered down version for forum version, real opinion. It might be because Rangers fans are proud of their British identity, and with the Queen descendent from the German House of Wettin, her Rangers-supporting subjects are called ‘huns’ by the largely Catholic fans of Celtic, a club with strong Irish links. it`s an old saying from the shipyards,yer a ger man . Okay, so anyone who is thought of as a 'Hun' is a person who behaves in a barbarian manner or fashion. When I was a young Celtic fan in Belfast, having previously only heard the term in reference to WWI German soldiers, I always believed its use was a way to describe Rangers as the enemy. Adj. You may wish to vary the format shown below depending on the citation style used. Big Chief not care what religion Rangers player is, as long as he good player for team, this not matter. Lynch told The Irish Post that her understanding of the word was it was not sectarian, but added: "That said, the tweet was in 2012 and I haven't used the word since...". ); (2) to h(o)und out, to encourage or instigate wrong-doing (Sc. What do you think of the answers? Hide Quotations Hide Etymology Cite this entry, HUND, n., v. Also hun(n) (Rnf. . You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Ib.). 1881 W. Gregor Folk-Lore 19, hunn; Ork. 1906–11 Rymour Club Misc. The . Big Chief explain now for AnneMarie. Term used for a Rangers supporter. nothing to do with football or religion just daft wee celtic fans who can't type the word rangers..... hehehe did you read brenno's input in the urban dictionary...explains the mentality of the users perfectly. [Sc. Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd. Accessed 24 Oct 2020 , [Sc. However, the court returned a verdict of not proven. The Irish Post is the biggest selling national newspaper to the Irish in Britain. Big Chief agree with Ally, subject boring. Will Saturday be Rangers first step to stopping 10 in a row? Or perhaps after Harland & Wolff (co-founded by German Gustav Wolff) acquired a shipyard in Govan in 1912, Catholics were discouraged from working there? Have you seen the Bookies have now installed Rangers as firm favourites to stop Celtic doing 10 in a row? Perth_Glory Registered User. . In recent years, individuals have also found themselves in hot water over the use of the term. . 1911 S.D.D. He's clappid on yon üseless hund o' his apon his black hug. The mawkin, houn'd wi' fear, Gaed like a glouf the bracken through. 1808 Jam. (1928)). It's all due to the Protestant beginnings from Germany. All I know is, it is used as a derogatory word for Rangers fans. Dmf. Sc. Annmarie, Big Chief play fools at own game. a german ,a hun .the germans were called huns by soldiers in the 1st ww. Some assume Big Chief hide true feeling from forum, because this what they do. It seems to have been a derisive but inoffensive term for the club and its fans until the turn of the millennium, having previously been used by fans of both clubs — and other Scottish clubs — in previous years. 19, Mry.1 1925). come on man you know i dont like nor Use that Word, In fact you use it more than me mate. Hmmm have my doubts over that explanation Billy. Gen.Sc. †4. . What does the term "Hun" mean? what does it mean? Sectarian. "Hund n., v.". 1777 J. Glen Antiburgher Presentor Detected 13; Dmf. 1825 Jam. Not once call person bad name because of choice of faith. I was at a pub a few weeks ago and some scottish guys started to call me a hun from across the room. of the lurcher type (Cai., ne.Sc. In working a sheepdog: to send a dog out round stock to gather them in (Dmf. lol, Fair enough Billy, maybe one day you will explain why you use watp if religion is not being brought into things ;0). 41); hunnie (Kcd. It’s pretty clear then that many Rangers fans and independent organisations now consider the word sectarian. Another popular theory is that the term was used by an English newspaper to compare Rangers fans to “marauding huns” — the nomadic, devastating military force infamously led by Attila in the fifth century — when they ran amok while in town for a match. It appears to have undergone a relatively swift and radical semantic change as while some now use it as a derogatory catch-all term for Rangers, Protestantism, Unionism etc, many — myself included — have always considered it to be solely a slang term for Rangers fans. Big Chief in Glasgow already in brothers flat. hund-hungry, as ravenous as a dog (Ib. Last year Rangers fans began plans to lobby Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to have use of the word made illegal. from 1581, hounding-out from 1587]. Of a male dog: to run about from place to place after females (Sc. Hun is a German term. Could it be that Rangers players avoided the front in WWI by taking jobs in shipyards and were described by critics as being no better than the 'huns' (Germans)? In a lighthearted piece comparing a Rangers vs Celtic game to the Scottish Baroque Ensemble’s inaugural New Year’s party in Edinburgh, Tom Shields wrote: The Celtic fans, who had been advised by their club newspaper to restrict their songs and chants to those of a relevant nature, gave a spirited version of Jingle Bells which ended with the line: ‘Oh what fun it is to **** the Huns on New Year’s Day.’ The Rangers fans meanwhile, took such comfort as they [could] find in a little ditty to the tune of Home, Home on the Range. 47; Knr. Because we certainly do, 'The church's attitude has made the life of LGBT people miserable' - Archbishop of Dublin, Irish outrage as George Best is left off BBC's 'greatest footballers of all time' list. Ally, Q not political. . ; ne.Sc. Theories are ten-a-penny – there are even suggestions that Rangers fans initially called Celtic fans ‘huns’ because of Irish Republicans’ support for Nazi Germany, and that it was chanted by fans of both teams when the losing side’s supporters were spotted leaving early: “Go home you huns…” One Hibs fan wrote that he recalled singing the same refrain no matter who the visitors to Easter Road. Farther doun the stream little Robin with his gallant companions managed their besoms and hunned hard to the utter confusion of their adversaries. hʌn(d), hun(d); also, after Eng., hʌun Sh., Ayr., Dmf.]. forms of Eng. It’s pretty clear then that many Rangers fans and independent organisations now consider the word sectarian. ); 5. hound's tongue, wound wort, Stachys palustris (Mry. Add., hun; Abd., Lnk. Rangers, Hun-dog, a dog used for hunting, esp. Scottish anti-sectarian charity Nil By Mouth describes the word as “sectarian” and “abusive”, adding that it is “used negatively against Protestants”. But if, as appears to be the case, it is causing offence to a large section of society, isn't it time to relegate it to the past? P.S you not cutting it fine to get to the game? 1829 H. Miller Herring Fishing 38: The . Whatever the meaning, just so thankful Im not one of rapeeepil. The judge is known to have … Still have questions? 1839 G. Gordon Flora Mry. Perhaps it is with reference to this sort of counsel, A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue. 1825 Jam. Their August 12, 1983 edition includes a letter from a reader recalling a Cup Final at Hampden when, ironically, both sets of fans were united in a rendition of Go Home ya Huns over their disdain for the half-time entertainment — a display of Pakistani dancing. Despite this, some amateur physchoanalyst think otherwise. 1797 D. Hume Punishment of Crimes I. : 1. earth hun, see Erd; 2. Phrs. WATP, as far as Big Chief concerned, mean only 'We Rangers fan, best team in world' - no connection to any religion or anything else. Huns were germanic of origin,but playing for rangers and bowing to the biggest Germanic whore to lie back for England whilst entertaining Phillip,now that is a hun in Scottish football Former Celtic striker John Guidetti meanwhile was found guilty last year by the SFA of “making comments of an offensive nature” after reciting a song featuring the word while being interviewed on Dutch TV. Big Chief curious - asked earlier to 'show true colour' - this exactly what Big Chief do since start using forum. In January that year, the same paper also reported the use of the word by Celtic fans, though Rangers fans appeared to give as good as they got and no one seemed to go home offended. Crm. Dmf. 3. Hence hounding out, instigation [hound out, in O.Sc. Billymabhoyo,if you look at todays edition of the sun you will see a two page spread on this particular breed of "hun".They are very scary folks with no respect for other people or their property.Not a very nice class of mankind at all.Usually they are clad in blue clothing,which when they feel tough they disgard the top half to show their huge guts.And thats only the women. 1791 J. Learmont Poems 220; Sc. Also fig. Fans, In 2001, Celtic itself blocked fans from their website for using the word, with club administrator John Cole saying at the time: "It's a word that can cause offence and at Celtic we don't want to be offending anyone.”. Hmm, I really don't know the true meaning. Maybe Caine listen to person who say so who not 'hun'. 435: Perhaps it is with reference to this sort of counsel, concilium cum ope, that some of those authorities are to be understood, which speak of instigation, (or hounding out as it is termed with us), as amounting to art and part. ); (2) to h(o)und out, to encourage or instigate wrong-doing (Sc. I even heard a Rangers fan, who had spent most of the match describing the opposition as a Fenian ****, praise the Celtic team.


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