how many seasons are in arthdal chronicles

Jus think it over and it'll seem brilliant and foolproof. Its still confusing if eunseom is aramun or inaishingi, Wied Sep 17 2019 1:01 am Rizal Aug 07 2019 10:30 am I love the unique storyline and the strong chemistry of Kim Jiwon and Song Joongki (my fave characters in DOTS) Im very excited for the next season, I hope they film it soon, been waiting for years now <3. [CDATA[ I can see the other side of SJK where i found out he is so talented that he can be so good in this drama. Very strong cast (love kim jiwon) as well as production team. (Contact: © 2020 Vijandren Ramadass. Amazing Korean drama!!! A world class story, casting, acting and my gosh everything! Miriam Gacias Jul 07 2019 12:30 pm Ten Aug 05 2018 1:53 am I don't mind if this drama extend to 100 eps. It is really unique and very impressive.

Can't wait.

I want SAYA included in the main poster T.T, he is sooo beautiful >w< And they are also under Netflix so guys , lets just hope for the best?? Since the saga was filmed in Brunei, filming involved international travel for actors, cast and crew. Chinese drama are very activce to produce so many fantaay daram with good quality There's a part 2 guys. Erika Karata....... Nope. Deeyy Jun 08 2019 5:54 am I like how it depicits the story similar to early human history.

So i don't even know the real reason but still sad to hear. IM excited every sat and sunday I Love IT so much and IM watching IT over and over again ? Do they take revange? I must say this is one of the best mini-series I’ve seen in a while. love Tanya and Yangcha scenes especially when Yangcha grab Tanya, agbaje sodiq Sep 29 2019 1:48 pm Really need a season 2 for this. Avid Sep 22 2019 12:28 pm How dare they do this to us! i was hoping a better poster... this one is not original.

Saya is gentle but quite twisted. Watching this and hearing my daughter blast Every SONG by BTS everyday all-day is teaching me a new language. Posti @imvu Jun 09 2019 8:53 am I know I shouldn’t but I wanna ship them in real life.SHK needs to watch her man. I need more Eunsom and I hope he will show strength the next seasons!! Meso Jan 07 2020 11:01 am 1. Kayy Jan 11 2020 2:56 am Shelove Jun 02 2019 7:51 pm So happy now ? Song Joong Ki plays an amazing character u can't help but fall in luv w him. ragaz reminded me of him. Many viewers felt that the finale of “Part 3: Arth, The Prelude to All Legends” had an open-ending conclusion that never really tied the plots together. Jessica Aug 16 2018 12:23 am Jean Jun 03 2019 8:01 am It’s an Epic and iconic drama...salute to all cast!!! This series has its own unique taste and I am loving it. Rom/Com, Historical, Suspense... There’s only so many ways to twist a storyline. i hope the end is just the beginning. Just want to say,,this is great drama, Niar Oct 02 2020 10:33 pm I really like this. LoL Back to reality. I will just rewatched Descendants of the Sun! The best drama ever.... Thumbs up for the production staff and the writer. amazing drama Jun 03 2019 12:50 pm A new colossal fantasy drama. Please Make A Season Two!? 5. Where is his Igutu power, when will he be connected to the Neanthals, when will he meet again Tanya, when will he have to deal with his mirror? its like achivement after finish the drama, might want to watch it again. Even watch the teaser we can see kimokbin character is much better than Kimjiwon. KIM JI WON..Miss her... yuyu Jul 27 2018 12:18 pm Vanillalatte May 07 2019 6:04 pm The casting, so good. Sigh. Game of Thrones is incomparable as Kdramas are. I cannot wait for season 2. Excellent job, guys. For three years I worked as a writer and editor at KPopStarz, a popular K-pop and kdrama news site and appeared on three KCON panels discussing drama trends. Info overload on the first 3 episodes, but got better as the story progressed. Now that “Arthdal Chronicles” (아스달 연대기) has just aired its last and final episode on tvN and Netflix, fans are already looking forward for more. Lmao. I find it funny to see comments saying that Eunsom's slave scenes were unnecessary fillers.

They have hardly shown Kim jiwon in the teasers does she even have a main role in this? They just left us hanging with questions inside our heads. Oh looks like it is a fantasy drama. Because: Especially tree with deeps roots ♡. It wont happen because the show rating is low), cewe cantiq Jan 21 2020 7:02 am From the little boy that died trying to pet the horse, crying here. If this is about Gojoseon (old Joseon that came before Gogoryeo) and Jang Dong Gun’s character is the first king Dangun, then I’m in. And my messege to the writer, next time, if you want to make drama in several seasson, U should learn a lot from the writer who makes Eulachacha waikiki.

I just really really wanna see the rest. the waiting is very long ... :(. All rights reserved. this drama DEFINITELY NEEDS more episodes!!

Looking forward to see 4th Part. Although this is a fantasy drama, the story is solid and clear most of the time. Frances Sep 15 2019 9:11 pm I love the plot, it’s so unilike the typical Korean drama. one of the best Korean drama ever... everything just perfect... YesMe Sep 08 2019 6:59 pm Erlenie Jun 09 2019 6:50 pm Just so many greats. Sep 21 2019 9:59 am This one of the Korean drama I've ever watched. So excited for the next episodes!!


Arthdal Chronicles started out great; it had so much potential. Grace Jun 02 2019 7:26 am The people saying that the plot is bad or has worsened probably didn't watch Game of Thrones. hope to see the next episode!! Neanthal Oct 04 2019 11:59 am

The hidden Igutu in the tower is Nichkhun. Jeong Do Jeon - Rashad Aug 20 2018 1:49 pm So Asa hon and ragaz children are not twins? IF episode 18 is the last episode, someone did a disservice to those of us who loved the show. World keeps spinning like that, dewangku Sep 23 2019 9:02 pm


Great acting from actor & actresss. L.A. Jun 17 2019 8:35 am (",). kohlra Jul 15 2019 6:04 pm I haven't even finished watching the third season yet...I just don't want this kdrama to end.


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